Sight Chapter 36: Changes

*** author’s note: Just a warning – there’s some language.***

5:32 a.m. | DeCarlo Household
As Cailean descends the stairs, hoping to get an early start to what will most likely be another long day of work, he’s surprised to see his mother enter. He was fairly certain he’d heard her return late last night, and assumed she’d left before he’d woken up, as usual. His initial thought upon seeing her walk in was that she’d forgotten something; perhaps a document or case file she’d brought home to read, but her expression made him inclined to think otherwise.

His mother was a keen woman, excellent at reading others, especially Cailean himself – though there were times he wished that weren’t the case. It was a skill she’d already possessed that amplified once she went into law enforcement. Along with it, came the ability to remain constantly guarded, rarely telling of what thoughts his mother had running through her mind, even when she was supposed to be off the clock. There was no off-duty Daphne DeCarlo, only the commissioner in and out of the home.

But now, Cailean could see his mother visibly distressed which alarmed him. “Mom.” He says as he draws nearer. “Are you alright?” The fact that she didn’t notice him descending until he was on the last step was also out of character, and further confirmed his suspicion that something was off. “Cailean. I didn’t realize you were home.” She says. “You’ve been leaving for work from here a lot lately, I’d have thought that since Gus was no longer in a relationship, you two would resume living together.”

Some heat had begun to rise to Cailean’s face, and he hoped his mother wouldn’t pick up on it. “Right, well…” He pauses to clear his throat. “I’ve gotten used to going from here, so I’m not in a hurry to switch back.” It’d only been two days since he and Aislyn decided to start dating officially, and he wasn’t too keen on sharing that tidbit of information just yet, even to his own mother who’d probably deduce as such on her own soon anyway. That was also the reason why he didn’t intend on returning to he and Gus’s old living situation just yet.

“Right.” His mother says with that usual tone of disbelief that meant she knew Cailean was lying. She walks into the kitchen, and Cailean follows. He’d somehow let the conversation turn towards him when he initially wanted to know what had his mother acting out of character. “Are you alright?” He repeats. “Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Just as quick as his mother’s moment of vulnerability appeared, it was gone. Her face was expressionless and the concern in her eyes had disappeared. Cailean knew there’d be no point in asking again as he wouldn’t be receiving an answer. “Okay, then. I’ll see you later.” He gives his mother a reassuring rub on the shoulder, picks up his briefcase from beside the door, and heads out into the early morning air.

7:22 a.m. | Bayville Sentinel HQ
Aislyn flattens her bangs for what feels like the hundredth time; she was afraid the morning chill would cause them to frizz. She makes her way up the steps of the Sentinel’s headquarters, and hopes that when she leaves, it’ll be with a job.

Late last night, while she was enjoying the welcome dinner her father and Nicole had prepared, Daisy had sent her a text. She’d told Aislyn that when she had gone back to work after their lunch, she’d spoken with the assistant of the investigative team’s managing director, and that it’d be possible for them to see her in the morning if she was up for it, which she most definitely was.

She pulls open the double doors and is greeted by the scent of a fresh brewing pot of coffee somewhere. There’s a greeter’s desk and she asks where the nearest restroom is, to which the young man seated points to his left. Aislyn utters a thanks and beelines towards it; she felt oddly nervous. It had been a while since she had to put herself out there. Of course there were other media outlets in the city, but the Sentinel was the largest one, and that meant it provided the greatest opportunity for her to make a real difference.

She shuffles through her resume and writing samples in hand, stalling for time at this point, when her phone buzzes in her pocket. It’s a text from Cailean.

Morning. What are you up to? It reads.

Aislyn didn’t feel like sharing the fact that she was going in for a job interview just yet in case it didn’t go well as Daisy had mentioned the department’s head was difficult, and sharing unnecessary information wasn’t necessarily a strong point of hers, to spare herself potential embarrassment. She texts back nothing much and wishes Cailean a nice day before putting her phone on do not disturb mode and returning it to her pocket to begin making her way to the third floor.

“Come in.” A voice says when Aislyn finally knocks on the door of the room Daisy had sent in her text. She enters and is greeted by a very pretty woman. “Aislyn, right? Daisy mentioned you’d be coming in. Have a seat.” “That’s me, hello.” Aislyn extends her hand to shake that of the woman’s. “I’m Adriana Valentine, I’m Mr. Silva’s assistant, I should let you know that he’s a busy man so he shall be listening in to this interview.” “That’s fine.” Aislyn says as sits down.

“Right, well then. Let’s get started.” Ms. Valentine says.

9:47 a.m.
Aislyn isn’t sure how much time has transpired, as there are no clocks in the room – she felt that may have been intentional – but feels confident in the answers she gives and Ms. Valentine’s responses to them.

They talk and talk until the stream of questions asked begins to dwindle, and Aislyn can see the sun that had yet to rise when she’d left the house appear through the window and light up the room. Mr. Silva, who was silent throughout the entirety of the interview finally speaks, startling Aislyn who had forgotten about him. “Well, thank you for your time Ms. Persefoni. Ms. Valentine, you know what to do.” His voice echoes from the little speaker on the desk.

Ms. Valentine who was smiling during their conversation, has a drop in her expression at his words, which Aislyn does not take as a good sign. Ms. Valentine clears her throat and speaks after a moment of silence. “The director feels that you may not be the best fit here.” “What?” Aislyn asks, surprised at the sudden shift in the atmosphere. “I’m sorry.” Ms. Valentine says genuinely.

This was not Aislyn’s first time at a job interview, she knew that things didn’t always work out right away, but she also knew that when it didn’t, it was customary for employers to take time, or at the very least pretend to take time, to consider potential employees before rejecting them. Mr. Silva’s quick dismissal of her was insulting at the very least considering there was no explanation. “May I ask why?” Aislyn asks aloud.

“I’m sorry.” Ms. Valentine repeats and Aislyn suspects that’s all she’s going to get. She gathers her things and begins to walk out, unable to conjure up something to say as she exits.

As she waits for the elevator, she looks at the directory of all the floors and sees Antonio Silva amongst the names listed as being located on the ground floor. Since she had nothing to lose, she figured she’d swing by and demand an explanation. She walks along a dark corridor with various doors open and closed pouring out light into the hallway, before finding the one with his name. She knocks, her nerves from earlier nowhere to be found. “Yes? Come in.” The deep voice she recognizes as being the one that briefly rang through the speaker says.

She walks in and heads straight towards the desk. “Hello.” She says as she drops down into the unoccupied seat in front of him. “I take it you’re Ms. Persefoni.” He says as he pauses what he’s typing to look at her with an unreadable expression that almost deters Aislyn from speaking her mind…
almost“Yes, I am.” She says.

“Well, what brings you here? I told Ms. Valentine to convey my message.”

“She did, and I’d like to know why.”

“Why?” Mr. Silva echoes. “I’m not going to pitch myself; I know I’m a great writer and that I have the ability to get to the bottom of things which will no doubt serve me well when I do eventually work in this field. I just want to know how you were able to determine that I can’t without even looking at me.” “You’d like an explanation for your dismissal, is that it?” Mr. Silva asks. “I’m not leaving without one.” Aislyn says defiantly. “One that makes sense.” She amends.

She and the director stare at one another in what feels like an eternal silence, before he eventually cracks a small smile. “Excellent.” He says. Aislyn looks at him questioningly.

“You’ve got the job.”


“Ms. Persefoni, you came here seeking to be one of the members of our investigative team, correct?” She nods, confused at where the conversation was headed. “What exactly do you think that job entails? Yes, being a skilled communicator or writer is part of it, but the greater part is the ability to pursue the story.” At Aislyn’s silence, he continues.

“This job involves hearing constant no’s and having doors closed by people reluctant to come forward. Does that mean you can just accept that and return here empty handed?” Mr. Silva sits back in his chair and waits for her to finally speak. “So you’re saying this was some kind of test?” “In short: yes. I tell you our human resources department has received endless complaints about our hiring process.”

“That means I had to come down here to get an explanation?”

“Well, that was certainly one way, but I would’ve been content with you continuing to pester Ms. Valentine until she’d give you an acceptable answer.”

Aislyn’s confusion must’ve still been etched on her face as Mr. Silva rises; she copies him. “Determination, persistence, and a strong will, Ms. Persefoni. Those are what we look for in our employees.” He says as he places a hand on her shoulder, and the realization finally sinks in.

“So that means I really got the job?” Mr. Silva, lets out a small laugh, “If you don’t resent me enough to still want it, yes. We can sort out the details with Ms. Valentine later. What are your plans for the day? I’d prefer you jumping in straight away.” “I’m free.” Aislyn says, finally feeling a smile form on her face.

As if on cue, there’s a knock on the door. “I’m here to check in on what I’ve gathered on the- Oh, are you busy?” The woman entering asks as she lays eyes on Aislyn.

“Minah, perfect timing. We can hold off on that discussion for now. This is Aislyn Persefoni. She’ll be filling in the vacated spot on our investigative team.”

“About time.”

“Hello.” Aislyn nods her head in greeting. “Welcome aboard.” Minah says. “I’ll have Adriana prepare the terms of employment while Minah gives you the run of the place.” Mr. Silva says. “Thank you.” Aislyn hopes her genuine gratitude comes across through her words. Mr. Silva extends his hand and Aislyn takes it, “Like Minah said, welcome to the Sentinel.”

1:21 p.m. | Bay Hill Library
Aislyn was still processing the fact that she’d managed to land the job as Minah took her around the headquarters, pointing out the other departments and the typical routine. Along with herself and Minah, there were two others whose names Aislyn had already forgotten that comprised their team under Mr. Silva.

“It’ll probably take some time until everything is second nature.” Minah says as they hop out of the cab they take to the library downtown. Aislyn recognizes it as the same one she and Cailean had come to for their book signing several months back. “Something about you seems really familiar, have we met before?” Minah asks. “I don’t believe so, I just moved here from Oldmerrow.” Aislyn says as they climb the steps. “But, I did use to live here as a kid.” “I don’t think that’s it, but perhaps I’m mistaken.” Minah says dismissively as they enter. “Looks like we beat the rain.” She adds as a light drizzle begins outside.

“There are a few essentials you have to read before you start, just to prepare you mentally for what the job shall entail.” Minah says as she combs through the books. “Right.” Aislyn says. After Minah lists some of the book titles, Aislyn helps her search for them.

“You know what? We might be looking in the wrong section, I haven’t been here for a while. Let me swing by the librarian’s desk. Wait here.” Minah says. “Alright.”

Once Minah’s out of sight, Aislyn sinks to the floor. She was thrilled that everything was happening so quickly, but she’d dressed for a job interview and was regretting her selection of footwear. Her excitement had dulled the pain, but now that she had a moment to herself, her calves were killing her.

“Alright Min, I’m here.” A deep voice echoes through the library.

Aislyn sees some legs walk into view beside her, and raises her gaze to look at the man who appeared to be looking for someone. He didn’t seem to notice her on the ground, as he runs his hands through his hair, shaking out drops that he must’ve collected whilst entering through the proper rain that had begun outside.

“Whatever you called me for better be fucking important because I was just about to-” The man speaking stops when he notices her on the ground. Aislyn begins to rise, and he’s at her side in an instant. He hoists her up so quickly she becomes lightheaded.

“Oh, thanks.” Aislyn says as she blinks away the spots that appeared in her eyes from the quick movement. She then turns her eyes to his, and is caught off guard by the intensity in his expression. “Tris?” He says. “Um no, my name is-” “Don’t you recognize me?” He asks, not bothering to let her finish. The desperation in his voice makes Aislyn feel slightly guilty that she’s not whomever he thinks she is.

His grip on her arm is like an iron vise and it begins to hurt her. “I’m sorry, but I think you’re mistaken.” She says as she attempts to shrug out of his hold, but is unsuccessful. The man steps even closer and his eyes drift across her face. “Amber…” He mumbles. “Amber?” Aislyn echoes, “Oh, are you a friend of hers?” Aislyn asks, thinking of her ex-colleague. The man doesn’t appear to hear her, and Aislyn’s discomfort at his closeness grows.

She manages to successfully shove him away, and gathers her things to make a hasty escape. “Like I said. I think you’re mistaken.” She says over her shoulder. “If you’re playing a game, it’s not fucking funny.” The man says as he recaptures her arm.

Aislyn could not believe how convinced he was. “I have no idea who you are.” She says. “And I don’t appreciate your touchiness.” She adds as she swats his arm off. Just as she’s about to tell him off, Minah comes into view, with the book they were searching for earlier in hand.

“Axel, don’t tell me you’re hitting on the new recruit already. That’s Aislyn, she’s going to be working with us now.” “Aislyn?” Axel repeats, as if he just now was able to hear what she was trying to tell him all along, and that she was not whoever he thought she was.

Aislyn felt some heat rise to her face, upon realizing painfully slowly that the ‘Min’ Axel was looking for, was most likely a nickname for Minah, which meant one of the two members of their team was the incredulous fellow behind her.

“I’m sorry.” He says in a low voice as he takes a step back. Aislyn turns to face him. “That’s alright.” Determined to not let this encounter dictate their future working relationship, she extends her hand.

“Like Minah mentioned, my name is Aislyn.” She says. “Right.” Aislyn doesn’t believe he’s quite convinced. “I’m Axel.” He says as shakes her hand. “Great, now that you’re acquainted, why don’t you help us get the materials Aislyn needs.” Minah says as she joins them.

2:30 p.m.
The rest of their library visit goes on without any troubles, though Aislyn notices that Axel barely looks her way or speaks to her the way he does Minah. She supposes that is because of his embarrassment at the initial impression he’d made. They hop into a cab to head back to the Sentinel HQ, so that they can gather their things, and so that Aislyn can meet with Ms. Valentine to finalize her employment.

“Hey, you’re going down to Ravensburg to work on that Fischer case, right?” Minah asks. “Yeah.” Axel answers. Despite the limited space in the back seat, his entire body was turned away from Aislyn as much as he could manage given his large frame. “That’ll be the perfect opportunity for Aislyn to get her feet wet. Why not have her tag along?”

“If she’s up for it, sure.” Axel says. Despite his agreement with Minah’s suggestion, Aislyn notices he clenches and unclenches his fists, indicating to her that that was the exact opposite of what he’d like to do. “Does that sound good to you?” Minah asks as she turns back from the front to look at Aislyn. “Sure.” She says. If anything, perhaps some extra time with her new co-worker would help eliminate what was already a very awkward atmosphere between them.

4:42 p.m. | Oldmerrow City Hall
Cailean was about to get ready to wrap up his affairs for the day and leave when he receives a call from his boss, instructing him to swing by his office. As far back as Cailean could recall, Mr. Polański only ever called people in to give them good news or fire them; he was hoping the former was the case. He peers through the glass door and notices Mr. Polański happily typing away, which he takes as a good sign.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” Cailean asks as he steps in. “Cailean! Yes, I did. Please, come in and sit down.” Mr. Polański says enthusiastically. Cailean hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary, so he wasn’t sure what spurred this sudden call for him alone without his colleagues, but Mr. Polański’s demeanor was reassuring.

“How has your caseload been as of late?” “Good.” Cailean replies as he sits down in the gray armchair across the desk.

“Well, I know you’re probably itching to go home, so I’ll skip the pleasantries and cut to the chase.” Cailean nods.

“I’ve been here for over thirty years, son.” If this was an announcement of Mr. Polański’s upcoming retirement, Cailean felt this was an odd way of sharing the news. “And, I’m not quite done yet, fear not.” Mr. Polański adds, appearing to read Cailean’s expression. “I’m close with the local district attorneys, however, and Ms. Christenson, the DA of Ravensburg is thinking about retiring soon.” Cailean sits in silence as Mr. Polański continues. “While a part of me wishes to be selfish and keep you here, I’ll also have to think about retiring sooner or later, and I’d feel guilty by not giving you the chance to assume that role.


“I think you’d be a great DA, Cailean. You’re one of the hardest workers I know, and I don’t doubt your work ethic and thoroughness in cases came in part from your parents. I knew your father; Neil would be proud if he could see you today. Though Ms. Christenson’s time isn’t up yet. It’s only a matter of time before it is, and I’m wondering if you’d consider being appointed for the job.”

“That would be an honor, sir. ” Cailean says in surprise. “And a big change, I know. It’d mean you’d have to relocate to Ravensburg.” Mr. Polański adds. “I-” Cailean wasn’t sure what to say. He was content with his job, he never seemed to run out of cases to build or witnesses to interview, and was okay with that. It was rewarding seeing families get the justice they deserved.

Going from a local prosecutor to a district attorney would be a big jump, especially in a much larger city like Ravensburg, which is the state’s capital. He’d have to be responsible for overseeing a lot more than he currently was, by himself…

“It’s a lot to process, but I want you to think it over. You don’t have to give me an answer now. Ms. Christenson could leave in a matter of months, or a matter of weeks, but I want you to have time to think it over if you’re serious about it.”

Cailean nods, “I will.”    

If you thought I’d be posting short chapters from now on, you’d be wrong, hehe. I told you I’d be providing more mystery than answers, lol. Some big changes went down here, hence the title~ Talk about a great first impression, lol. Now you’ve met almost all of the characters I teased here way back when! At long last. :’) Axel’s tattoos are gone though </3 because my CC for them disappeared and now his low cut shirt served no purpose, lmao because I initially selected it to highlight them. He still has other tattoos though, but they are not easily visible 😇 I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly your thoughts are, there was quite a bit that went down. A lot of names were mentioned here and there – I hope it was easy to follow. Also, I’m not someone who uses language, like ever, but Axel’s character does so I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone, but not too much. And if you aren’t too familiar with how Cailean’s job works or what being a DA shall entail, or Aislyn’s new position as well, there’ll be a more clear explanation regarding all that a few chapters down! Thanks for reading ❤

Take care,
xoxo Amy

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      1. Oh, well, I guess Polański as a surname is known amongst other nations because of a famous Polish director called Roman Polański. You can look him up if you wish. And yes, there’s an accent, but it is often ommited, as Americans and others have difficulty pronouncing the “ń” which is very nosal, so they say it with an “n”, and write it like that. But I’ve never seen a similar surname without the accent. It feels unnatural for a Pole not to pronounce the “ń”.

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      2. I have heard of Director Polański and have to confess I’ve never heard a proper pronunciation of the name before, that’s quite interesting. Thanks for sharing that info! I’ve went ahead and changed it to have the accented ‘n’ 😊💓

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      3. If you say it like “Polanski” in Poland, people would probably think you’re imitating an American accent. Poles, for example, also make fun of the way Americans say the suffix “-ski” (which is often the ending of Polish surnames) with a “short i” sound (like in ship) which sounds a bit like our “y”, as we only have one pronunciation of “i” as “ee”. If you’re interested, if you play this video at around 0:45, you can hear how it’s pronounced by Poles, just if you were curious. I absolutely don’t expect you to repeat that, it is a bit tricky, lol. The same problem is with Kazimierz Pułaski who is reduced to Pulaski, and not only that, but often the original pronunciation is completely lost along the way. But so it is, Poles themselves find our language problematic (especially the orthography and grammar), so what can we really expect from foreigners.

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      4. Hmm, like I said, I’ve never heard it properly pronounced and I never paid attention to others saying the name so my initial instinct was to pronounce ‘ski’ like the sport. Hearing the authentic pronunciation in the video I’d say that what surprised me is the ‘a’ pronunciation, it’s more of the ‘a’ in aunt than sand which is how I’ve been saying it. Haha, language is fascinating. There are sounds in languages like Arabic or Korean that I don’t even know my throat would be able to conjure if I attempted to do so 😂 I really hope to learn at least one language other than my mother tongue fluently one day~

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      5. Yeah, we say “a” pretty much like”ahh” every time in Polish, hence why people don’t get how different it sounds in English, and then the differences between American and British. Oh dear. Yeah, there are some hard-core sounds for sure! I would want to maybe learn French properly one day. I mean, I know things, but a lot is so confusing to me, and I don’t remember the tenses.

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    1. Whew your profile 😍🔥🔥🔥
      Thanks! Haha, yeah – Silva has no time for people who won’t get the job done, hence his odd hiring process. Aislyn shall be cracking arguably little things like school bullying – which she holds personally significant – to big things like corporate punishment and everything in between. You’ll see here and there how she ‘cheats’ by using her ability to get the story done. Yup, the count has gone up, and to add more confusion as if there isn’t enough, it isn’t all for the same reason(s). Interesting theory, and one of them is kind of close. That’s all I shall say 😇 Also, Axel’s words were intentionally misleading, but I shall allow him to explain that for himself later on, hehe.
      As if this couple needed more distance between them, yup, he’ll be moving away, but not too soon at least. Aislyn’s tendency to withhold info will definitely strain their relationship along with the distance~ She’ll have to learn to stop that 😂 Thanks for reading! 💕😄

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  7. I don’t like Axel. I mean if nothing else be must be a dense dude not to know what grabbing and cornering a woman like that can do, even if he does think he recognises her (another mystery! ) so yeah he makes me uncomfortable.
    Good on her for the new job though!

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    1. I agree, that was definitely not the way to go about it, even if he thought he knew her. Yup, more mystery and no answers 😂 The only downside – if you can call it that – with her new job going forward, is going to be Axel’s continuously odd behavior.
      Thanks for reading! 😊💕

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