Sight Chapter 39 pt. 1: Enigma

*** author’s note: Buckle up guys, this is a lengthy one. Enjoy~ ***

6:42 a.m. | Persefoni Home
Aside from her date with Cailean, the rest of Aislyn’s weekend passes by fairly uneventfully. Since work had finally wound down, she’d managed to empty some of the moving boxes with her name on them that she’d ignored since they’d settled into the new home her father and Nicole had selected two weeks ago. Their priority was to choose a house that was more kid friendly than the glass manor they’d previously resided in was, and after debating the pros and cons of several residences they’d visited, they’d finally compromised on one. Aislyn still couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that she was going to be a sister at her age, but figured she needn’t waste her thoughts worrying about it until he or she arrives and she has to. 

“Morning.” J.D. says as he pops into the kitchen. “Hey.” Aislyn had begun brewing a cup of coffee that she would especially need for this particular Monday morning as she had also spent a great deal of the weekend staying up late to talk to J.D. Because of her tight working schedule, they’d cut down their chats, and when she was pursuing leads or writing pieces, J.D. would spend the majority of his time wandering Bayville. The past few days of freedom allowed her to fill him in on some things she hadn’t, including her date with Cailean. 

“You still not talking to pretty-boy?” J.D. teases as Aislyn’s phone buzzes with a morning text from Cailean. Since their date, she’d managed to conjure up some excuses to avoid his calls and Facetimes. Aislyn quickly texts a reply before sliding her phone into her back pocket. “You know, that’s the polar opposite of what he told you to do, right?” J.D. continues at her silence. “I know.” Aislyn says with a sigh.

While Aislyn wholeheartedly agreed with what Cailean had said about her tendency to avoid discussing herself at length, actually changing that behavior was a different thing entirely. “Just tell him all of the things you tell me.” J.D. says with a shrug. “Yeah well I can’t actually do that, can I?” Aislyn says.

She was able to pour out her heart and concerns to J.D. because in their time together he’d learned all there was to know about her, and treated her the same. Doing the same with Cailean would entail having to share either her secret, which she was not ready for, or other incidents in her life that made her the way she is that Aislyn didn’t want to revisit. “You know you are going to have to tell him eventually.” J.D. says. He didn’t have to explicitly say it aloud for Aislyn to know exactly what he was referring to. With another sigh she downs her coffee, hoping it’ll give her the energy to make it through the day, and places her mug in the sink. “See you later, J.” Aislyn says over her shoulder. “You’re as stubborn as ever, Sunshine.” J.D. says with a quiet chuckle, before disappearing. 

As Aislyn makes her way out of the kitchen, she notices Nicole heading towards her. “Good morning.” She says. “Morning.” Nicole replies, “We didn’t keep you up did we? Your father insisted we finish building the furniture in the nursery last night, and it took us longer than we thought it would.” “I could barely hear your drilling from my room, so don’t worry about it. Actually, I’d have been more than happy to help, but Dad insisted you guys were fine.” “He was right to do so, you’ve done more than your fair share these past few weeks. This whole process would’ve been so much more difficult without you around.” Nicole says, while resting an arm on Aislyn’s shoulder. “We’re lucky to have you.” Aislyn smiles as her cheeks begin to glow red, she wasn’t good at receiving compliments.

“Well now, I don’t want to make you late for work!” Nicole says, “Wait a second, I remember that outfit.” She adds with a grin as she pulls back her arm, “Unless I’m mistaken, I was teasing you for being unusually conservative and trying it on our shopping trip way back when.” “That’s right!” Aislyn adds with a slight laugh, recalling the day in which Nicole had showered her with clothes from various Bayville boutiques. It’d been a time when Aislyn was trying to mend their relationship, and she found it crazy to think of the point they had been at then, and how different it was compared to where they were now. “Believe it or not, I’m still going through those outfits you spoiled me with.” “Glad to hear it.” Nicole says with a smile, “We should go shopping again soon. It’s about to be a completely different season now, those winter clothes aren’t going to cut it anymore.” “I’d like that.” Aislyn says.

8:21 a.m. | Bayside Academy
The school day had barely begun and Drew already felt like it had been hours. The clock was moving at a glacial pace, most likely due to the fact that he’d been waiting for the weekend to end so he could invite Mackenzie to his family’s fundraiser. The only class they had together was the last one of the day, and Drew didn’t think he’d manage to wait that long, so he decided to find Mackenzie during lunch and ask her then. The more his thoughts drift to her, the quicker time seems to speed on by, and by fourth period, Drew notices the dark clouds that had started their morning with rain, were beginning to give way to sunshine. He took that as a positive sign.

12:04 p.m. 
Not that he was proud to admit it, but Drew noticed in his observation of Mackenzie for the past few weeks that she tended to go outside for the latter part of the lunch hour to sit by the swings near the basketball courts. He didn’t want to miss the chance to ask her, and he didn’t want to draw any attention by asking her in the cafeteria, so Drew decides to skip lunch and wait outside to ‘run into her’ as she’s making her way out. As he waits by the doors, a voice behind him startles him. “Boo!”

“Jeez Dakota, what are you doing here?” He asks, annoyed to see his sister wearing a satisfied smirk at her successful scare behind him. “I noticed you bee-lining away from our lunch table and decided to follow you.” “Ugh, why?” “Because I’m your sister and teasing you is my job.” “Can you do your job later, I want to go over what I’m going to say to her one more time.” Dakota rolls her eyes, “You’re such a dork, Drew! No one rehearses these things, you know the essence of what you want to say; just go for it.” 

“Feel free to ‘just go for it’ when you’re trying to get Noah Jepsen to ask you out.” Drew says, intentionally name-dropping his sister’s crush. Of course she hadn’t told Drew about him directly, but subtlety wasn’t his sister’s specialty, and poor Noah has been craftily dodging her advances. Dakota’s cheeks begin to grow red at his unexpected jest. “Well Mr. Know-it-all Romeo, there goes your Juliet.” Dakota says tilting her head in the direction behind him. Drew suspects his sister is trying to distract him to retaliate somehow. “Ha, ha. Nice try. Now could you go back inside so I can think in peace?”

“No, seriously.” Dakota says in more of a hushed tone, her flushed face beginning to fade. She raises her arm to point behind him, and Drew follows to see Mackenzie making her way towards the side of the school. “Get her attention, idiot, or you’ll miss your chance.” His sister adds. “Yeah, I know.” Drew’s heart had begun to pound in his chest upon seeing Mackenzie, and everything he had planned to say jumbled in his head. “Uh- Mackenzie!” He calls out to stop her from getting too far, she stops walking and turns to look at him. “Yeah?” Makenzie says, her soft voice echoing in front of the empty grounds. “Can talk we- I mean, can we talk?” Drew feels his face begin to burn, and doesn’t doubt he looks exactly the way his sister did a few moments ago. Speaking of which, he can hear Dakota roaring with laughter behind him, no doubt as payback for his low blow about her crush.

As Drew makes his way to Mackenzie, who showed no signs of being amused at his fumble, he stares at his sister until she returns to the building. Once she’s out of sight, he lets out a sigh, and turns his full attention to Mackenzie whose smile made his heart beat even quicker if possible. “Hi.” Drew says, as he looks into her violet eyes. “Are you feeling alright?” Mackenzie asks. “Huh, why would you ask that?” Drew wonders if his outward appearance was giving away his internal state of panic. “You ate quite a few sundaes on Friday, I tend to get sick if I attempt to eat more than two.” Mackenzie says with a smile. “Oh right. Well, I like ice-cream so I was fine- I am fine.” Drew says. He’d facepalm himself if he could.

“Glad to hear that.” Mackenzie says. “So, um- this may seem out of the blue, but my family has this event thing that they do every year, and I was wondering if you’d like to come? It’s a party, well not a party party, but it’s kind of formal so you’d need to dress up and stuff. It’s in a few weeks, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I thought it’d be fun, and I don’t know… we could hang out or something…” Drew wasn’t sure what came over him, but once he started talking, he couldn’t stop. Thankfully Mackenzie spoke up, which stopped his ramblings before he could embarrass himself even further. “Thanks for asking me. I’d love to.” She says. Drew felt as though he was floating on air.

2:47 p.m. | Jumpstart Grind
“Not that I don’t appreciate the company, Randall, but this isn’t a particularly dangerous assignment; why’d you tag along?” Aislyn asks. She’d been tasked to do a small piece on the first cafe in Bayville to ban single use plastics from their business in an attempt to ignite a sustainable action plan that would hopefully kick off in the community. After interviewing the Grind’s owner and documenting her long-term goals, Aislyn had several more stops she needed to make at the nearby establishments before she could begin crafting her piece.

“To be honest.” Randall says, “I did want to help you out if you needed it, but I first and foremost wanted to see how you operate.” “How I operate?” Aislyn echoes. “Yeah, you’ve been crushing every assignment Silva’s been giving you, and I wanted to know how exactly you managed to get the level of detail that you do in your stories at the speed that you do. You’ve wrapped up cases that normally take us weeks sometimes in days.” Aislyn is unsure of what to say as Randall continues. “I’ve watched you all day, and no offense, but I don’t see what you do to be any different to what Minah or I do.” That’s because I didn’t need any ghostly help today. Aislyn thinks as her face begins to flush.

“I suppose it’s because this wasn’t a dangerous case, like you said.” Randall says with a shrug, “You’ve been giving Axel a run for his money though.” “Is that why he hates me?” Aislyn asks. “Hates you?” Randall repeats. “Yeah, he’s been avoiding me since the moment I joined.” “Well, I said what you do is no different from what Minah and I do, but Axel is a different case. You’ve probably noticed by now he’s our ace guy, not only in our team, but in the department. He normally prefers to handle things solo. If I even attempted to ask him to tag along the way I asked you today, he’d have laughed. I can’t hate the guy though, he’s good at what he does, and I doubt he has anything personal against you.”

“I don’t know…” Aislyn says, unconvinced. Axel’s attitude towards her did not feel consistent across the team. “Don’t stress about it, in time you’ll see that’s just how he is.” Randall gives Aislyn a pat on her shoulder, and she nods, deciding to accept this notion for now, not because she believed it, but because she didn’t want to come across as whiny. “Well, now that I’ve snooped on your M.O. I’ve got my own cases to finish. Hit me up if you need anything. See ya!” “Bye.” Aislyn watches Randall walk off, and attempts to shake all thoughts of Axel from her mind as she makes her way to her car.

5:45 p.m. | Persefoni Home
Aislyn made it home in good time after collecting the rest of the interviews she needed for her piece. She picks up the paper from its position on their front doorstep and decides to flip through it before taking a shower and unwinding for the evening. Her new job requires her to be on top of current events and happenings, and as Aislyn was almost entirely closed off from such, up until recently, she had a lot of catching up to do in every field. As her eyes dart over the names of political figureheads and athletes, attempting to memorize them, her phone buzzing interrupts her, it’s Cailean. She supposed making up any more excuses from prolonging having to talk to him will only make things worse. “Hey.” She says. “Wow, an answer. I was expecting you to send me to voice-mail and text back later.”

Despite Cailean’s playful tone, his words stung. “Sorry, I’ve been busy.” Aislyn says, tucking some hair behind her ear as she does so. “Right, well, while I don’t doubt that, a part of me has to wonder if your avoidance of my calls has anything to do with what I said. In which case I’m-” “Cailean, please.” Aislyn interrupts, hopping out of her seat as she says so. She was already feeling guilty enough; the last thing she needed was for Cailean to be apologetic for saying things she needed to hear. “You didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. Don’t apologize, that’ll only make me feel worse.” She continues, “You’re right. I have been… avoiding you.” Aislyn figures she might as well try to share the thoughts running through her mind, as much as she could anyway without delving into the deeper, darker parts she wasn’t ready for.

She begins pacing back and forth in the living room, for some reason the prospect of sharing her emotions made her incapable of sitting still. “I’m shocked…” Cailean says and Aislyn can hear the smirk in his voice. She was glad he wasn’t upset with her. Considering Aislyn still intended to surprise Cailean the upcoming weekend for his birthday and Valentine’s day, she figures such a gesture would be futile if their relationship wasn’t in a healthy standing first. That meant she needed to start opening up. “To be honest, I didn’t know what to say.” She says as she hangs her head. “Aislyn.” Cailean says affectionately. Even though he was miles away, Aislyn was surprised at the effect his words alone could have on her, her heart
begins to race.

“I don’t expect you to change overnight.” He continues. “I said what I did so you’d think twice the next time you decide to refrain from telling me something to spare me any worries. I’m not asking you to start telling me your autobiography.” Aislyn can feel a smile forming on her face. “Though should you want to do the latter, I’m all ears.” Cailean adds. Aislyn wishes she could wrap her arms around him. Cailean’s continuous patience and understanding not only warmed her heart, but made her incredibly aware of all the areas she was lacking in and needed to work on. “Did I lose you?” She hears him say and Aislyn realizes that while she’d been nodding, she hasn’t spoken a word since he started talking. “No… I’m here.” She says with a laugh. “Great.” Cailean says, “So, for starters then, why don’t you tell me about your day.”

7:33 p.m. 
After talking to Cailean for quite some time, Aislyn hangs up feeling more energized than she had when she’d downed her morning coffee. She was even more determined to make the upcoming weekend she had planned for Cailean special. She was surprised at how just the sound of his voice could significantly affect her. It’s only after they finish speaking that Aislyn is aware of how hungry she is, so she makes her way to the kitchen. “Hey dad.” She says as she enters, eyeing him preparing a salad.

“Hey kiddo, mind checking on Nicole for me? She told me she was going to come help with dinner earlier, and I have no trouble taking over, but I haven’t heard from her in a while.” “Sure thing.” Aislyn says. She swings by the master bedroom, and the developing nursery, before searching for Nicole downstairs. As Aislyn descends the steps, she notices Nicole is staring at the television which is off.

“Nicole.” Aislyn says once she’s on the last step, Nicole appears to not have heard her. “Nicole.” She repeats a little louder as she takes a step closer, she manages to pull Nicole back from the depths of her mind she had ventured to. 
“Yes, dear.” “Dad sent me to check on you.” “Oh, right. Dinner.” Nicole says as she prepares to rise off of the couch. Aislyn lays a hand on her shoulder to keep her seated and joins her. “Are you okay?” She asks. “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” Aislyn raises an eyebrow in disbelief. Nicole sighs, “Well, if I’m being honest, I’m feeling a tad frantic.” She says, “But don’t tell your father!” Nicole adds hastily.

“I won’t.” It was clear the air about Nicole was different. “These past few weeks have been so wonderful.” Nicole begins, “It may seem odd to tell this to you, especially now, but I’ve been married before.” Aislyn nods, encouraging Nicole to continue, she vaguely recalls her father mentioning as such during their heart to heart several months ago. “My ex’s way of thinking was… I suppose old-fashioned would be the best way to put it. He believed that a woman’s primary purpose was to have kids. But given my career thrived on my appearance, being a mother was something that was on the back-burner for me. We ended up splitting over the issue of children. If I’m being honest he was flawed in many ways other than his way of thinking, but I was afraid of what the label of being a divorcée would do to my career, I was already getting old in modeling years.”

The things Nicole was sharing were so raw and personal, Aislyn was unsure of what to say; she was thankful she and Nicole were in a place where she felt comfortable to be this open. “By the time I met your father, I was at one of my lowest lows. All the companies had begun to turn their sights on newer, younger, fresher faces.” Aislyn thinks back to the many magazine covers Kim had shown her that featured Nicole, the fact that she’d managed to make such a name for herself for years only for society to then move on in a fraction of that time seemed incredibly ridiculous to her. “It was like he’d jumped out of a novel. Your father was so unlike the superficial, misogynistic, idiots I’ve grown up being surrounded by. It was clear he’d had his share of limelight and heartbreak himself.”

Aislyn could feel her throat constricting the way it did whenever she began to feel emotional. “I had a rebirth, we both had. My background in fashion with his entrepreneurship made for this incredible force. I’d met the ideal partner for every aspect of life. Now we run our own talent agency, overseeing the lives and careers of others. Ensuring we care for those who shine at any age and from any walk of life.” Her father’s revitalized wealth and well-being clicked into place for Aislyn, she was aware he and Nicole were working together, but she’d never asked for the details, and now she knew them. Her heart swelled in thankfulness for Nicole’s presence in her father’s life to be there for him where Aislyn had failed to do so as a daughter. “And for the longest time I was satisfied, but now, I yearn to have a child; not because some man told me to, but because I feel like there’s something missing. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself wondering what if… Your father, bless his heart, was on board and now here we are.” Nicole pauses, and Aislyn wonders if she’s choking up the way Aislyn is. “So what’s wrong?” Aislyn’s voice comes out as a whisper.

“I’m too old now to conceive naturally without risk, and I don’t know… what if our child won’t bond with us because we aren’t his flesh and blood. I’ll be jumping into motherhood without those months most have to connect with their growing child… What if I’m a terrible mother-” “I’m going to stop you there Nicole.” Aislyn interrupts, her voice returning. “Any child that is going to have to call you their mother is going to be so fortunate.” Speaking of motherhood tugs on Aislyn’s heartstrings as she remembers her own. She quickly tries to shut out all thoughts of her as it made her feel a mixture of vulnerability, sadness, and anger, and none of those were the emotions she wanted to instill into Nicole.

“You are kind, loving, and a beautiful person, inside and out. I was such an idiot to shut you out when dad tried to introduce you all those years ago… You’ve showered me with more kindness and affection than I deserved…” Aislyn continues, fighting back the tears that had begun to pool in her eyes. “You’ve… you’ve been more of a mother to me than my own ever was, and my future sibling is going to be lucky to have you, because I know dad and I are.” Aislyn closes her eyes and manages to regain her slipping composure after expressing all she wants to to Nicole. Just as she opens her eyes, she’s pulled into a crushing hug, and smiles.

“You don’t know how much that means to me.” Nicole says. Instead of pulling away, Nicole leans her head on Aislyn’s shoulder, and Aislyn continues to hold her close. After taking a moment, she clears her throat before speaking, “Your secrets are safe with me, but I know dad will be hurt if you don’t tell him what’s on your mind… I mean he loves you, and him not knowing you’re in pain or distress now will only make him feel worse if he finds out down the line.”

“You know what? You are absolutely right.” Nicole says and Aislyn is painfully aware of how hypocritical she sounds. “You’re going to be a wonderful mother someday.” Nicole says. Aislyn’s face begins to burn with embarrassment. Her own motherhood was something that had never even crossed her mind until that very moment. She gives Nicole a polite laugh, unable to comment that she felt the exact opposite of that statement was true. “Well I guess I’ve got a husband I’ve got to go talk to.” Nicole says. Aislyn gives her an encouraging pat and releases her, and Nicole plants a kiss on Aislyn’s forehead before making her way to the stairs.

8:09 p.m.

As her father and Nicole retreat to their room to talk, Aislyn makes her way back into her room to distract herself from all things mom-related. She scrolls through her emails and sees an instant message pop up and smiles when she sees who it’s from. 
Hey Aislyn! It reads.

Hello! How are you Mackenzie?

I’m doing good. I’ve gotten a job at an ice cream shop recently, it’s been pretty fun so far. 

That’s great, I’ll be sure to swing by so I can see you in action.

Please do!!! 😄

Aislyn pauses as she sees Mackenzie type and delete a message over and over. It was clear there was something she was unsure of sharing. Aislyn decides to encourage her. Is there something on your mind?

Yeah, how’d you guess? 😅 I know you’re busy with work and all, but could we meet in person to talk some time? I kind of need some help.

Is something wrong? I can be at your place in 20.

No no! It’s nothing serious at all. I’m terrible at phrasing things.
It’s… boy-related.

Aislyn lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She was worried something bad had happened.

I can meet you tomorrow, after work. How’s 5 sound?

Perfect! I’ll text you where! Can’t wait to see you.

Same here. See you tomorrow. 🙂

As Aislyn closes her messaging window, she becomes aware of a familiar warmth enveloping her, and turns to see J.D. behind her, lying on her bed. “Hey.” She says, wondering how long he’s been there for. “How was your day?” He asks as he rises. “It was good.” “Who were you talking to?” He asks. Aislyn hesitates in answering. After the bit of sadness they’d both experienced during Maddie’s passing, J.D. was finally back to his normal carefree manner. Aislyn was afraid her, or Mackenzie’s, mention would revert that. “Aislyn I’m the one person on this planet who knows you, dare I say better than you know yourself at times.” He says as he crosses his arms. “Don’t bother trying to lie to me, even if it’s for my sake.” Aislyn blushes.

“Sorry, but I know Maddie is a sensitive subject for you, she is for me too… I was talking to Mackenzie.” She says as she walks over to him. “I know, you didn’t feel me peek at your screen, did you?” He says with a grin and Aislyn’s blush darkens. “Look, I know you think I’m not over my dead ghost girlfriend’s departure, but I really am fine.” “Okay, okay, I believe you.” Aislyn says, not entirely convinced. “She wants to meet with me tomorrow, she says it’s boy-related.” “Poor girl, having to seek relationship advice from you.” J.D. says with a scoff. “Hey, I’ll have you know I actually gave Nicole some good advice earlier.” “Did you now?” J.D. says with a raised eyebrow. “And I talked to Cailean.” Aislyn says. “Well look at you, sounds like we had quite the eventful day. Care to tell me more.” J.D. says as he lies back down on her bed. “As a matter of fact, I would.” Aislyn says as she joins him.


5:01 p.m. | Verdes Path
After work Aislyn receives a text from Mackenzie with their meeting location. After having driven around all day, she opts to take the bus, and J.D. tags along. As they make their way to the designated spot, Aislyn is surprised the name hadn’t stirred her memory sooner. “Remember when I told you how I was dumped back in high school?” She says to J.D. as they walk along the familiar path. “By that cute boy in your framed photo.” He says.

“Yeah, that happened right over there.” Aislyn says, pointing to the very place she and Tristan had last spoken. “No way!” J.D. exclaims, thoroughly amused. “Hey, tone it down. It’s not like it was a particularly pleasant experience.” Aislyn says at his reaction. “Right, right.” J.D. says, attempting – and failing – to erase his smile. “Does it feel weird being here?” He asks. “Yeah, a bit.” Aislyn says honestly, her thoughts flickering back to that summer day when things went terribly wrong, and she shakes her head to expel the thoughts. She found herself thinking of her past a lot as of late; she supposed that was unavoidable given she was back in her hometown where all of these events transpired. 

Aislyn spots Mackenzie in the distance and makes her way towards her, with J.D. keeping a fair distance away. He had jokingly said that he was only tagging along to ensure she didn’t doom Mackenzie with her advice. Aislyn envelopes Mackenzie in a hug before joining her on the bench. She was extremely curious as to what she was going to hear, as far as Aislyn could tell, Mackenzie was never interested in boys, or her classmates in general. When they’d message one another from time to time, she’d ask for help on an assignment or advice on college admissions.

“So, what’s this about a boy?” Aislyn asks with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t look at me like that.” Mackenzie says, her cheeks beginning to show the faintest hint of color. “His name is Drew, and he’s in my science class…” “Go on.” Aislyn says when she trails off. “He’s the top of our class, and he and his sister are pretty popular. I think they come from a wealthy family or something.” Aislyn notices Mackenzie says that last part with a bit of embarrassment, and it sends a pang of sadness through her as the young girl was no doubt comparing herself to them.

“Anyway, he invited me to this house party his family is hosting and I’ve got zero clue on what to wear or how to act.” As Aislyn listens the more Mackenzie goes on, she’s partially reminded of herself back in her early high school days, before she’d found her stride and rose to the top. 
“Maybe I should’ve said no.” Mackenzie says as she hangs her head. “He said it’s in a few weeks or something, and I have to worry about college stuff, exams, and my new part time job…”

Aislyn reaches for her. “Hey now, I’ll have you know that when I was in high school, I’d managed to be a part of several clubs and sports teams with enough time to spare for my boyfriend, my studies, and my parties.” “Really?” Mackenzie says incredulously. “Try not to look so surprised.” Aislyn says with a playful nudge and she hears J.D. break out in laughter behind her. “Sorry, it’s just- I can’t really picture you like that.” “Believe me, sometimes neither can I.” Aislyn says. “It just goes to show that it’s very possible to have the best of both worlds, and, not to brag or anything, but you’ve come to the perfect person to help you do so.” Mackenzie beams. “Now, let’s go and see if we can find you something to wear…”

9:10 p.m. | Eagle Lane
“Okay so, maybe I’m not as good at this stuff as I used to be.” Aislyn says. She was in the process of dropping Mackenzie home after a fruitless shopping trip. They’d spent hours roaming stores and boutiques, but a lot of the places they’d went to carried things that were too old or too young for Mackenzie. With a heat of embarrassment Aislyn realized she was fairly unfamiliar with where they needed to go; she’d begun to rely on Nicole for her shopping needs.

About four stores into their spree, J.D. had abandoned ship, realizing that it would be an excruciatingly long and tiring process – he was right on both counts. The few things Mackenzie could try on didn’t make her face light up the way Aislyn’s used to when she’d found something to wear to a party or dance, and she wanted Mackenzie to look and feel the way she deserved to.

“Maybe I’m being too picky.” Mackenzie says as they enter her neighborhood. “I could’ve just chosen anything that fits.” “Rule #1 of shopping, you never choose just anything.” Aislyn says. “Besides, this is your first date. You like this boy, don’t you?” Mackenzie nods sheepishly. “Then say no more, we’re going to find you the perfect dress, and trust me, you’ll know what it is when you see it. Let me know when you’re free next, I may need to employ reinforcements.” Aislyn says, and Mackenzie glimmers with excitement.

“Even though we didn’t manage to find anything today, I appreciate the help.” Mackenzie says. “I like getting to spend time with you…” She adds and Aislyn pulls her in for a hug. “Same here.” “You’re the first person I thought of after Drew talked to me.” “If you ever need anything, I’ll be here.” Aislyn says. She pulls away from Mackenzie, “Now go on in. It’s late.” Mackenzie nods enthusiastically and makes her way inside, she pauses by the gate to wave, and Aislyn returns the gesture, before turning back onto the street to make her way to the bus stop. 

33She walks on in silence, letting herself enjoy the cool air without letting so many thoughts occupy her mind for a change. As she approaches a grocery store they’d passed on the way to Mackenzie’s, she notices a familiar silhouette exiting, twirling a bottle in his hand. Aislyn’s gut was telling her to draw no attention to herself and ignore him the way he has her, but her head was telling her something else entirely and she is surprised when she hears his name escape her lips.

Axel turns around and aside from the slight widening of his eyes for a brief moment, he shows no sign of any change to his demeanor. He waits for her to draw nearer. “Wow, I’m surprised you didn’t take off running.” Aislyn says. To her immense surprise, Axel chuckles, “What’s that supposed to mean?” He asks with a grin. “It means…” Aislyn does her best to refrain from sounding exasperated, “that I was beginning to forget what you looked like, largely due to your constant absence.”

34Aislyn notices Axel does his best to avoid looking her in the eye, instead directing his attention to the bottle he was swirling in his hand. “What can I say? I’m a busy guy.” “Right.” Aislyn says. A crack of thunder reverberates through the air, startling her slightly. Drops of rain begin to trickle down, and Aislyn pulls her jacket tighter to her as she feels the decrease in temperature. “Where are you headed?” Axel asks as he wipes away some droplets running down his forehead.

“The bus stop.” She says. “You’re more than welcome to continue on and walk the several blocks you need to in order to get to the stop, but if you want to avoid the oncoming storm, my place is just around the corner.” Aislyn was stunned, she couldn’t believe her ears. Axel was an enigma; she was convinced he despised her for some inexplicable reason, and yet his current words and previous actions were not adding up. “You coming?” He calls over his shoulder as he begins to walk away. Aislyn’s gut tells her to ignore him and continue on to the stop, and for the second time that evening, she decides to ignore it.

Whew, if you’ve made it to the end, I’m sending you a virtual hug and high five because this was quite the chapter 💞 I understand if it took several visits to make it through this, haha. Believe it or not, the chapter originally dragged on for even longer and showed what exactly goes down at Axel’s place, but I’ve decided to spare you and save that particular encounter for next time (hence this being part one). Starting next chapter, and every subsequent chapter afterwards, you will be receiving at least one answer for the many mysteries that have piled up so far. I promise! After all, this story will be ending on Chapter 50 as promised, and as you can see, we’re nearly there. This means things will have to pick up, at long last. Keep your list of questions you’ve probably accumulated throughout the story handy 😂❤️ Thanks for reading!
Take care,
xoxo Amy

14 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 39 pt. 1: Enigma

  1. I really liked Aislyn and Nicole’s heart-to-heart. Who would have thought they’d get so close when Aislyn used to be so hostile towards her in the beginning. And of course she’d give her the advice she’s not following herself. I’m waiting eagerly for that surprise she’s cooking up for Cailean, though, hopefully that will be cute and romantic ♥
    Ooh, Mackenzie agreed 💕 If only more boys could gather up the courage to ask a girl out the way Drew did. Despite everything, I think he’s pretty brave. Some would find it too difficult to approach a girl they like, so kudos to him!
    It’s sweet how Mackenzie and Aislyn have grown so close. She won’t replace her her dead older sister, but now she’s actually got someone to talk to, ask for advice, etc. And it is true that Aislyn was Maddie’s friend – just not at the time Mackenzie believes she was.
    Ooh, Aislyn’s coworkers are beginning to notice something unusual about her. Hm, it may get more difficult down the line for her to cover up her talent. There will be questions and she’ll need to make up good excuses…
    Huh, not to offend him or you, but when I first saw that photo of Axel, I genuinely thought that was an old homeless lady with a beer bottle 😅 God, I’m so silly sometimes.
    Ooh, Aislyn is going to visit Axel! I do wonder if he’s going to tell her the reason he’s been avoiding her… Maybe we’ll finally get to find out?
    Anyhoo, that was such a delightfully long chapter. Can’t wait to find out more about those mysteries you’re talking about! 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, their relationship has certainly come a long way ☺️ Nicole really has begun to fill that void Aislyn’s mother left behind~ Haha Aislyn is quite the hypocrite at times. She’ll only continue to frustrate I’m afraid, hehe.
      The surprise will indeed have lots of cuteness and romance 😌
      Drew is still super young and inexperienced so he will continue to be rather clumsy with his crush. I agree that it was brave of him considering he had no idea what she thought of him, luckily it worked out. Hooray for young love! 😂
      You’re right in that Aislyn could never replace Maddie, but she can become a sister-like figure for her going forward.
      Yeah, her eagerness to solve cases with the help of her ability is going to draw some attention to herself. She’ll have to either tone it down or begin to make some things up to cover herself.
      Looool!!! I can totally see that 😂 No worries I’m not offended at all, haha!
      Aislyn shall be entering the lion’s den, so to speak. They will finally get the chance to properly talk at long last, so he may indeed let her know why he’s been acting this way.
      Yup, it was quite hefty 😇 Thanks for reading and leaving such a lengthy thoughtful comment! ❤️

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  2. Oooh, what a hearty chapter! So much to say 😁
    I loved Aislyn and Nicole’s conversation ❤ As much as I loved her impromptu shopping trip with Mckenzie 🙂
    It seems like Aislyn is capable of tender feelings and actions after all, we saw it through both encounters, but I wonder why poor Cailean doesn't seem to be on the receiving end of those? Even when she tries to open up, she's still so cold towards him..! Could it be related to her ex-boyfriend and all the memories that seem to emerge lately? I'm not sure, but I'm under the impression you hadn't mentioned it was him who dumped her… I could be wrong though! I wonder what happened…
    Hmmm I'm not sure about this Axel guy… don't get me wrong, he's super hot and all, but he still creeps me out a bit. And now he invites Aislyn to his house out of the blue? I really wonder what his deal is…
    You know, I get that this chapter was objectively long, but I wanted to keep reading! More please! 😀 This was great ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, it was a lot 😂😅 Yay, glad you liked it! It was a chance for Aislyn to be emotional for a change which hasn’t really been showcased that much. Poor Cailean is the only one who hasn’t experienced it properly yet, and you’re right in that it has to do with her ex, Tristan. Aislyn has been in several relationships, but her only ‘true’ one was with him and he broke up with her because of all of her secret keeping (It was shown way back in Chapter 11 pt. 2, when Aislyn was telling J.D. about her past 😇) So she’s aware that things will go wrong if she doesn’t handle things differently this time, but she’s still having trouble opening up.
      Haha yeah, odd behavior tends to trump one’s attractiveness 😂 And Axel has been acting very strange… We’ll see if your perceptions of him change after he explains himself, or maybe things will be worse, hehe 😏 Aww I appreciate that, and your kind words and thoughts 💕 Thanks for reading!
      (Also I love your new profile!)

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      1. Oh, well that’s a mistake from me then, I shall go reread that chapter asap to refresh my memory! 😉
        Oooh, can’t wait to see what he’s all about! 😀
        Thank you sooo much! ❤

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  3. Oh dear you were not joking when you said Aislyn’s actions would be frustrating, ha, ha. 😛 Girl, you don’t want to have to share your secrets – that doesn’t mean you have to ignore a freaking good morning text, omg. xD Cailean is being waaaay too patient.
    And of course she’s doling out advice that she should be following. At least she’s aware though. 😛 She had some nice talks with both Nicole and Mackenzie, though I want to tell both of them to not take any romantic advice from Aislyn. 😛
    I’m excited for what’s to come! Not sure Aislyn should have ignored her gut when it came to going to Axel’s house, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, full steam ahead on the frustration train 🚂 In her defense, she’s been okay on her texts back, lol 😂 It’s the other stuff she’s been craftily avoiding.
      Cailean is very laid back and understanding, but we all crack at some point, don’t we? Not to get ahead of myself or anything, hehe 😶
      Yup, she’s quite the hypocrite, lol. And J.D. wholeheartedly agrees with your sentiment, getting any romantic advice from Aislyn is probably not the best idea 😂
      Ignoring one’s gut makes for intriguing developments if I do say so myself 😇 Thanks for reading and commenting 😊💓

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  4. Okay…..I almost missed this! And it’s one of my favs! So sorry for the late reply!

    This was an awesome chapter. I loved the way Aislyn and Nicole bonded. So did she have a fertile egg implanted? I didn’t realize that. Maybe I just forgot. But it makes sense to ensure a healthy baby. Too much risk to have a child of their own.

    Laughed at JD calling her out on avoiding Cailean’s calls – but he always calls her out. Then when she actually takes his call he makes her feel loved. I hope his patience doesn’t wear out before she trusts him enough to open up all the way. They can never be if she doesn’t.

    I have to wonder what the MacKenzie angle is? Why is she important to this story aside from being Maddie’s sister and giving Aislyn someone to care about.

    Then. BOOM! It’s Axel! If her coworkers are noticing her innate ability to solve a case, then you know he is. He’s had his eye on her from the get go. Curious to see if he confronts her. That’s what I think is going to happen and they will find out they both have the same ‘ability’. So where will that leave Cailean? Don’t you dare sink my ship! Grrrrrr….

    Very excited to uncover the mystery of Axel and then finally the mystery surrounding JD – the warm ghost!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! I appreciate you taking the time to read, as this was quite a lengthy one 💓
      Actually the plan is still to adopt! I’m realizing that me saying Nicole can’t/has trouble conceiving naturally can imply she’s attempting other means of a natural birth 😅 so let me just clear that up and say they are 100% not going the IVF route or anything like that. She and Marco are waiting to hear back from the adoption agency!
      J.D’s always alerting her to her shortcomings, doesn’t mean Aislyn makes any attempt to change them though 😂 Cailean is indeed being extremely patient… but the relationship can only go so far until Aislyn decides to meet him halfway.
      Interesting questions there, I promise it’ll make sense. At least I’m hoping it will when the time comes 😆
      Yup, it’s finally confrontation time! You’re right that Aislyn’s new work rep hasn’t gone unnoticed by Axel. The question is whether or not he’ll mention it… perhaps their conversation shall veer elsewhere 😏 More interesting lines of thought there…
      It shall still be a ways before the latter is solved but we’ll get there eventually! Thank you so much for reading and commenting 😊❤️ I have to say I’m quite enjoying your speculations 😇

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  5. GIRL! never ignore your gut. This is one thing you s hould know by now, considering how good your gut instincts are! GAH! I don’t trust Axel. I don’t think he’d hurt her, but I’m not sure he has good intentions either. I can’t gt a read on him (probably because Aislyn can’t either).
    Glad she opened up though! There’s hope for her and Caliean yet 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? You think she’d have learned by now, but Aislyn is a risk taker and it appears she’ll often ignore the voice of reason in the back of her mind 😂 You’re right to be wary of him. Hopefully all the ambiguity surrounding Axel will be cleared up next chapter~ hehe 😇
      Haha, just a fair warning, for every step forward in her relationship Aislyn shall make, she’ll take several backwards. That hope shall be a roller coaster 🙃 Thanks for reading! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I just realised how lonely and boring walking the in-between life it must be for J.D, especially now that Maddie is gone — apart from talking to Aislyn and other ghosts, he can’t really interact with anything else, right? Like he can lie down on a bed, but can he pick up and read books and things like that?
    “Can talk we-” master of the english language he is, Drew 😆 Cannot blame his sister from dying from laughter at the back haha, could feel the awkwardness of his talking through the screen. At least he finally plucked up the courage to ask her, though!
    I wonder what would happen if one of the team had tailed Aislyn, without her knowing, and caught her talking to apparently empty air 🤔 We don’t want another Commissioner type situation on our hands, because Aislyn really isn’t the best at whipping up believable lies lol. I wonder if Axel might do such a thing if she begins to surpass him…
    Yikes, Cailean went straight for it with the sarcasm. I can’t really blame him, because she did the exact opposite of what he asked. I hope the fact that telling him about her day made her feel better helps her open up and communicate more, because as nice as he is, him constantly trying to reach out but getting held at arm’s length is bound to get tiring. And you’ve mentioned that Cailean won’t hesitate to cut off people when he needs to. I really hope this doesn’t come to such a point.
    I loved the conversations with Nicole and Mackenzie. It’s really nice to see Aislyn deepening her relationship with her stepmother, after the bad foot they started off on, and the sadness in Nicole’s voice was palpable. I’m sure she’s going to be an excellent mother with the way she’s interacted with Aislyn, and I’m glad she and Marcus found one another ❤ And it’s great that Aislyn’s forming this sisterly relationship with Mackenzie. Her previously weak familial ties are steadily strengthening, so I hope when the kiddo arrives that they will be a happy family together.
    Nice chapter! I’m going to try finish your rest in one fell swoop because I feel like I’m getting nowhere by jumping between stories in my pursuit to catch up 😩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is quite lonely. Nah, if he could read books and interact with objects, people would freak out as things would just be floating. Sometimes Aislyn will leave the TV on for him and that’s about as much entertainment as he gets.
      Drew isn’t the smoothest of talkers, hehe XD But he’s experiencing some puppy love so there’ll be some more fumbles as that relationship develops.
      Aislyn is definitely a terrible liar when put on the spot. If she’s not careful, she’s going to find herself in the same situation again 😬
      Cailean’s patience will slowly wear thin… Aislyn hasn’t seen that side of him yet, as for whether or not she will, I’ll let you see :3
      Aww, I’m glad. Aislyn is slowly building bridges with everyone in her life but her boyfriend it appears, lol. Nicole will be a great mother, and her dad is already great so they’ll have a cool new family unit forming. Thank you 💕 I appreciate you trekking though as my chapters as of late have been so dense, hehe~ I’ve given up on skipping around and am trying to work through my catch up readings one at a time as well, but it’s easier said than done 😅 Thanks so much for reading and commenting ❤️

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