So I made a tumblr…

Hey everyone!

Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve dropped off to for the past few weeks, and long story short, RL has kept me occupied. In my spare time, I was attempting to bring that new recap page up to speed since with all of these lengthy gaps between chapters it’s sometimes necessary, largely for myself, lol, especially with my long chapters 😂😭. I’ve been trying to do some reading as well, but my months away has made that slightly difficult, as there’s a lot to catch up on. Andddd I’m also trying to work on my new chapter while also taking screenshots for subsequent chapters…

I’m getting sidetracked, haha. Anywayyyyy, despite the list of things I’ve mentioned, all of which I’ve yet to complete, can you believe I’ve decided to jump into the void and make a tumblr/simblr? I know, I know, as if I could use any more distractions with the limited amount of time I have available already. 

But yeah, a week ago that happened, so here I am. I’ve been trying to think of a name for the longest and after much cringing with what I would come up with, I’ve settled on: Amy’s SnapshotsNot the most cool or enticing, but yeah, that’s what it is. I’ve spent the past few days attempting to familiarize myself with it, but the site is still quite confusing to me, but I hope to get the hang of it eventually~

So why now? I’ve mentioned my interest in jumping into the tumblr fray here and there before, but now it’s become a bit of a necessity. As the final ten chapters of Sight approaches, I’m in need of some good CC because I’m having to make my own locations as my game will not install any sims3pack files *cue internal screaming* and there are a plethora of simblrs that could help with that. There’s also the added bonus of being able to see what some of you who have tumblrs and may be taking a break from posting/have finished their stories/etc… are up to, so that element of keeping in touch is cool too. 

I do also have a lot of screenshots lying around that could see the light of day so I figure this new venture will be killing three birds with one stone. If you have a tumblr/simblr whether you’re a frequent visitor here or not, feel free to drop it in the comments! Some of you have probably noticed me creeping around already, hehe.

You can press the photo below or click the link to be redirected to my new simblr~ Caution, it’s severely bare 😇



That’s all from me for now, hope you all have a pleasant weekend!
Take care,
xoxo Amy

27 thoughts on “So I made a tumblr…

  1. Oh yesssss, join us on the dark side. Gosh, just today Jowita found a link to a page with hundreds of conversions so you’ll definitely find lots of CC on Tumblr. (Especially if you follow Jowita and Lila’s finds blogs, they’re so good).
    I’ve already followed you. >:D I shall draw you deeper into the depths of he– Tumblr.

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  2. Oooh, that’s awesome! 😀 I had a tumblr account, but unfortunately it got flagged for showing my boy Andrew as an adult *with* his clothes on, and I was left wondering what the heck happened, lmao!
    But I remade my profile today(!) so I’ll definitely follow you – oh and, I too find tumblr super confusing so you’re not the only one, hehe! ❤

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  3. AHHHHH YAY! Come on over, this is very exciting! Like Louise said, someone released a huge dump of great cc super recently which I was thinking of mentioning here, so good timing haha. I’m caught up with uni right now so I’ve come to a standstill on WP, but I’m a tad more active at Tumblr so it’s awesome to see you there ❤

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    1. This is all music to my ears, lol 😭 I’m eager to begin a downloading binge! (within reason because my computer is still trash 😂) Aww, best of luck with uni stuff. While I miss your presence here, I understand 💓 And how is it already August? I believe you mentioned we shall be receiving the new gen near the month’s end~ I hope your preparations are going well and I’m looking forward to stalking your tumblr 😇

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      1. Haha yeah, I’m excited to get home and go on a download spree too 😂 I hope I will be able to post the first chapter end of August, but there’s still a ton of prep to do 😭 I think I’ll be able finish writing 4.1 soon though, so maybe I can speed up the process by only prepping for the specific things in that chapter. And I’m looking forward to seeing your tumblr snapshots!

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      2. Recently I’ve made the mistake of staging things for various chapters which has left me with several incomplete ones I’ve yet to write for 🙃 Or even worse, finished chapters out of order, like a completed chapter 42 with nothing for 41 for example 💀 I’m thinking of just sticking to shooting everything for one chapter and working in order like I used to because this method is stressing me out lol.
        And thanks! I’m going to try and put some effort into it, hehe ☺️

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    1. Haha I don’t even know if I’ll be sharing anything worthwhile, but feel free to befriend me! I’m in no position to provide any kind of assistance as I’m still in a whirlwind of confusion 😂😭
      I’m about to hop on over there and go on a following spree. I was debating making an account just to follow others as well, but figured I wouldn’t be able to just be an observer and now I’m here 😆
      Join me, hehe~

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  4. I’ve already followed you. Just in case: I’m loladiamond01 for my main Tumblr and jowitasccfinds for the CC finds. If you want CC, here’s one site that the person who recently deleted their site made: https://thornsofpeace.tumblr.com/downloads And the other site that Louise and Lila have mentioned is here: https://pinkdahlianow.wixsite.com/pink dahlia Also, I’d suggest the clothes catalog. It’s outdated now and probably some of the links are invalid (people on Tumblr have a weird habit of deleting their posts/ accounts) but uh, it’s great anyway: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IwmFvf3rVf_zh6XvzNjQ0nw-EXHhKQYMe-WO83IPrYw/htmlview#gid=0 And I think I reblogged a lot of these clothes. I have a little tag system on there, but it’s mostly for me. Check out the tag jeans, I have a little obsession with them :’) I’m not really active on Tumblr, as I don’t like the site and I’m not too artsy (now that I don’t play Sims much, even less), but I still have the app just because it has what WP lacks in – the awesome option to DM people!

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    1. Oh wow, thanks so much Jowita 😩❤️ I’m saving all of this! Tags are still quite confusing to me, but I’ll definitely check them out! I agree that the messaging is cool, I’m surprised WP has yet to embed some kind of feature like that. I’m also not that artsy, I do the bare minimum to get things done, haha. But I’m going to try this time around just because it looks like fun 😋 Thanks again! 😄

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      1. Tags are pretty neat, because that’s the way you can group posts. On WP, too, but I think the navigation is much easier here, so that’s not so pppular. And Tumblr talking is of course a big thing on Tumblr, as well as a read more button if there’s too much text. If you need to check a particular tag you just have to put /tagged/tagname after the blog’s url. If there are spaces in the tag name you write it like this-tag. I like to group posts on my CC tags especially, often by character name and their styles. Well, probably WP crew didn’t predict we’d be talking so much on there and through comments and not simply in the post.

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      2. Ahh I see, I was wondering how that worked if I wanted to group posts together. You’ve taught me more via comments than I’ve learned in my hours of exploring, lol 😂 Thank you!!!

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  5. Uh oh, so looks like I got thrown into a spam box because of my links 😂 Anyway, I’d recommend you some CC finds I like: I’ve seen nemiga-s3cc-finds and katsujiccfinds to be the most active recently. Also, if you need everything in packages, why not use Delphy’s Multi Extractor (http://modthesims.info/d/364038/delphy-s-sims-3-pack-multi-extracter-updated-5th-sept-2009.html). You only need to set the right holder, be sure to tick renaming button, and you can extract all your s3packs to packages.

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    1. Yup you did, I fished you out 😂
      I’ll be sure to check those accounts out too!
      I tried looking into the Delphy extractor a little while back, but pushed it to the back burner because of a) time constraints and b) fear of messing up some how, but may since I’ve been killing some time on tumblr, I’ll give it another shot. If I’m successful, you’ll definitely see me posting about it somewhere 😇

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      1. I think there is no way for you to mess it up. It’s a really, really simple program. You just unpack the rar file, doble click to open the file, direct it to the right folder, click extract. That’s all, you have all the files as packages.

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  6. I followed you. I’m not hugely into my simblr, but more active on my Judy Garland Tumblr. lol So, my simblr is a side-blog, and Dear Joots, I Adore You is my main that I followed you from as booomcha. 🙂

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  7. IM STILL SO HAPPY YOU’RE ON TUMBLR NOW TOO AMY!!!!! Sorry I still need to catch up here q.q I’m so bad about it. Hopefully I can soon now that the weather is cooled off I can curl up and do something read :3

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    1. I’m really glad I got over my intimidation and joined. It’s nice to see what a lot of peeps are up to given that updating WP is hard nowadays. I really missed you 😭❤️ I’m just as guilty of falling behind myself having disappeared off the face of the earth for a while there, so don’t worry about it! Whenever you’re ready, I shall be here 😇 I hope you enjoy once you start to catch-up~ Anddd I’m also eagerly anticipating your return to writing, even if it’s not for Almost Blue, but as always, no pressure! Thanks for popping in 💓


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