Sight Chapter 40: Actions Over Words


11:01 a.m. | Ranny’s Diner
Kim slams her pencil down in frustration before dropping her head onto the table. An amazing opportunity had arisen at work: the chance to come up with potential designs for the fall line of a fashion brand that would be exclusively sold at their boutique. This was the kind of task she’d need to get one step closer to her dream of one day having her own line; the only problem was she was in a creative rut. As much as she’d like to deny it, Kim’s emotions had a very visible effect on her work, which for someone in the fashion industry was a very severe Achilles’ heel. 

As she looks down at her sketches, Kim sees none of the vibrancy and risk her images normally showcase; everything appeared dull and bland. She thought spending time with her friends could help reignite her creativity, so as of late that’s what she’d been doing. She helped Cailean pick out shoes he wanted to gift Aislyn for Valentine’s Day, went downtown with Lexi to pick out a new bag for the outfit she planned to wear, went drinking with Amber just for the hell of it, and was currently waiting for Mai to sort out her affairs at the diner so she could go lingerie shopping with her.

As genuinely happy as she was for all her friends in their various relationships, and despite enjoying partaking in all of those activities, nothing had changed for Kim; she felt lonely when their time together was up. It had been weeks since she’d spoken to Gus, and she hated herself for being scared of making things irreparably awkward between them by addressing why that bothered her so much: because of her feelings for him. What was worse was, given how much time had passed since she’d last seen him, a part of her was worried Gus had returned to his old playboy ways, and the thought of that was unbearable. She decided that she’d rather live unbeknownst to that fact if it were true, which meant that until he reached out, or until there was an excuse to see one another, she was going to keep her distance from Gus.

Mai steps out of the diner and into the
almost-spring air after having said her goodbyes to Mr. Ray. She was a certified nurse now, and ready to work full time as such. That meant no more part time jobs, and the feeling was liberating. As she walks out, she sees a man ogling Kim in a way that made her want to walk over and cuss him out. She is about to turn towards him, but decides against it as she knew guys were capable of scary things when they were upset; something she was glad she would no longer have to deal with from working here. 

“Thanks for waiting, that took longer than I thought it would.” She says as she rejoins Kim. “No problem, I brought some supplies to try and get some work done.” Kim says as she twirls a pencil in her hand. “Don’t look back, but there’s some creep staring at you.” “What else is new?” Kim rolls her eyes and raises her hand to flip the bird without bothering to turn around. The man sees it and Mai doesn’t attempt to stifle her laugh. “He’s turning around now.” She says. “He’d better.” “Ready to shop?” Mai asks as she begins to rise from the table. “Did you forget who you’re talking to? Let’s go.”

1:21 p.m. | Peace Lane
As Aislyn turns onto the familiar roads off of the highway, she feels oddly nervous. It was her first time driving in Oldmerrow, and she hadn’t set foot back home since Christmas. She started her day off sleeping in; by the time she’d gone to the kitchen for breakfast, it was 10:30 and her father and Nicole had left a note on the fridge letting her know they’d departed for their Valentine’s weekend trip.

After a quick stop by the store to gather some supplies shortly afterwards, she’d done the same and headed out. J.D. had opted to remain back in Bayville; he said he’d gotten used to it over there and had no intention of involving himself with Aislyn’s ‘romantic preparations.’

Thankfully the roads are fairly empty and after just under two hours, Aislyn’s pulling into her driveway. 
She slips her key into the lock, pushes open the door, and is immediately greeted by a gust of dry air; the familiar scent of her cooking and candles nowhere to be found. The place felt cold and unfamiliar; Aislyn shivers involuntarily. She looks around and sees the faint glimmer of cobwebs by the windowsill and dust on her countertops; it appears as though she has her work cut out for her…

4:23 p.m.
Aislyn didn’t expect it to have taken as long as it had, but after a few hours of deep cleaning and decorating, her place was prepared. She takes a look at her phone and figures she has just enough time to grab the groceries she needs to make dinner, and swing by Gus’s place before contacting Cailean. She glimpses at their text exchange from yesterday, and feels a smile form on her face.

When they’d spoken on the phone before bed, she and Cailean agreed to meet on Sunday for Valentine’s Day. Cailean seemed somewhat distracted, which Aislyn presumed was because of work, something she was thankful for as she’d hoped it had helped her manage to keep her plans a surprise. She was feeling determined to finally do something for Cailean for a change, and while her preparations were nowhere near being as grandiose as he deserved, she’d hoped the feelings she had for him that she was terrible at expressing were able to come across.

5:22 p.m. | Brannor Estate
“Mr. DeCarlo, you’re more than welcome to take copies of our security footage, we’ve already given some to the police. But I doubt it’ll be of much use considering our property is quite a ways away from the Phillips home.” “That may be, Dr. Timm, but at the moment any bit of information is vital, and as you are the closest neighbor to the Phillips’, I need those files even if the perpetrator didn’t pass by on their way to or from the scene of the crime.” Cailean says. Dr. Timm nods solemnly, “I heard it was the maid.” “That’s still being determined, please refrain from spreading any speculations.” “Right… Are they going to be okay?” Dr. Timm asks. “It’s too soon to say, thanks for your time.”

Cailean makes his way off the Brannor property, and to his car parked nearby; what was supposed to have been a quiet weekend was suddenly engulfed by a tragic case. The founder and CEO of the state’s largest construction company, along with his wife, were found in their homes as the victims of an alleged home invasion and attack; both were currently unconscious in the hospital after having been found by their housemaid. Some local media outlets had begun their routine speculations, as they’ve always done for any case involving famous individuals; the popular theory was that there was an affair gone wrong, resulting in the maid orchestrating the attack and pretending to have found the couple, but Cailean suspected it wasn’t that simple, even though the DAs had already arrested her and set a bail amount.

This case was Mr. Polański’s, but because it wasn’t as high profile as the other he was already working on, he’d assigned it to Cailean to handle solo. It was now his job to build the case, uncover the truth, and make sure whomever was responsible was brought to justice. He’d reached out to the Phillips’ assistant, letting him know he’d like a word with them as soon as they were able. Until then, there was a mountain of evidence for him to go through.

Cailean glances at his watch. Where has the time gone? He thinks. He’d placed the shoes he’d bought for Aislyn, with Kimberly’s help, into the car that morning, hoping to get them wrapped somewhere nicely prior to the day’s end. But by the looks of it, most places would be closed by now, so that plan had turned to dust. Tomorrow would be their first Valentine’s together as a couple, and with the way his day was going, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to spend the day with Aislyn as they had planned to. Determined to not have it come to that, Cailean gets into his car and heads towards City Hall.

6:41 p.m.
After circling the neighborhood for the better part of an hour, Gus makes his way back to his house. He’d forgotten his phone at home, so he was left undisturbed with his thoughts, most of which revolved around Kim. Would asking her to meet tomorrow be too forward? He thought. Given it would be Valentine’s Day, most restaurants would be booked and typical venues sold out. He wasn’t sure he could think of a plausible reason to hang out, and telling her to come over to his house could give her the wrong idea given his history with women… 

As he racks his brain, wondering what to do, he is startled by an unexpected voice ringing out, “Well, aren’t we in a daze?” His head snaps up, and to his immense surprise, he sees Aislyn sitting on his steps. “Aislyn!” He exclaims, “What are you doing here?” “I tried to call and give you a heads up, but you didn’t answer.” She says as she rises. “I left my phone inside, sorry.” Gus says in explanation. 

“Don’t be, I just got here a few minutes ago.” Gus instinctively opens his arms, and Aislyn steps into them. “Not that I’m not thrilled to see you.” He says as he embraces her, “but I’m assuming you have a reason for coming here.” “I do.” She says as she returns the gesture. “Can we talk?” She asks. “Of course.”

Aislyn follows Gus up the steps and walks over to the rails. “You don’t want to come inside?” He asks as he pauses by the door. “No, I have a few more errands I need to run before it gets too late, so I kind of wanted to make this quick.” “Alright then.” Gus says. Aislyn, who was more than happy greeting him moments ago, now felt incredibly bashful at the direction their conversation was going to take. 

“So…” She begins. “So.” Gus echoes. “I take it this isn’t a spur of the moment visit.” He adds. Aislyn shakes her head. “Is there something wrong?” Gus asks apprehensively once he reaches her; his concern extremely apparent on his face. “No, no, everything has been going great as of late. Wonderfully, actually.” Aislyn says. “I got a new job.” “That’s awesome!” Gus interjects. “Where at?”

“The Sentinel; as an investigative journalist.”

“Look at you. Last I saw you, you were searching for the thing that would give you drive, and purpose, and now you’ve found it. I’m happy for you, Aislyn.”

“Thank you.” Aislyn says genuinely. “So if you’re working in Bayville, what brings you into town?” Aislyn clears her throat. “Well, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.” She hangs her head as some blush creeps into her cheeks.

“Shit, if this is your way of suggesting we get back together, I must confess I need some time to think about it.” Gus teases, and Aislyn laughs, some of her nerves easing a little. “That’s definitely not where I was going.” “Oh, it’s not?” Gus says with faux confusion, “Then you may continue.” 
“Um, so I’m sort of seeing someone now.” Aislyn suspects her face resembles the stop sign she spots down the road. “Anyone I happen to know?” Gus says, encouraging her to continue. “Yeah actually… Cailean.”

Aislyn doesn’t have it in her to see what expression Gus has on his face, so she continues speaking. “I figure you and the others will have to know at some point, and it wasn’t my intention to make it a secret, but given our history… I felt a bit awkward sharing.” “Yeah, you’ve never really been an open book.” Gus says, “How is it that we are better at communicating now that we’ve broken up than when we were together?”

“I guess it’s just further proof we’re better off friends.” Aislyn says. “I guess so…” Gus pauses to think and Aislyn waits for him to say something. Anything. “So you and Cailean, huh. Can’t say I didn’t see that coming.” He says with a shrug after a moment.

“Huh?” Aislyn says with an expression of shock, “What makes you say that? I swear I never-” “Woah, relax.” Gus says as he drops a hand onto Aislyn’s tense shoulder. “I’m not accusing you of anything. Cailean told me how he felt about you a while back.” “He did?” Aislyn says incredulously, “A while back, when?” “I’m afraid I can’t answer that, bro-code and all.” Gus says.

“But, I will tell you some of what I told him, which is that you can’t control who you fall for.” Gus pokes her cheek to draw her attention back to him, and Aislyn turns to look into his face for the first time since their conversation began. “You guys have my blessing, not that you need it.” “I don’t need it, but I still want it.” She says. “I care about you, Gus, and I’d never want to do anything to hurt you, neither would Cailean.” 
“I know. You sound just like him.” Gus pauses to chuckle. “And I’m more than fine, so long as you two are happy.” Aislyn smiles. “Thank you… Oh, I almost forgot, that wasn’t the main reason why I came by.”

“It’s not?”

“Remember how I said I was going to put your Christmas gift to good use when we spoke on the phone last?”

“Yeah, tomorrow is the last day you can.”

“I know, and as much as I know I’d enjoy it, it would make me happier if you used them.”

“Me?” Gus says in confusion. “Yeah, I brought them, they’re in my bag.” Aislyn says as she gives her purse a pat, feeling the sleek box Gus had gifted her inside. Within it were tickets to an exclusive art gallery, featuring works from the mid-century to modern day; the touring exhibition would be in town for its last stop until Valentine’s, before its pieces were to be dispersed to museums around the country. Aislyn had looked it up and the rarity of the occasion did not go unnoticed, neither did the expensive price point of the ticket.

“From what my research has shown me, I don’t doubt it’ll be a beautiful and memorable experience, but I thought that there’s someone who’d appreciate it much more than I could, so I figured I’d return them to you. Your gift to me can be you taking them.” “And who might that be?” Gus asks with a raised eyebrow. “Kim.” “Kim?” Gus repeats incredulously, 
“You think she’d be into something like that?”

“I know she would. And even if she wasn’t, I’m sure she’d like to go if you asked.”

“If she’s not interested to start with, why would me asking make a difference?”

“I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.” 


“Honestly, Gus. It’s not my place to say, but do you really not know how Kimberly feels about you?”

“About me?” Aislyn was fairly certain she could detect a glimmer of hope within Gus’s question. The thought of that pleased her. She was very aware of Kim’s feelings, and now was her chance to take a peek into Gus’s.

“I have to confess I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately, but…”


“But I’m not convinced what you’re saying is true, even if I want it to be.”

“Have you always been this unobservant?” Aislyn scoffs, “What did I ever see in you?” 
“My devilish good looks, of course.” Gus jokes, and Aislyn nudges him. “Seriously, though… Kim’s always turned down every guy that’s asked her out.” “Hmm, and why do you think that is?” Aislyn asks, the same way a teacher or parent would when something was inherently obvious. “I don’t know. I thought she either had incredibly high standards or wasn’t interested in dating…” Aislyn raises an eyebrow. “You’re saying… she rejected all those guys because she has feelings for me?” Gus says as though the thought was something alien, which to him, Aislyn supposed it was. 

“But I was such a punk in high school; I didn’t have anything going for me other than-” “Your devilish good looks?” Aislyn says, finishing his sentence. “Pretty much.” Gus sighs.

“But I’m not worth waiting around for, because that’s what you’re implying she’s done… Waited around…. For me? I’m not that special.” “Wrong. You are to her.” Aislyn says. “And to me.” She adds, “In different ways.” Gus smirks, “Well, then… I guess I’ll take those off your hands to see if you’re right.” Aislyn reaches into her bag, “I kept your note.” She says as she places the box into his palm. The faintest blush appears in Gus’s cheeks. “It was nothing.” “Wrong again.” Aislyn says, “It was sweet, thank you.”

“I guess I’ve got plans to make.”

“I guess you do.”

“Thank you, Aislyn.”

“Thank you, Gus.”

7:51 p.m. | Aislyn’s Home
Feeling elated after her conversation with Gus, Aislyn returns home and wraps up her preparations in earnest. She puts her unused ingredients into the fridge and places the dinner she’s cooked into the oven to keep warm. Not trusting her baking skills enough to make a cake from scratch, she sets the one she’s purchased on a cake stand. All that was left was to call Cailean. Now that Aislyn had a chance to think about it, it was the first time she’d be inviting him inside her home.

She pulls out her phone and dials Cailean’s number, placing it on speaker as she takes out a rag and wipes her countertop. The line rings for longer than usual and Aislyn worries he’s somehow called it an early night. Just as she considers walking back to her phone to hang up, she hears his voice. “Hello?” Cailean says. He sounded rather distant and Aislyn hopes it’s because he answered without looking to see who was calling first. “Cailean, hi. It’s me.” “Oh, Aislyn. Hey.” The way his voice softens upon realizing it’s her makes Aislyn’s stomach flutter. “I’ve been waiting for a call and didn’t bother checking who it was.” Aislyn can’t help but smile at her hunch being on the mark.

“Where are you?”

“At the office.”

“At this hour?” Aislyn asks in surprise, glancing at the clock. “Yeah, I got assigned a rather big case and was trying to work on it so that our plans for tomorrow are still a go. I think I made enough progress to call it a night though.” “Oh, perfect.” Aislyn says with a sigh of relief. “Perfect?” Cailean echoes; Aislyn can hear the amusement in his voice. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind swinging by my place before heading home.” “In Bayville?” Cailean asks in a slightly stunned tone. “No, no.” Aislyn says hastily with a laugh. “I mean
my place. As in, Oldmerrow.’’

“Sure, I can do that. Why?”

“I… got you a present and sent it to my house… by mistake and I’d rather not have it lie out for porch thieves.”

“Okay.” Cailean sounded as though he wasn’t entirely convinced by her very obvious lie, but it was the best she could come up with. “I’ll head over there now.” He says, and Aislyn can tell he’s still amused. “Great. I’ll talk to you later, then. Bye!” She says. “Bye-” In her haste to avoid saying any more than she needed to, Aislyn hangs up slightly prematurely. Oops.

She leaves the phone on the counter and makes her way to her room. Wanting to be in something a bit more feminine for a change, she changes out of her pants and into a skirt she’d brought from Bayville that matched her top. Figuring she might as well go all out, Aislyn re-styles her hair and touches up her make-up. As she examines her face up close, her bed in the mirror’s reflection catches her attention.

Aislyn wasn’t sure where their evening would go, but she couldn’t deny a part of her wanted it to drift there; which is why she’d taken the extra liberty of changing her sheets earlier, just in case. Aislyn was painfully aware of the fact that her yearning for Cailean during their time apart was increasingly stemming from her desire to do more. As she begins to let her thoughts run wild, envisioning Cailean’s bare skin beneath her fingers and his weight on top of her, there’s a knock on the door. 

By the time she has her hand on the doorknob, Aislyn hopes her deep desires are no longer as apparent on her face. She takes a steadying breath and opens the door. “I know I promised to be more forthcoming about things, but this was meant to be a surprise, so I feel that it shouldn’t count-” Her words are interrupted by Cailean stepping in and pulling her into a hug. Aislyn nearly stumbles at the sudden movement, but is supported by the arms that surround her. 

She lets her eyes flutter closed and inhales his scent; the mixture of cologne and Cailean that she’s come to easily recognize and miss. Aislyn can feel the heat rising to her face, and is pulled out of the moment by the sound of the door clicking shut behind him. “What are you doing here?” Cailean asks as he pulls back to look at her. 
“Like I said, surprising you. I take it I was successful then?” “You were, until about 20 minutes ago.” Cailean says with a grin. “What gave me away?” “Porch thieves?” Cailean says with a raised eyebrow. “I tried, okay.” Aislyn says with a laugh.

She takes Cailean by the hand and walks him over to her now decorated table. “I meant it when I said I was sorry we couldn’t celebrate your birthday yesterday. If I still lived in town, it would’ve been easy to meet up. But since I left and all, this is me making up for it and hand delivering your present. It’s over there.” Aislyn says, pointing to her coffee table behind him.

Cailean doesn’t bother looking back, and instead steps closer and pulls her towards him once again; Aislyn happily settles into his frame, placing her palms on his chest. “Given the way you’re dressed.” Cailean says as he playfully tugs on the bow of her top, “I’d have thought you were the present.” Aislyn feels the color from earlier returning to her cheeks with a fury. Cailean leans down and she tilts her head up to meet him as he brings his lips to hers. The hand that had tugged her bow rests on the small of her back, while the other drifts along her spine until it comes to a stop on her neck, his thumb grazing her jaw.

Aislyn could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her knees weakening. She wondered if she’d ever get used to the sensations she’d experience whenever Cailean would pull her close: the softness of his lips, the heaviness of his frame as he enveloped her, the tautness of his muscles as her hands explored the planes of his body. After a few moments, they pull apart from one another, and Aislyn feels as though her body is on fire, no longer just her face. “Something smells amazing.” Cailean says as he rests his forehead on hers. “That would be dinner.” She says, breathless. “I hope you’re hungry.” She adds once her systems begin to return to normal.

“I’m famished.”

“Then let’s eat.”

“Ahh, so that’s the real reason why you wanted to know.” Cailean says, “How sneaky.” Aislyn had subtly asked Cailean what his favorite foods were during one of their phone calls a few weeks back. She made it seem as though she was looking into restaurants for a potential future date spot when in reality, she was planning for this evening. “Hope it’s cooked the way you like it.” She says as she sets the dish down in front of him.

“I don’t doubt it’ll be perfect.” He says as he rolls his sleeves up. “Don’t try to spare my feelings, be honest.” “I’m always honest.” Cailean says. The look in his eyes is so sincere it brings a blush to Aislyn’s cheeks, accompanied by a slight feeling of guilt at the fact that she was still a ways away from saying the same held true for her. It was part of the reason why she felt increasingly driven to make sure she surprised him; words were still very much her weakness, and she was hoping that for the time being, her actions would be able to speak louder. 

Thanks for reading! My posting schedule continues to grow more and more irregular. At least you guys managed to learn one thing this week from the mystery list that’s ten miles long, and that’s what Gus got Aislyn for Christmas. It wasn’t anything super special, but it’ll help play a part in bringing Gus and Kim together next chapter so at least there’s that. You know the drill by now, this got too long, so I pushed the rest of the Caislyn romantic happenings to next week~ The Guslyn convo kind of took over, hehe. #sorrynotsorry

Assuming I don’t split any more chapters (which knowing me, I probably will, lol) then there’s about ten chapters left until Sight is over. I know. That seems pretty crazy considering there’s a lot left to delve into and unpack. I wanted to wrap up the story on its 2 year anniversary which is Sept. 30th, but considering I’m averaging 1-2 chapters a month, that’s impossible. Instead I’ll stick to posting when I can and maybe putting out a little special or something as a thank you for sticking with me for this long when that day comes XD Hope you all have a great weekend!
Take care~
xoxo Amy

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      I love their friendship, so lots of Guslyn moments to come ☺️ Yeah, Aislyn especially shall be ironically giving out advice she herself could use, lol. Gus and oblivious shall become synonymous with regards to Kim, hehe. But in his defense she wasn’t super obvious with her feelings because she knew he wouldn’t be returning them. He definitely needed that push.
      Thanks! Nope, you flatter me, I admire your dedication to pose-making but it’s not for me (I got them from here:
      Aislyn’s not the best at expressing her emotions or being romantic whatsoever, so this was a big step forward on her end. Cailean’s definitely more sentimental and not afraid to show how he’s feeling. I love showing those little flaws she has. There are some things she’ll eventually grow out of, but others that’ll stick with her because that’s just how she is.
      As for those deep desires… TBD 😇 You’ll be pleasantly surprised in chapter 43, hehe, as I am most certainly not a writer of passion by any means. I should probably preface that and say that the scene I’m referencing doesn’t pertain to Caislyn, but kind of hints at how it’ll go if/when they get to it 🙈 Omg that would definitely make it harder XD I used to show my friends some of my stories (as they were into simlit as well) but now, I prefer to keep it to myself.
      As for that ending tone, it shall reappear down the line. For now, Aislyn has no intention of coming clean. Loool, I’m attempting to work ahead atm and I might have to be a clown and retract my declaration of 50 chapters because unless I make my chapters super long I won’t wrap everything up 🙃 The odds are 50/50 right now on an extension so we’ll see. I appreciate you coming along on this lengthy journey hehe. Hope I can deliver 😄 Thanks for reading!❤️

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  6. Hey, I decided to get back to reading your story. Actually, I briefed through most of it some time ago because I was just too curious, but now I’m goingto be properly reading and commenting XD
    I love the relationship that Aislyn and Gus have. I mean, I guess I’m supposed to love Caislyn more, but you know, I love Guslyn because it is so unique to be this close to your ex after a break-up. I mean, they hug each other and all, and that’s not awkward! Like, super precious. If I were Aislyn, though, I admit I would have felt super awkward to mention Valentine’s Day. When they met, all I could think about was that embarrassing moment when they tried to have sex but it wasn’t right, lmao XD And I made myself feel bad because of it.
    Ooh, Kim + Gus ship seems to be sailing, and I’m here for it! ❤
    Aislyn's dress is so cute and feminine, I can't help but love it. And reading about how much she's attracted to Cailean makes me all soft. It's so nice when they've finally admitted how they feel about each other and there's no more dodging, like it is between Gus and Kim now.
    Btw, Aislyn speaking Italian to Cailean is so sweet.
    Curious to see how the rest of the night goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Jowita it is so wonderful to see you here! ❤️ I’ve shamefully not been on WordPress at all as of late and still have so much to catch up on 😅 I appreciate you taking the time to comment, I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts!
      Yay, I’m glad! Aislyn and Gus conversations are one of my favorite things to write. They definitely have a special relationship, and will rely on one another a lot, which is definitely not the usual case for exes. Yeah, that was an awkward situation indeed XD it’s good they figured out they weren’t a match before things got too awkward. If they had slept together, it might’ve been harder for them to be as comfortable with each other as they are now.
      At long last, Gus and Kim will finally have progress, they’ll be quicker than Aislyn and Cailean I can tell you that XD (which by now you probably have seen, hehe)
      Aislyn rarely wears cute things so I figured it’d be a nice change ☺️ Yup, being in a relationship at long last means no more guilt for Aislyn and Cailean having feelings for each other. They’ll both make efforts in their own way to get closer to one another – for Aislyn, that’s learning some Italian here and there. It’s great to have you here again ❤️ Thanks for reading!

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