Sight Chapter 41: Fear Of The Unknown


8:49 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
“Remind me again why I get two presents?” Cailean asks as he sets down the photo album Aislyn had gotten him on the coffee table. “I told you, one’s for your birthday and one is for Valentine’s.” “You could’ve gotten me a two-for-one.” “No I could not have, that’d be so lame.” She says with an eye-roll and Cailean chuckles. “Well this gift could not be more tasteful.” He says. “I noticed you were running out of space on the board in your room to hang your pictures.” Aislyn says in explanation. “I was, I have a lopsided pile of developed photos on my desk now, so thank you.” “It’s nothing. You have to open the second one tomorrow though, since it’s technically not Valentine’s.”

“Fair enough.” Cailean says, “But, I’m going to give you your gift now because being solely on the receiving end of all of this is making me feel spoiled. Hold on.” He makes his way towards his car, returning moments later with a box. “I wanted to get it wrapped nicely, but kind of ran out of time.” He kneels down on the floor beside her. “May I?” He asks. And Aislyn is reminded of the way he’d given her his Christmas gift and smiles. “Yes, you may.” He pulls open the lid of the box to reveal a pair of white pumps with metallic embellishments.

“How are you so well versed on women’s footwear?” She asks as he slides the surprisingly stylish shoe onto her foot. “I have to confess I had help.” “Oh?” Aislyn says curiously. “From Kim. She kind of interrogated me to find out the nature of our relationship.” “Did she?” Aislyn asks with an amused laugh. “I’m afraid I didn’t stand much of a chance.” “No, you didn’t.” Aislyn says. “How are they?” Cailean asks once the other shoe is on. Aislyn stands and is surprised at how comfortable they are. “Perfect fit; they’re beautiful. Thank you.” “I’m glad.”

After putting their gifts aside and downing the shakes she’d made them – Aislyn had learned that Cailean had quite the sweet tooth – they prepare to watch one of the film adaptations of Grayham’s novels. While Cailean begins to ignite the fire in the fireplace, Aislyn rises to dim the lights and returns to the couch to turn on the TV; immediately the default news channel turns on. Due to her new job in investigative journalism, Aislyn had developed the habit of reading the news and not watching it. She decides to tune in as she waits for Cailean to finish.

TV announcer: Good evening, I’m Valerie Jamieson and welcome back to Val’s Corner. In light of the reported break in at the Phillips’s estate, the injured couple’s multi-million dollar company is reported to have had an emergency board meeting this morning to determine who’s to assume control while they recover. The frontrunner in that discussion is appearing to be the couple’s niece, Jacqueline Durand, seen here. Our cameras were there when the mother of one partook in that magazine shoot with her daughter a few months ago. It is expected-

Cailean, who’d managed to get a blazing fire going, settles beside Aislyn and reaches over her for the remote. He hastily changes the channel, and she notices a tightness in his jaw as he does so. “What’s wrong?” She asks. “Nothing.” Cailean says, Aislyn continues to look at him, not entirely convinced. Cailean turns to meet her eyes and sighs. “It’s just, that’s the case I’ve been working on for the better part of the day, and last night, so-” “Oh, gotcha.” Aislyn says, interrupting. “You probably want to take your mind off of it.” “That, and…” He pauses to clear his throat, “I don’t trust that newscaster. Since it’s my job to get to the bottom of what happened, it’d be better to not hear what she has to say.” “Any particular reason why?”

“A while back she did a piece on the Oldmerrow Police Department…” Cailean runs a hand through his hair, “She went on and on discussing these unfounded accusations of corruption. Given my mother’s position as commissioner, she took most of the heat.” Aislyn could tell Cailean was doing his best to mask his hurt while explaining what happened. She hugs his arm, feeling the tenseness in his muscles as she does so. “I’m sorry to hear that.” She says, “Your mother is a remarkable woman, it takes a strong person to do what she does. Her care for this town and the people in it was glaringly apparent to me the few times I’ve gotten to speak to her. Only an idiot would think otherwise.”

Aislyn feels Cailean relax slightly beside her. “Yeah, well, a lot of people didn’t think so. It took nearly a year, but the OPD has just gotten the majority of the public’s perception of them back in their favor.” “If it weren’t true, why would she bother giving these rumors the light of day…” As Aislyn asks her question, she feels Cailean stiffen beside her and decides to drop it since it appeared the subject was clearly a source of pain for him. “You know what, it doesn’t matter.” She rests her head on his shoulder and tightens her hold on him.

“You don’t remember all of that going on? It was the talk of the town.” Cailean asks. Aislyn thinks back to that period of time; she vaguely remembers hearing something about the OPD here and there at her various jobs, but given her own history with rumors she thought nothing of it. “I came from a city where people relished in destroying lives with gossip.” She didn’t feel the need to mention the lives she was referring to was her family’s. “So if I did hear something, I immediately disregarded it. I don’t believe things I don’t see for myself.” “That’s a noble notion to live by.” Cailean says, and without looking Aislyn can hear the smile in his voice.

After their brief dip into the past with their conversation, Aislyn and Cailean watch their film as planned. Cailean had only ever dragged his friends to Grayham screenings and it was a different experience watching with someone who held as much of an appreciation for it compared to them. Beside him, Aislyn would point out things he hadn’t noticed, and he would do the same for her. They had to pause several times to debate whether or not a character adaptation was accurate or if certain elements left out from the book were worth it. As they near the last act, Cailean suspects Aislyn’s exhaustion from the day’s work begins to overwhelm her as her commentary decreases and voice grows weaker. Eventually the arms that were holding onto him loosen and fall, and Aislyn takes steady deep breaths, falling sound asleep.

He slowly reaches for the remote and clicks off the TV, being careful not to wake her with his movement. Cailean takes a moment to take in the evening; he was touched at the lengths Aislyn had went for him. He was also quite surprised; Cailean was well aware of Aislyn’s struggle to express her emotions. He could feel that she was making an effort to bridge what he had dubbed the arm’s length she was seemingly holding him at, and that pleased him immensely.

The curiosity he had to understand her better from their visit to Bayville was still there, and now that they were in a relationship, Cailean didn’t have to feel guilty for having it. He wanted to know if she was guarded for a reason. Did she fear moving too fast, too soon? Was it because of past relationship woes? Or, was that just her personality? Timing was key, and the time to ask Aislyn these things had yet to arise, but Cailean was in no rush.

He gently lowers Aislyn onto his lap to prepare to lift her to bed when she suddenly clings onto him, huddling closer in a shiver. Cailean places a hand on her cheek and notices Aislyn’s skin is cold to the touch despite the heat from the fireplace radiating over them. As she hugs him closer in her sleep, Cailean is incapable of controlling the quickening of his pulse.

He wraps his arms around Aislyn and holds her close, hoping the extra heat that had accumulated in his body transfers onto her. With her face just inches away from his, the scent of strawberries and vanilla he found so intoxicating emanates from her hair, which doesn’t do anything to slow his already elevated heartbeat. He presses his lips to her forehead, “Thank you for today.” He says quietly. His gesture doesn’t stir Aislyn in the slightest and Cailean suspects the day’s preparations must have completely drained her.

He slides his hands beneath her and rises to place her in bed, her lightness in his arms concerning him. Cailean does his best to carefully lower her, but suspects that even if he were less graceful with his movements, Aislyn wouldn’t notice as she appeared to be in a deep sleep. 
Aislyn’s hair spills onto her face as he uses his palm to guide her head onto the pillow. Once he sets her down completely, he runs his hand across her cheek to tuck the strands behind her ear. While doing so, Cailean pauses to take in her features; the fullness of her lips, the curve of her collarbone… appreciating her beauty wasn’t serving to calm the hammering in his chest, so he decides to busy himself with something else.

He reaches for Aislyn’s glasses that had begun to slide down her nose, and gently pulls them off of her face. He walks over to her desk and sets them atop it. Unlike his room that was filled with photographs, Cailean notices Aislyn doesn’t have a single picture of herself or anyone else. Her board is instead filled with scraps of paper containing reminders or errands. Cailean makes a mental note to ask Aislyn about that, along with his other questions, at a later time. He puts out the fire in the fireplace, tidies up in the kitchen, and ensures the doors are locked. After taking an ample amount of time doing whatever he could to return his systems to normal, he returns to Aislyn’s room.

He had no intention of leaving her alone and gently slides her blanket from beneath her and drapes it over her before lying beside her. Aislyn once again draws herself closer to him, and his pulse that had just returned to normal, picks up again. It appeared as though Aislyn was blissfully unaware of the effect she had on him, both whilst awake and asleep.

Just as the thought crosses Cailean’s mind, as if on cue, Aislyn extends her leg, wrapping it around his thigh while turning her chest onto his. “Now, you’re just doing this on purpose.” Cailean says silently with a low chuckle. If it weren’t for Aislyn’s slow breaths never missing a beat, he’d have thought she were intentionally trying to arouse him. Using his arm to hold her to him, Cailean reaches over her and turns off the light.


12:35 p.m. | Axel’s Room
Axel drops onto his bed with a sigh; he’d started off his Sunday early with a run around the neighborhood, and grabbed breakfast from a bakery around the corner. After killing time catching up on the news and taking a shower, it was still barely after noon and he had no idea how to spend the rest of his day. 

He let his thoughts drift to Aislyn; after their conversation earlier in the week, things between them had become rather friendly. The more he talked to her, the less it hurt to look at her. He was beginning to view her as Aislyn, an almost-stranger, and not Tris, his long lost friend, even though he wasn’t entirely convinced-

His thoughts are interrupted by his door slamming against the wall after being opened too quickly. “Whoops.” Axel bolts upright in time to see his roommate, Desirée, catch the door with her hand before it hits her after bouncing off of the wall. “You better not have made a dent.” He says. “You can send me the bill.” She says dismissively as she walks in.

“Can’t you knock?”

“What? It’s not like I caught you naked or something. Would you like me to come back when you are?”

“What do you want? If this is about your rent, you can just leave the envelope on the table.”

“Do you always have to be so to-the-point?” Desirée asks with an exasperated sigh. “Is there something else?” Axel questions. “Yes, I’m free for the day so I’m going to go downtown and find me a nice guy to bring back. By the looks of it, you don’t have any plans for this Valentine’s, so I’m giving you a heads up to clear out. Unless you’re into listening, then-” “Alright, alright. I get it. I’ll be gone. I can’t believe you’re kicking me out of my own place.” “It’s practically our place.” Desirée says with an eye-roll. “Weren’t you working on some big assignment for some police commissioner?” Axel asks.

“That was ages ago, keep up.”

“I’m sorry I’m terrible at keeping tabs on your business, which by the way, is the worst possible career you could have chosen.”

“Tell that to my bank account.” Desirée says with a cocked eyebrow. 

“There are other, less dangerous, things you could be doing that would still pay well.”

“Try getting employed in a predominantly male space looking like me, and then say that again. Besides, aren’t you being hypocritical considering you use my help all the time.”

Axel clenches his jaw. “Not all the time.” He says, Desirée scoffs.

Last year he’d decided to put out an ad out for the spare room in his unit, as the space was too large for him. Desirée had been the first to respond and Axel saw no reason to turn her away; he’d pay the full rent monthly and at her leisure, she’d pay her half to him directly. A few months into their arrangement, Axel noticed some oddities about Desirée, like the fact that she’d work primarily from her room during late hours in the night, and go out at odd times to meet ‘clients’. 
Given his job was to investigate, he grew curious and confronted her one evening. Desirée had nonchalantly told him she was a hacker working under the name CR3YZ.

The name immediately rang a bell for him, but Axel had been under the impression they were a group. To his immense surprise, she told him that that’s what she wanted people to think, but in reality she was very much a solo operation. She was forthcoming about the kinds of people she worked for, and types of jobs she did – the majority of them definitely extending outside the boundaries of the law. When he’d asked her why she was comfortable telling him this, she very casually said that she’d looked into him and knew he wasn’t likely to share. And, that even if he did go to the police, he wouldn’t be able to find a scrap of evidence on her, because she was just that good.

Going to the police was the furthest thing from Axel’s mind; he decided to ask for her help on an assignment once, and saw firsthand that
Desirée saying she was good was an understatement. Afterwards he made it somewhat of a habit to seek her out, but only in instances when he felt he had no other choice. Axel wasn’t entirely comfortable with having her stick her neck out for him, though she assured him there was no need for concern. 

“Earth to Axel.” Desirée says, pulling him back from his thoughts. “Yeah?” “I said, you could save me the trouble of heading out if you want, and keep me company in the bedroom.” “Very funny.” “Ouch, I was being serious.” She says playfully. Axel rises from the bed and leans down towards her, “Is that so?” Immediately a blush creeps into her cheeks and she averts her gaze. That was usually how it went between them; Desirée would possess an air of indifference and make a suggestive comment here and there, but when Axel would occasionally play along, he’d see a crack in her normally well maintained façade.

If he didn’t know her as well as he did now, the thought of the tiny, free-spirited, girl in front of him masterminding the front of a hacking organization on her own would be laughable. “Alright, I’m leaving.” She says as she turns towards the door. “Enjoy your evening, Desirée.” “Don’t call me that.” She snaps as the blush in her cheeks grows. “Right, right, sorry. Enjoy your evening, Rey.” “That’s better.” She says as she closes the door shut behind her.

12:54 p.m. | Aislyn’s Room
Aislyn starts awake at the sound of her phone ringing. She is surprised when she feels herself moving, and realizes she is rising and falling with Cailean’s chest as she is lying directly on top of him. She notices her hand is in his shirt with her palm resting over his heart and feels some heat rush into her face. Aislyn carefully draws her hand back and eases herself off of him, instinctively turning to her nightstand for her phone only to see it’s not there. 

The ringing stops and Aislyn lies back, racking her brain trying to remember the last thing she could from yesterday. She recalls feeling her lids grow heavy during their movie, and not much after that. For someone used to late nights, the fact that Aislyn couldn’t even make it to midnight made her want to kick herself. She redirects her attention to Cailean who was sleeping soundlessly. Her phone was quite loud, so the fact he didn’t stir makes Aislyn note he must be a heavy sleeper. She was amused at the fact that they’d both ended up in bed together, though not after doing what she’d anticipated.

The sunlight pouring in through the windows makes her realize it must be around midday and Aislyn rises to see who could’ve called. She remembers last using her phone in the kitchen to call Cailean over and sure enough, finds it in the same spot. The screen glows with the notification of one missed call from an unknown number. Aislyn decides it must’ve been a mistake and makes her way back towards her room to rejoin Cailean. As she’s about to enter her room, her cell buzzes in her hand and Aislyn opens it to read the message that appears.

31d Daphne
Aislyn felt as though she lost the feeling in her legs. She knows. She thinks. Commissioner DeCarlo knows. Someway, somehow, the commissioner has managed to tie that forged confession back to Aislyn, and now she would have to lie again or come clean depending on how much and what exactly the commissioner has found out. 

Aislyn stumbles back onto the couch in her living room and rubs her head in frustration. A few minutes ago she was on cloud nine, and now she was crashing down to a very scary reality. Was there a way for her to avoid the oncoming confrontation? The odds were looking unlikely. Aislyn casts a glance towards Cailean who was still resting peacefully; if the commissioner was anyone else on the planet, Aislyn would be fine coming up with another story that fit her narrative, as she has done in the past, but that wasn’t the case; she was his mother. Aislyn couldn’t pretend she didn’t care about what Commissioner DeCarlo thought of her, so that meant… she would have to be honest. She unlocks her phone and texts the commissioner back.

I can be at the Oldmerrow Graveyard in an hour. 

A moment later her phone buzzes. See you then. It reads.

1:36 p.m. 
Aislyn showers in a daze; she wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Commissioner DeCarlo’s message had made her break out in a cold sweat. She pops in and out of her room to grab her clothes and gets changed in the restroom. She’d gotten ready rather quickly and wasn’t sure what she was going to say to Cailean. A part of her was hoping he’d somehow still be sleeping when she returned, but that seemed unlikely. 

Sure enough, Cailean is wide awake when Aislyn re-enters her room. “Morning.” He says with a smile that makes her heart race. “Morning.” She echoes, “I didn’t peg you to be a heavy sleeper.” Cailean laughs. “I’m normally not one, but I had trouble falling asleep.” Aislyn notes a certain amusement in his voice as he says that. “Sorry I clocked out early.” She says. “Aislyn, considering all you did, it would’ve been odd for you not to have been exhausted.” She smiles at his words. “Is something wrong?” Cailean asks. He rises from the bed and is at her side in an instant.

islyn thought she was doing a fairly good job at hiding her internal panic at having to meet with his mother, but something in her face must’ve given her away. “Oh, no, it’s just… I have an errand I need to run, and I feel bad because I’ll have to leave you for a bit considering I already cut our night short.” Aislyn runs her hand through her still damp hair, tucking some strands behind her ear.

“If that’s it, don’t worry about it. I actually got a message from my friend Roger while you were in the bathroom. He says a few additional police files regarding that Phillips case I’m in charge of came into the office, so I probably have to step away for a while as well to sort through that.” “Really?” Aislyn asks, and Cailean nods. “So, we can meetup again later to celebrate Valentine’s. I have somewhere I’d like to take you.” “Okay.” Aislyn says.  

Aislyn steps into the kitchen to make breakfast while Cailean freshens up with the spare toiletries she’d gotten under the assumption he’d stay the night. She was thankful he hadn’t asked what her errand was; considering the terrible excuse she provided last night when trying to invite him over, she was sure to crack if she had to come up with something now. The fact that Cailean had something to keep him preoccupied while she goes to speak with his mother also eliminated the chance of him asking to tag along. Aislyn knew she’d have to be truthful with him at some point, but for now, her priority was handling the situation at hand, and that was Commissioner DeCarlo.

Aislyn was so in her thoughts she doesn’t notice Cailean approach until he is right behind her. Just as she sets down the cups of coffee she’s made, he spins her around and lifts her onto the counter. “I could get used to this.” Cailean says with a look in his eyes that makes Aislyn blush. “Me, too.” She wanted to properly enjoy the time she had with Cailean, and decides to shove all thoughts of his mother out of her mind to avoid ruining the moment. 

Aislyn wraps her legs around Cailean’s hips and pulls him towards her until there’s no space between them. Cailean raises one of his eyebrows, seemingly surprised at her sudden movement. Aislyn runs a hand through his hair and draws him in for a kiss, feeling Cailean’s lips curve into a smile beneath hers. She works her mouth against his, parting his lips with her own, and slipping in her tongue. They kiss until every inch of Aislyn’s body feels as if it’s engulfed by flames.

When they break for air, Cailean’s teeth graze her lower lip, biting it ever so slightly, sending a shiver down her spine. They rest their foreheads against one another and Aislyn can see the fervor she’s experiencing echoed in Cailean’s eyes. “The food’s getting cold.” She says breathlessly. Cailean places his hands on her waist and lowers her to the ground. “Well we can’t have that happen, now can we?”

Aislyn walks Cailean out to his car once they finish their meal. “Go back inside, it’s raining.” He says as the drops falling out of the sky begin to collect on her glasses. “It’s fine.” She says. He places his Valentine’s gift into the back seat, along with the leftovers of his cake. “You’ve spoiled me.” He says once he closes the door. Aislyn figures this is her only chance to come clean before going to his mother. “Cailean.” She says. “Yeah?” Aislyn wishes J.D. were there to advise her on what to do; she was debating the pros and cons to every action in her mind, and unable to decide on anything.

“Nevermind. I’ll see you later.” She pulls him down to kiss him on the cheek. “Hurry in.” He says as he uses his hand to wipe the drops that were sliding down her cheeks like tears. Aislyn nods and Cailean leans in to give her a proper kiss before turning to enter his car. The brief brush of their lips gives her butterflies in her stomach. “I’ll call you when I’m done.” He says. “Sounds good.” She goes back inside and waits a few minutes until Cailean drives far enough away before grabbing her keys and heading into the garage.

2:20 p.m. | Oldmerrow Graveyard
As the familiar rusted gates and tombstones come into view, Aislyn realizes it has been a long time since she’s been there. After her incident with Ollie and Dee, her visits had dwindled until she ultimately stopped going to the graveyard altogether. Fortunately the place appeared deserted; that would make it easier to speak freely. Regardless of what the commissioner had found out or not, Aislyn had decided she was going to be truthful.

Aislyn scans the grounds until she catches sight of Commissioner DeCarlo in the distance; she almost didn’t recognize her. Instead of her neatly pressed suits and held back hair, the commissioner had on a comfortable sweater and sandal combo with her locks falling loosely on her shoulders. Aislyn notices her looking at a grave and begins making her way towards her. “Hello.” She says once she’s in earshot. “Thanks for meeting me.” The commissioner says as she turns to greet her. Aislyn casts a glance at the tombstone.  

  In Memory Of
Sergio Cornelius DeCarlo
Loving Father, Husband, and Friend 

“They say time heals all wounds, but coming here never gets any easier.” “I’m sorry.” Aislyn says, “I didn’t know-” “Don’t worry about it.” The commissioner says, interrupting. “I didn’t expect you to.” Aislyn remembers Cailean mentioning his father had passed away while he was in high school on their first date. Not wanting to make him re-live the pain, she never asked for the details of what had happened.     

“Would you like to sit down?” Aislyn asks, gesturing to a stone bench in the distance. Commissioner DeCarlo nods and follows her towards it. “I suppose you know why I called you here.” She says when they sit down, Aislyn nods. “I should preface this conversation by saying that I’m not here today as Commissioner DeCarlo, I’m here as Daphne, a friend. What you tell me will be held in confidence.” Aislyn feels her throat constricting and attempts to swallow. “How about I tell you what I’ve been up to, and you can correct me where I’m wrong and tell me your side of things afterwards. Sound fair?” “Sure.” Aislyn says, her voice barely audible. “Very well.”

“A while back, shortly after the Perelli brothers were brought to justice, I had my team look into the origins of that golden confession that made their capture possible.” Aislyn feels her palms beginning to sweat. “They weren’t able to find anything out other than the fact that it originated from the Merrow Rose, a curious discovery. I’ll confess I had to use means I normally wouldn’t to get some more information. After a day of waiting I received a file, in it was a photo of the hotel’s security footage showing you walking out of the Merrow Rose’s business center around the time the confession arrived. Am I mistaken?” Aislyn shakes her head, unable to conjure any sounds. She realizes this meant Commissioner DeCarlo was sitting on this knowledge for over a month, which made her nervous as to what she would say next.

“Now, I’m not a believer in coincidence, so for the past few weeks I’ve been doing some research, when I wasn’t working cases, of course. I was surprised to see your name turn up multiple times in the Oldmerrow P.D’s system, not only for the incident that happened to you and Ms. Scott, or the break in at your house before that, both of which I had a hard time believing. No; you have a history of giving statements with incredible details. Usually at scenes of fatal accidents; an overturned van in the Oldmerrow river for example.” Aislyn’s mind drifts back to the mother son pair, Amelia and Jake, she and J.D. had helped several months ago.

“I’ll be straight with you Ms. Persefoni, I don’t believe anyone is above the law, but I believe in giving everyone a chance, and that’s what I’m giving you. Instead of calling you into my office and staging a formal inquiry, I’ve asked to meet you on your own terms. I’ve taken my time gathering all this information and have come up with several theories, all of which seem implausible, so I’d rather hear the truth from you before making any judgements.” Aislyn nods taking everything in. She takes a steadying breath, she’d come intending to tell the truth, but given Commissioner DeCarlo’s thoroughness it appears as though she didn’t have much a choice anyway. 

The commissioner waits patiently beside her until she finds her voice. “Commissioner-” Aislyn pauses when she receives a pointed look. “I mean, Daphne.” Daphne’s lips curve into a slight smile, “You may continue.” She says. “What I’m going to tell you will probably make me seem… crazy.” “I’ve been in this line of work for almost as long as you’ve been alive. I hardly doubt anything you have to say will surprise me.” Aislyn certainly hoped that was true. Something about the wide open space of the graveyard made her feel small and vulnerable, but she’d chosen it for a reason.

“You’re probably wondering why I suggested we meet here.” “The thought crossed my mind, yes.” “I used to spend a great deal of my time here, but not by choice; I had to.” Daphne looks at her questioningly and Aislyn continues. “I can see things. Things other people can’t. You can call those things anything you’d like, ghosts, spirits, whatever else; bottom line, they are basically the remnants of the souls of people who have died, and the only way they can leave… or move onwards, is if I help them with their unfinished business.” To her credit, Daphne remains unfazed, as if Aislyn had told her the weather or the time of day. Her reaction eases some of Aislyn’s nerves as she continues. 

She starts at the beginning, talking a bit about her life in Bayville before the accident, and the events afterwards – not dissimilar to her conversation with J.D. several months back. Once Aislyn starts, she finds herself unable to stop. She provides the details to all of her encounters with ghosts; the trivial ones like that of Lacy Thompson, the meaningful ones like Maddie, and the frightening ones like Trey. She talks about Jacob and the five victims of the Perelli brothers, along with the entire truth of what happened to her and Kim back when they were taken. The only element she excluded was J.D, and that was because she figured mentioning she had a male ghost living with her, even platonically, would sound odd to the mother of her boyfriend.

By the time she finishes, Aislyn’s voice is hoarse and she’s on the verge of tears. She becomes aware of Daphne’s arm on her back, rubbing in smooth circles. “That was quite the tale.” She says. Aislyn gives a shaky laugh, “I told you.” Once Daphne is sure Aislyn won’t burst into tears, she draws back her hand. “Thank you.” Aislyn says, “You look like you have some questions.” Daphne nods, “I do.” “Ask away.” She says. “So other than Ms. Scott, no one else knows?” Aislyn had considered lying to spare Kim from any trouble, but figured she was in deep enough as it was and had told Daphne Kim knew her secret. “No. I had to tell her in order for us to make it out. If the situation didn’t call for it, I wouldn’t have told her either.”

“Your family?”

“No one.”

“Not even my son-” “Please don’t tell Cailean!” Aislyn momentarily forgets where they are and hears her voice echo. A blush of embarrassment creeps into her cheeks. “I told you whatever you said would be held in confidence, and I’m nothing if not a woman of my word.” “Thanks… So, I’m not in trouble?” Aislyn asks. “To call your situation unique would be an understatement. It’s going to take me some time to process, but I suppose the short answer for now is no, you aren’t in trouble.” Aislyn exhales a breath she was unaware she was holding. She couldn’t believe her ears; not only did Daphne learn her secret, but she was looking at Aislyn the same way she had before she told her story: without judgement or pity. That meant more to Aislyn than she could put into words. She feels the heat in her face begin to subside.

“But-” Daphne continues, “you’ve taken the law into your own hands on multiple occasions. As the commissioner, I’m going to have to ask that you stop taking such actions in the future.” Aislyn nods. “Your heart and intentions are in the right place, but it’s not safe. And, I can’t guarantee you won’t be charged with something if you’re caught by someone else.” “I understand.” “Good.” They sit in silence for a moment, with nothing but the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. After some time, Daphne speaks, “I’ve kept you a great deal.” She says. “But before I let you go, I’d like to give you a piece of advice, Aislyn.” Aislyn turns to face her.

“My job has allowed me to meet plenty of individuals who lie. There are those who do it to loved ones, to co-workers, to friends, and the overarching similarity in each of these situations is that these people were lying for themselves; they were selfish. Even with your circumstances, what you’re doing by choosing to keep those in your life unaware of this… ability of yours, it’s also an act of lying; granted it’s a lie for the sake of others, but it’s a lie nonetheless.” Aislyn hangs her head and sighs, “I know.”

Daphne reaches out to lift her chin before continuing. “All lies stem from fear; a fear of consequences, a fear of heartbreak, a fear of the unknown… For now everything may seem fine, but over time those fears you have been avoiding having to face by telling your lies will grow. I caution you to be mindful of that before those fears become large enough to consume you.”


Hello, it’s me! At long last, another super long chapter is out. Quite a lot of info was jammed packed in here, but believe me, it’s all necessary 😇 Except for the lovey-dovey bits, that I just wanted to share :3 Sorry for the atrocious writing to image ratio – I tried to break it up and cut things out, but the chapter still ended up that dense, and the photos I could’ve added would’ve been repetitive. At this point I’m going to stop making promises about what’s to come because GusxKim and everyone else’s V-day activities I mentioned last time have gotten pushed to next chapter. Hehe, my apologies! 🙈 And in other news, Aislyn has been busted. For those of you suspecting Commissioner DeCarlo didn’t buy any of Aislyn’s stories right off the bat, you were right 😆 Her advice was inspired by a quote I saw once about lies making the thing you fear stronger – I think that’s very true.

If you’re wondering why this was posted on such a random day/time, on my tumblr, I made a brief post about how this past September 30th was Sight’s two year anniversary. I’m sorry I’ve been roping you guys on this journey of endless mysteries for so long, but I’m so, so thankful and appreciative for your continued patience and understanding and lovely, lovely comments ❤ You are the reason why working on this has been so fun and worth all of the tech issues and pain. I hope I can manage to finish these last ten chapters by the year’s end. Feel free to let me know your thoughts~ Thanks for reading! ❤
Take care,
xoxo Amy

14 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 41: Fear Of The Unknown

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    I love the story nit is unique and fun and your screenshots are awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Hehe thanks ☺️ When is Aislyn not frustrating, lol. Yeah she was superrrr tired; that’s the only way such a thing could happen.
      She really almost did, she was considering asking him to accompany her. Maybe if J.D. was there, she would’ve. Hmm, interesting you mention the case because it’ll be a major part of the rest of the story 👀
      Haha, I’m normally annoying with the answers I give but I can confidently tell you this time, that he’s not. J.D’s name actually starts with a J and you’ll find out who Cailean’s dad was next chapter! 😄 That means a lot ❤️ Thanks for reading, Audrey 🥰

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    It was a great chapter, Amy. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Well it’s Aislyn we’re taking about, and sometimes she doesn’t make the wisest decisions 😌 I tried my best to make it as sweet as possible given they’re rarely together, hehe. She’s definitely coming out of her shell a bit – still has a long way to go though. Thanks, Louise 😊 And thanks for reading! 💕

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    Oh, and may I say that I love your poses in this chapter! Every picture is stunning! ❤
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    And ooooh man. I never expected Aislyn to come completely clean! It always gives me satisfaction when characters do that, to be honest. And especially her because, as we know, she is not the most open person one could meet! I am glad Daphne believed her ❤ And I get why Aislyn would not want Cailean to find out, but if things go well he'll eventually do… so I hope she'll have the courage to tell him before they get more serious!
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    That was such an awesome chapter! ^_^ ❤ Can't wait for more! 😀

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    1. Hehe sleep: 1, lust: 0 😏 Cailean is definitely patient – for a variety of things. Lmaooo, I love that analogy 😂
      They’re super pretty! I’m trying to find poses to strategically show them in future chapters/photo shoots because they are so cute and feet always get cropped out of photos, lol.
      Thank you – I’m trying 😭💕
      Desirée has become my new favorite person to photograph – I love her ☺️ She and Axel have an interesting dynamic between them for sure; one I look forward to exploring in the future. They’ll both be kind of important going forward.
      Aislyn’s lies had to have caught up to her eventually; no one’s that lucky. And Daphne is not an easy woman, but she’s fair. As far as Aislyn’s concerned – even though his mother knows – telling Cailean the truth is at the absolute bottom of her list of things to do 🙃
      The person overhearing is someone we haven’t seen in a while, but it’s not something to be too concerned about… for now 😇
      Thank you so much for reading and your kind words 😄❤️

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    That date was super cute, even if she did fall asleep!

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    1. The woman isn’t anyone dangerous, as you all shall see next chapter 😋 Good guess, but Valerie won’t be making an appearance until much later, hehe. I’m glad you made a note of her though as she’ll also be kind of important later on 😇 Yeah, it was very un-Aislyn of her to come clean. She knew she’d have to eventually.
      Thank ya, romance isn’t my forte but I’m getting there XD lol. Sorry for the belated reply~ Thanks for reading! ❤️

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    Hmm, I do wonder about Aislyn’s comment on the reporter would go on about the rumours if they weren’t true… if the rumours did have some nugget of truth, or if the reporter is trying to damage the commissioner’s reputation on purpose.
    Hold on… Rey the hacker girl… she’s the one who leaked information to Daphne? My memory isn’t clear but wasn’t she the masked girl (who I think I commented had wicked eyeshadow) in the graveyard ages ago? Or was that another girl? It’s quite the coincidence that she and Axel ended up roommates, both with connections to Aislyn, so I’m very curious to learn what exactly is at work here. And they make for quite an interesting pair, with their teasing and flirty banter.
    Oh wow, Aislyn actually told everything to Daphne 😬 I wasn’t expecting her to lie, though, she would have been caught out in any bluff. And now I’m wondering how much of it Daphne believed. For someone who I’m assuming had no supernatural beliefs before, it must be very difficult to process such a tale, and if she thinks Aislyn is lying… I wonder what will happen. I did like her advice at the end, though. I see where Cailean got his mindset about truth and lies from.
    I thought at first the person eavesdropping on them might be Rey in disguise, but probably not… maybe someone linked to the reporter? I’m guessing she’s there following Daphne, not Aislyn. Hm… I’m taking super wild guesses as usual haha.
    Awesome chapter!

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    1. Hehe yup, no major action on the Caislyn front for now – or anytime soon – so the little bits of cuteness had to suffice 😇 You’ll get to see a glimpse more into what Cailean’s thinking here and there. I’ve realized my mans is still very much a bit of a mystery, lol.
      Interesting thoughts there, the reporter’s intentions will be clear a few chapters down. (Because by now you know I never give a straight answer XD)
      Yup! She’s the very same 👏 Rey gave Commissioner D the goods on Aislyn’s confession writing. Good memory! ‘Tis a coincidence indeed. Their dynamic, and significance will be showcased more later~
      Aislyn surprisingly defied expectations and was honest. Mind blowing, I know. You’re right in that she really didn’t have a chance of lying convincingly; she’s done too much to write off as coincidence, lol. Daphne’s definitely gonna need some time to process. For now, she’s just glad she got some kind of explanation. Aislyn’s going to be hearing Daphne’s voice in her head quite a bit moving forward, that’ll push her to make some non-frustrating choices here and there. Cailean does share his mom’s mentality. He can’t stand lying. 🙃
      I like the wild guesses 😄 You won’t be left wondering for long though. It’s a bit of an anticlimactic reveal, but again, something relevant for later on.
      Thanks so much for reading and your kind words ☺️❤️

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  6. I’d be surprised if Daphne believed all of it immediately. I mean, she’s a very down-to-earth person as I think of her. But wow, we were suddenly reminded of the main theme of the story that’s called ‘Sight’. Honestly, with all the romance, Aislyn’s friends and the like, sometimes you can forget what this story is about. I wonder where it’s going to go from here. And also, I love the steamy romance scenes, I wonder if/when they’re going to take it to the bedroom. I believe Aislyn only had one boyfriend before him (excluding Gus, but you know they refrained from certain activities), the one when she was in high school, so I wonder if she wouldn’t be a little scared to be intimate with someone after such a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Daphne is definitely skeptical of the whole thing. She’s going to need some time to think things through and process what she’s heard. Haha, that’s very true – there are a million things going on, but at the end of the day the foundation of the story is Aislyn’s ability.
      To this day I struggle with writing romance, so I’m glad you liked it, hehe. Hmmm, who knows… 😏 Yeah, Aislyn was only ever intimate with her high school boyfriend – but before that she did date around a lot. As an adult, she’s not had any experiences like that. As of now, she really wants to take that step with Cailean, because the chemistry she didn’t have with Gus is there with him, but her other worries and feelings of guilt keep interfering. I suppose you’ll have to wait and see 😇 Thanks for reading! ❤️

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