Update & Season’s Greetings

Hello! Long time no see~

If you happened to come across the brief update I posted last week, then you aren’t surprised that I’m dropping this post. I wanted to check in and express my usual guilt at the length of time that’s passed since I’ve been active here. I did manage to bring the recap page up to speed, because I know that considering even I forget what’s transpired, that must hold true even more so for you guys.

I don’t know how the year is already almost over; time has truly flown by. I don’t even want to get started on how I’ve managed to fall even further behind on my reading, or how I’ve failed to meet/maintain most of my resolutions this year. Instead, I’d rather focus on the positives. So first off, I hope that at the very least, by this time next year, I’ll be done with this story. I’m currently experiencing that sensation where it feels like more of a chore than a hobby or fun passion project – I know that sentiment is not unique to me as I’ve seen several others in this community experience it too. I’m hoping the times when I’m feeling excited to play or post will help me overcome that, so long story short: my posting schedule probably won’t improve. On the bright side, I don’t have plans to go anywhere, and I’m looking forward to catching up with you all.

While my love of writing and investment in the story are still there, it’s the combination of RL work and game troubles that have been holding me back when it comes to getting new chapters out. That being said, another piece of good news is that I hope to have the next one posted sometime this weekend, at long last. 

Today I opened the game for the first time since October. Seeing that loading screen made me excited for about 2 seconds until it crashed, haha. I did manage to dress Caislyn in some color coordinated winter sweaters and take a few pics before the game got frustratingly laggy, just so this post wouldn’t be too bare 😇 They aren’t much, but here you go~




I hope everyone had a great year 🙂 I appreciate you sticking with me despite my horrid inconsistency. It means a lot ❤

Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating!
You shall – hopefully – be hearing from me again soon 🙂
xoxo Amy

12 thoughts on “Update & Season’s Greetings

  1. A.ways happy to hear from you and see your beautiful pictures. Cailean 🥰🥰🥰I’ll be here when you get back to your game and the rest of Caislyn’s story!

    I feel your pain with TS3. I actually rebuilt my PC a couple of years ago so that it would run TS3 with all the EPS, store content and cc so it wouldn’t crash. That’s how bad I am.

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    1. Thanks Audrey, I appreciate it ☺️❤️
      I remember you mentioning that once and I still can’t believe it. I wish I was that tech savvy 😪 For now, I’ll make due until I can buy a computer that’s more up to the task, hehe.

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  2. It’s good to hear from you, dear. 😊❤
    Time really has flown by and sometimes plans just fall by the wayside. That’s just how it is. I understand well what you mean when you say that towards the end the story can become a chore. I at least always experience it because towards the end I’m just SO READY to move on to the next story. 😅 It’s only until I hit that sweet spot where the writing is just flowing because I’m nearing the end, though. And by the time I complete a story I usually can’t begin the next one right away because I miss the old one. Oh woes. 😅😂
    Anywayyyys! Happy holidays to you, Amy. I for one look forward to whenever you have the time to post more for us.

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    1. The feeling is mutual 💓
      True, that’s life. Haha, I’d love to be able to get to a point where I’m close enough to the end of a story to be thinking about another one 😩 I’m really hoping this will be the one *fingers crossed*
      Thanks Louise, that means a lot ❤️ And I’m looking forward to your new story (once you’re ready ofc)!

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  3. Those pictures are lovely! ❤
    Lol, I get what you mean about writing becoming a chore sometimes. And that sentiment Louise described, I couldn't have said it better if I tried!
    I really hope you find the inspiration to continue; and if not with that story, then with another! Writing is supposed to be fun after all (and sometimes a little break with another story might be the thing you need to conclude the old one!)
    Happy holidays Amy! Hope to see you here again soon! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you 🤗 I’ve still never finished a story (as you guys know, hehe) so I want to experience that sensation so bad 😩 I appreciate it – the plan isn’t to abandon ship just yet! I have taken a bit of a break so writing again this week after so long has been fun, thankfully. Happy Holidays to you, too! ❤️ I’m looking forward to catching up 😄


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