Sight Chapter 44: Cut Corners

*** author’s note: warning: there’s some language.***

12:49 p.m. | Phillips Residence
With most kids off to school, and parents at work, the streets of the gated community Cailean drives into are empty. “Who are you visiting?” The gate tenant asks him, extending his hand for Cailean’s driver’s license. “Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, 1295 Tawny Oak Circle.” The man nods, and hands back his ID before opening the gates for Cailean to enter. Cailean continues forward, knowing the direction to head in having been in the neighborhood recently to speak with Dr. Timm, the closest neighbor to the Phillips only last week.

He’d reached out to the Phillips’ assistant, letting him know he’d like a word with them as soon as they were able, and was surprised to have received a call from him that morning stating that they were discharged and at home. If there were ever a time for there to be a break in his case, it would be now after Cailean had the chance to hear what exactly happened from the victims themselves. 

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He pulls into the modest driveway and makes his way to the door. The sound of the doorbell reverberates throughout the house once he presses it; after a few moments he hears the sound of footsteps approaching. A man, whom Cailean suspects is around his age, if not slightly older, answers. “Mr. DeCarlo.” He says in greeting, “Welcome, I’m the Phillips’s assistant.” “Mr. Marseille, right. We spoke briefly over the phone.” Cailean says. The man nods and steps aside to allow him to enter. Cailean peers over his shoulder and sees the remnants of the police and forensic team’s work on the crime scene.

“Mr. Phillips is upstairs in his study, I shall take you to him.” “And Mrs. Phillips?” Cailean asks, he notices Mr. Marseille’s expression drops slightly as he draws his lips into a grim line. “Mr. Phillips will explain.” “Okay.” Cailean says. He follows the assistant’s lead past the house’s large bar, indoor aquarium, and garden, before reaching the stairs. Aware that this was one of the Phillips’ many homes, Cailean couldn’t help but be put off by the fact that it was so garish and over the top considering there were many employees working under them that struggled to make ends meet. 

“He’s waiting for you inside.” Mr. Marseille says as he comes to a stop in front of a set of doors at the end of the hall. “Thank you.” Cailean says in acknowledgement, he knocks on the door lightly before stepping inside. Cailean wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but the man he sees standing relaxed by the balcony doors, wasn’t it. Mr. Phillips turns and greets him with a smile, his housewear distractingly bright, and facial hair well-groomed. This wasn’t the appearance of a man who was supposed to have been fighting for his life in the days prior. “Mr. DeCarlo, please, come in.” “Glad to see you’re in good health, Mr. Phillips.” Cailean says as he enters. “Oh, Walter is just fine.” Mr. Phillips corrects as he approaches Cailean and reaches for his hand.

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“I was quite lucky, all I’ve got is a rather nasty bump on the back of my head.” Walter says. “And your wife?” Cailean inquires. Walter’s smile falters, “She has yet to awaken, I’m afraid.” “I was under the impression you were both discharged.” “Yes, well, that’s what I would like the general public to think, for now.” “And why is that?” Cailean asks. “Do you know what it’s like to run a company, Mr. DeCarlo?” “Can’t say I do.” Walter gestures for Cailean to sit, as he walks behind his desk. “It’s a lucrative profession, but not without its downsides.” Cailean’s eyes dart to the table and notices Walter appeared to be in the middle of working on a sketch of some kind, most likely for a future construction project.

“If I show vulnerability, there will be those looking to undermine my capability to remain in charge. That’s the cruel reality of the corporate world.” “So you’re feigning that what happened wasn’t a big deal so that you can keep your grip on the reigns.” “Exactly.” Walter says with a nod, “You seem like a bright young man, so I figured you’d understand.” Cailean wasn’t particularly pleased about receiving that compliment. “The night of the accident.” He says, wanting to shift the trajectory of their conversation, “What exactly happened?”

Again, Walter’s smile disappears. “Right. Well, unfortunately I’m afraid I won’t be of much help.” “Why is that?” Cailean asks, his eyes narrowing. “I was hit, rather hard, on the back of the head and lost consciousness immediately. I didn’t see who the perpetrator was, how they got in, or why this all happened.” “And before that? Walk me through the events leading up to that.” Walter clears his throat and rises, “Let’s see…” He says as he begins pacing. “My wife and I had just returned from watching a play. She loves the theatre, my Heidi.” Cailean notes the way Walter utters those last words, despite his smile there isn’t any affection in his tone. “We’d gone into the kitchen to retrieve some wine to indulge in. My back was facing the kitchen entrance, and just as she’d taken out some glasses, I felt a sharp pain on my head and that was the last thing I remember.”

“Was there anyone home at the time?” Cailean asks.

“No. Our son was at a friend’s house, and we send our staff home for the weekends.”

“But you were found by Ms. Ensley Bates.”

“Our housekeeper, yes. This happened late Sunday night, and she’d seen us when she was reporting in for work early on Monday morning.”

“You do realize that she’s currently being held as a suspect.”

“Yes, but whether or not she’s capable of doing such a thing, I can’t say. Or why she would think to if she did.”

“Motives aren’t always clear from the get go. I have to inquire as to the nature of your relationship.” Cailean sees Walter’s expression darken for a moment, before he smooths out his features and answers his question. “If you’re implying anything inappropriate, I’ll have to dismiss your thoughts as absurd.” He says icily. “I’m just doing my job.” Cailean says, attempting to dissipate some of the fresh tension in the air. “Of course you are.” Walter says. He gives a humorless laugh and shakes his head. “I don’t see what’s so amusing about that.” Cailean says, doing his best to keep his irritation out of his voice. “My apologies, I don’t mean to offend.” Walter says. “It’s just, you reminded me of someone just now.”

Before Cailean can inquire as to who that was, there’s a knock on the door. Mr. Marseille peeks his head in. “I hate to interrupt, but you have a guest Mr. Phillips, a Mr. Steele waiting downstairs. And your nieces have called, they are both on their way.” Walter nods. “Anything else I can do for you, Mr. DeCarlo.” He says. From his tone, Cailean can tell he has no intention of divulging any more information. “For now, no. Thanks for your time.” “Of course.” Walter says. Cailean rises to exit, and notices Walter’s expression appears much brighter.

“I believe you’re well aware, Mr. DeCarlo, that it’s in everyone’s best interest if this gets resolved as quickly as possible.” “Everyone?” Cailean echoes. “Yours and mine.” Walter says as he returns to his desk. “The time it takes to find the truth is not under my control.” Cailean says. He sees a brief flash of an unreadable expression cross Walter’s face before he returns to smiling. “There you go again…” Walter says. He picks up his pencil and returns to his sketching. “Safe travels, Cailean.” Cailean notes Walter drops his formalities and uses a dismissive tone, and wonders if he grew tired of keeping up an appearance.

“I’ll be in touch.” Cailean says as he exists. Mr. Marseille is waiting outside of the door. “Desmond.” Walter’s voice echoes from inside, “Come in.” Cailean thinks he sees Mr. Marseille wince but it was so quick, he wonders if he imagined it. “I can find my way out.” Cailean says. Mr. Marseille gives him a curt nod before entering Walter’s study, and shutting the door behind him.

As Cailean descends the steps and makes his way back to the main entrance, he notices a familiar face arguing with someone. Tom Steele from the Oldmerrow Police Department, his mother’s right hand man. He recalls Mr. Marseille announcing a Mr. Steele was waiting and belatedly realizes he was referring to Tom. Cailean rarely hears him referred to by his last name. Tom has been a presence in Cailean’s life for as long as he can remember. “How about you do your job, and I do mine.” Tom says angrily, reaching out and tapping the chest of a young man with an angry finger. The man glances towards Cailean as he approaches and storms off. Tom turns and sees Cailean, and breaks out into a smile, wiping his angry scowl off of his face. “Cailean.” He says with a smile, “Good to see you.”

“Hey, Tom.” Cailean says as he approaches. “What was that about?” “You know, kids these days. No respect for authority.” Tom says as he shakes his head. “I almost didn’t recognize you, new haircut?” Cailean says, noting Tom’s changed appearance. Tom’s smile broadens, “You noticed.” He says as he runs a hand through it. “Started seeing a new gal. Between you and me she’s a bit younger than me. Said my hair was aging me, so I gave it a cut.” “That’s all it took?” Cailean asks. “Hey, you telling me you wouldn’t listen to something your lady says? Believe me, from my recent string of failed relationships, I can tell ya it’s not worth it.”

Cailean chuckles. Tom reaches out and affectionately ruffles his hair. “By the looks of it, as soon as you have someone, it’s only a matter of time before you hear the same complaint I did.” Cailean runs a hand through his hair to put his disheveled locks back into place. “For your information, I am seeing someone.” “Oh, really?” Tom says with an obvious note of disbelief in his voice. “Yes, really.” Cailean replies. “I take it it hasn’t been that long then. She’s probably still blindly in love. Give it time. Once that wears off, reality will hit ya.” Tom says. “If you knew her, you wouldn’t say that. I don’t think she cares about stuff like that.” Cailean says after pausing to let his thoughts drift to Aislyn.

Tom scoffs. “If I looked like you, I’d probably think like that too.” Tom says, shaking his head. “Kid, everyone cares. Try switching up something about your appearance. Trust me, you’re guaranteed a reaction.” “Are you really giving me relationship advice?” Cailean says, amused. The sound of a door slamming in the distance draws both of their attention to the front of the house. It must’ve been the angry young man exiting. “Right, well, weren’t you leaving?” Tom gives him a playful nudge and begins to make his way towards the stairs. “See ya around, kid.” He says over his shoulder. “Later.” Cailean says before he continues towards the door. It’s only as he reaches it he realizes he’d forgotten to ask Tom his reason for being there, but figures he’ll get the chance later.

“Mr. DeCarlo!” Cailean turns and sees Mr. Marseille rushing behind him just as he’s about to reach his car.
Tom’s arrival must’ve led to his dismissal. Cailean thinks. “You dropped this.” He says, holding out a folded piece of paper. “I don’t think I-” Mr. Marseille keeps his hand extended and the expression on his face is unreadable. “Yes, you did.” He says sternly. Taking the hint, Cailean reaches for it. “Right. Thank you.” He says. Mr. Marseille nods and looks slightly relieved when Cailean pockets it without opening it. He turns and immediately reenters the house without another word. Cailean continues onto his car, wondering what he’s just been handed.

5:37 p.m. | Icy Bites Cafe
“Hey Mackenzie, sorry I’m late! I’ll go ahead and get changed in the back right away. You can prepare to go.” Mackenzie’s coworker, Kirsten, hurries in and gives an apologetic smile. Mackenzie’s shift was from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. after school. Due to all of the application fees she had to pay when applying for colleges, she needed the extra money to pay back her foster parents. They insisted it wasn’t a problem, but Mackenzie felt guilty. She didn’t mind working, it was rather simple even though some days were busy and by the time she’d arrive home she’d be too tired to do anything. Something that had made her recent shifts more pleasant was the presence of Drew Dempsey, the boy in her class she’d developed a crush on.

After being paired for an assignment a few weeks back, he’d begun to hang around her more, something she didn’t mind. Drew wasn’t a boy of many words and Mackenzie had a hard time figuring out what he was thinking. She knew he came from a well off family, and that he and his sister were fairly popular amongst the grade, but besides that, she never paid them – or anyone really – much attention. But now, Drew had not only caught her attention, he was beginning to catch her heart, something that made Mackenzie feel equally excited and afraid. Drew had begun tagging along with her after school, bringing some homework to do or a book to read while she worked.

Afterwards they’d walk to the park close to her neighborhood to talk before parting ways. Drew insisted on walking her home, but Mackenzie didn’t want him to see where she lived. Today however, he hadn’t shown. Mackenzie leans on the counter and lets out a heavy sigh. She was surprised at the amount of disappointment she felt. The chimes on the door ring behind her, letting her know someone has entered. “Good, you’re still here.” Mackenzie whips around and breaks out into a smile at seeing Drew walk towards her. “I’m about to get ready to leave.” She says. “Great, I’ll wait for you outside then.” Drew gives her a smile that makes a warmth spread over her. “Okay.” Mackenzie says breathlessly. 

Mackenzie waits until Kirsten returns in uniform before heading to the employee lockers in the back to change. She swings by the restroom on her way out, to ensure her hair hadn’t frizzed throughout the day. As she gazes at her reflection, her smile weakens. Drew always wore crisp clean shirts, with color coordinated pants and coats that screamed money. When she was with him, she tried not to think about things like that, but it was hard not to, especially on days like today when she would wear a shirt that she’s had since middle school, and had to tuck in her jeans because it had grown too small to wear normally. 

That was the part of her developing feelings that made her afraid. Would he judge her if he knew about her background? She didn’t want to be with someone who would. Mackenzie didn’t have it in her to cut Drew off if she came clean and his feelings changed. Perhaps she was getting ahead of herself, it was very possible he didn’t think of her that way at all. When they were together, his gaze was always friendly and he made no gestures towards her, romantic or otherwise. She was only aware of her own feelings which were bound to get hurt, and if that was going to be the outcome, she’d rather it be later. 

Mackenzie shoulders open the front door and sees Drew, dressed sharply as always, tapping his hand against the table. He looks up at her when he hears the chimes and smiles. Despite the brief bit of sadness she’d felt moments ago, looking at him lifts her spirits already. The longer they spent time together, the more her feelings were growing. She’d never had a crush before, she never had time to. Mackenzie had constantly been absorbed in her studies to score grades high enough to increase her chances of getting into a good school. She didn’t have any friends, and despite that, Drew had begun to make an effort to work his way into her life and she was thankful. She didn’t know why he suddenly began getting closer to her, and she really hoped it was because he was feeling the same way she did. “Ready?” He says. Mackenzie nods and joins him as they make their way down the sidewalk.

5:42 p.m. | 5638 Lakeshore Drive
Aislyn had wanted to ask several times what they were doing, but learned that Axel tended to ignore questions he didn’t want to answer, and volunteer information when he wanted to, so she held her tongue as she followed him down the road. After speaking to Mrs. Durand, they’d gone off to eat a late lunch. Axel had typed the address from what they’d agreed to call the childish blackmail note into his phone and shown her that it was a warehouse of sorts.

He said they should kill some time without any further explanation, and so they went to an internet cafe, responded to some emails, and did some more research on the Phillips Construction Company. At five he said they should begin to make their way over, and once they were close to their destination, Axel had instructed her to park several blocks away. Now they were walking on foot to the warehouses and Aislyn’s curiosity as to what Axel was thinking was continuing to grow. 

“Stop.” Axel says, raising his hand with his palm out. Aislyn halts. “Care to tell me what we’re doing now?” She says. “Surveying.” Axel says, as his eyes scan the area. He locks his gaze on the security camera attached to one of the buildings in the distance, rotating back and forth over the lot. Axel pulls out his phone and begins to send a stream of furious texts. Aislyn bites her lips to keep from blurting out another question. Once Axel’s done, he slips his phone back into his pocket and turns to her. “Look.” He says, “You can wait in the car if you want to.” Aislyn looks at him questioningly.

“Clearly there’s something hidden here someone felt the need to blackmail Mrs. Durand about. And I doubt if we came here during work hours, the people here would be happy to show us around properly.” “Is that why we had to kill time?” Aislyn asks, and Axel nods. “To come here when the place was deserted and do what?” Aislyn presses. As if on cue, the camera that was rotating in the distance pauses, and hangs limply. Aislyn stares and Axel follows her eyes over his shoulder. “Look around of course.” He says with a smile. His phone buzzes and he pulls it out to read the new message before slipping it back into his pocket. “That’s trespassing.” “It is.” Axel says with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Which is why I told you to wait, if you want.” Aislyn was surprised, not at what Axel was suggesting, but because he reminded her of herself. Willing to bend the rules when needed.

Axel sees some boxes stacked near the closed, locked, gate and in a quick movement he steps on them and clears the gate landing on the other side. Without missing a beat, Aislyn follows. She has a bit less ease clearing the jump and falls forward, Axel is there and he catches her before she lands at an odd angle. His hands on her waist, steadying her. “Not bad.” He says, “Let’s go.” Aislyn follows him towards what appears to be an office attached to one of the warehouses. Axel tries the door. “Well it couldn’t have been that easy, could it?” He says when the handle doesn’t budge.

They continue on, walking adjacent to the docks for boats to unload. They walk along the back of the buildings and Aislyn wonders how Axel can be so confident that the place is deserted. He tries to push several windows and doors before one finally gives way under his touch. “Finally. He says. The window is fairly high off of the ground, level with the top of Axel’s head. He raises his arms and hoists himself up with ease. Aislyn finds herself impressed with his strength. I guess those muscles aren’t just for show. She thinks.

It’s only when she hears Axel laugh under his breath that she realizes she’s said it aloud. “That’s right.” He says quietly. Aislyn has to tiptoe to reach the windowsill, and even then she didn’t think she had enough of a grip to pull herself up. Axel places a hand on the wall beside him and reaches down with his other. Aislyn grabs it and doesn’t have to exert much strength as Axel basically lifts her up beside him. Once she’s inside, he immediately begins to close the window. Aislyn notices with a slight blush that his hand is still around hers as he does so.

She takes a step back and the light behind her flicks on with a buzz. Aislyn bites her lip to prevent herself from making any noise. Her grip on Axel’s hand tightens in surprise and draws his attention to it. He clears his throat and lets go. “Looks like these are motion sensored.” He says. Axel takes a step forward and the light beside him also turns on. They stand still for a moment and both lights turn off. “Interesting.” He says, “Let’s see where this goes.”  In the dark, with nothing but the faint light from the setting sun coming in through the window, the hallway appears endless and they begin making their way down it.

6:12 p.m. | Eagle Park
“It’s a beautiful night tonight.” Drew says as he gazes up at the sky. He was wearing the smile that formed butterflies in Mackenzie’s stomach. “It is beautiful.” She says. Drew meets her eyes and Mackenzie hastily looks up. She hadn’t been referring to the evening at all. “You sure you don’t want me to walk you back-” “No.” Mackenzie interrupts, a bit harsher than she’d intended. Drew’s expression drops slightly, he looks hurt and Mackenzie feels guilty. “It’s just, my siblings will make fun of me if they see me coming home with a guy. I don’t want them to see you.” She lies.

Part of that was true, some of her foster siblings Mackenzie was close to would tease her, but it was that she didn’t want Drew to see them, not the other way around. “Oh, I understand.” Drew says, his expression lifting. “I hate it when Dakota has anything over me. How many siblings do you have?” He asks. “Nine.” Mackenzie says with some heat rising to her cheeks. She had eight foster siblings, but she counted Maddie even though her sister has long since passed. She wouldn’t ever exclude her.

“What about you?” She asks Drew. “It’s just me and Koda.” He says. “The idea of having more kids scares my mother. She says she’s very happy with just the two of us.” He says with a sad smile. “Would you have wanted more siblings if you could have them?” Drew nods at her question. “I’m sort of jealous of you.” He says. “Don’t be.” Mackenzie says forgetting herself for a moment and speaking honestly. “Why do you say that?” Drew asks softly.

She shakes her head and plasters on a smile. “It’s more of a headache than you think.” She says. “Living with Dakota is already stressful. How much worse could a few more siblings be?” Drew laughs and Mackenzie joins him. “So, you didn’t forget about my family’s get-together, did you?” “No.” Mackenzie says. She actually did forget. After that initial failed shopping trip with Aislyn she never followed up for a second attempt to find a dress.

“Good because it’s going to be the Friday after next, on the 26th. My parents were fine-tuning the details so I didn’t get the chance to give you a specific date before.” “Cool.” Mackenzie says. “That was part of the reason why I was so late today. My mother had to take me to a fitting for my suit.” Mackenzie made a mental note to call Aislyn as soon as possible. Drew clears his throat drawing her attention back. “When you arrive, to the party, there’s something I want to tell you.” “Why don’t you tell me now?” Mackenzie asks. She thinks she sees some color seep into Drew’s cheeks, but she isn’t sure.

“No, it’s better if I do it then.” He says seriously. “Okay.” Mackenzie says, Drew’s changed mood, made her feel oddly nervous. What exactly was he planning to say that she could only hear in two weeks?… “So,” He says, turning to her with a smile again. “Should we call it a night? I haven’t started any homework yet.” Mackenzie looks up at the dark sky with a laugh. “Same here.” She says.

6:30 p.m. | 5638 Lakeshore Drive
“Damn this thing is fucking ancient.” The hallway they’d entered from led to a single room at the end. The door was ajar, and like the rest of the place, it appeared deserted. Axel quickly seated himself at the computer, pulling a usb out of his pocket, and cursed under his breath once he saw there was no port for it in the old computer. “There’s not even any wifi in here, just an ethernet cable.” He says in disgust. Aislyn laughs quietly. “Looks like we’ve stepped into a room trapped in the dark ages.” “Ha. Ha.” Axel says sarcastically. He begins to fiddle through the drawers of the desk, and finds a notepad. After taking a few moments to flip through it. “Aha.” He says. He returns to mashing buttons on the computer and the login screen flashes a welcome message. “I’m in.” he says.

Aislyn decides to look around the room as Axel pulls out his phone and begins snapping pictures of the files he opens on the screen. “Is this how you…” Aislyn pauses to find the right word. “…operate, normally?” Axel chuckles. “Is that judgement I detect in your tone?” “No, only curiosity.” She says honestly. “Sometimes the right way of doing things, isn’t the right way. Sometimes corners need to be cut.” Axel says. Aislyn opens her mouth to respond when something about the bookshelf she approaches catches her eye. The back of the frame had something protruding, and the wood was splintered in some places. Aislyn reaches out to touch it when her phone begins ringing in her pocket. She starts and hastily reaches for it, Cailean’s name flashes on the screen before she shuts it off.

“Wow.” Is all she hears behind her. Without looking, she could hear the amusement in Axel’s voice. “We’re sneaking behind enemy lines and you forget to silence your phone?” Aislyn refused to look at Axel and give him the satisfaction of seeing her embarrassed face. “It’s not like I knew what we’d be doing-” Aislyn stops herself. She begins to hear something that sounds like gears turning. The floor beneath her begins to rumble, and Aislyn turns her gaze down towards her feet which appear as though they are vibrating. She hears Axel’s voice behind her. “Look out!” He exclaims.

Aislyn’s head snaps up in time to see the shelf swinging towards her and doesn’t process the scene quick enough to react. She feels Axel’s arms close around her shoulders and yank her back. The shelf was so close it blows strands of Aislyn’s hair across her face, having come within centimeters of it. Aislyn is shocked still. “Thanks.” She whispers once she catches her breath. Axel doesn’t respond. Aislyn turns and sees he’s eyeing what appeared behind the shelf: an elevator. The arrow above it was turning clockwise, indicating something was coming up. Without a word Axel spins on his heel and powers off the computer. He grabs Aislyn’s hand and they exit the office, taking off in a run back down the hall they entered from.

Axel pulls the window open and jumps without hesitation. He turns back to Aislyn and opens his arms, the adrenaline pumping in her causes her to follow without pausing. She knocks into Axel hard, and is impressed he doesn’t stumble, even slightly. His arms wrap around her and he sets her down before reaching up to pull the window closed. He grabs her hand again and continues running around the corner of the building.

In the gap between two of the warehouses Axel spots a row of trash and recycling bins and stops behind it. He spins around, and raises his finger to his lips. Aislyn realizes she’s panting from the running. Regretting the heeled boots she’d put on in a rush that morning, she puts her hands over her mouth to silence her breathing. In the distance there is the sound of footsteps. Axel immediately drops to the ground in a crouch pulling Aislyn with him. She stumbles onto him, and Axel’s arm circles around her, pressing her to him in an attempt to make their presence as undetectable as possible.

Aislyn can hear Axel’s heartbeat as her head rests on his chest. Despite his calm exterior, Axel’s pulse was quick, but not as erratic as hers. They sit for what feels like hours, but in reality is only fifteen minutes or so. The footsteps have long since faded, and Aislyn pulls away from Axel slightly to peer around the bin they’ve hidden behind. In the distance she sees a man on the other side of the gate smoking a cigarette. Aislyn watches him cautiously and sees Axel looking at her curiously from the corner of her eye. He begins to move to copy her gesture, but Aislyn places a hand on him to keep him in place.
Wait. She mouths at him and Axel gives a sharp nod.

Her eyes return to the smoker and after a few more puffs, he drops his cigarette on the floor and puts it out with his heel. He begins pacing away from the area, in the opposite direction she and Axel had parked in and after waiting to make sure he’s gone far enough away, Aislyn lets out a sigh of relief. “I think we’re in the clear.” She whispers. Axel rises and pulls Aislyn up with him. “Well, that was something.” He says quietly. Aislyn nods but says nothing more as they make their way back to the gate.

Aislyn wanted to curse at her inability to maneuver with ease. She expected Axel to be annoyed or sarcastic, but he looked thoughtful and was quite patient as they made their way out. This time he helped her over first, as the boxes on the other side of the gate made descending easier, and followed once her feet were firmly on the ground.

They begin walking back towards her car. Aislyn wasn’t sure about Axel, but she was feeling warm despite the night’s cool air due to the adrenaline rush she was still experiencing. “You good to drive?” Axel asks, eyeing her with concern. Aislyn wondered how she looks. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She says, trying to make her voice as level as possible. They slide into the car, and Aislyn turns back onto the road leading into the city. Once they are on the bridge enveloped by the city lights and surrounded by people driving, Aislyn speaks. “So…” She says. “What do you think was down there?” “I have no idea.” Axel says grimly. “But I have a feeling it’s not fucking good.”

Thanks for reading! Don’t know how it’s been another month since I’ve last posted. Another long one I’m afraid, but I hope the bit of action at the end made up for it, hehe. I don’t have much to ramble about this time around. Feel free to share your thoughts~
Take care
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15 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 44: Cut Corners

  1. Let’s jump straight into crazy theorising time! Mr. Phillips is coming off very, very suspicious to me. It seems like he wasn’t actually hurt at all, with his clean and bright appearance that Cailean noted, and with the lack of affection in his voice when talking about Heidi, I feel like the ‘being knocked out and I didn’t see anything’ sounds very much like a convenient cover-up excuse. Perhaps he attacked his wife, for some corporate greed reason, no idea, and either has the housekeeper working with him, or pretended to be knocked out when she found them. Jacqueline is probably working with her uncle too. And the appearance of a police offer close to Daphne reminded me of the whole corruption rumour, and makes me suspect Tom as corrupt and working with Mr. Phillips to aid his lies, despite how friendly he was to Cailean. I wonder if this person Cailean reminds Mr. Phillips of is actually Daphne? And ooh, Mr. Marseilles is probably tipping off information to Cailean!

    Okay, jumping back out. Mackenzie and Drew are so cute 🥰 I’m sure that he will prove all her doubts about judgements of being poor wrong, we know he’s a good boi~ Their budding romance is wholesome af. And speaking of romance… why on earth am I getting faint hints of romance between Aislyn and Axel? 👀

    Haha, seems like having a pro hacker roommate can really come in handy, assuming the security camera died because of Rey. I loved the pulse-quickening action scene! It had an intense, fast-paced atmosphere, I could really feel Aislyn’s nerves and the danger of the situation. I really like the long distance shot of them standing in the hallway, gives that dark, horror-movie-ish vibe. I was scared they were going to get caught and trapped in the warehouse, but phew, they made it out. I’m very eager to learn what the warehouse is hiding down below, no idea what it might be… and I zoomed into the picture of the mysterious guy quite a bit, lol, but I can’t figure him out. Perhaps the tall black-haired young man that was arguing with Tom?

    This was an excellent chapter, Amy ❤ Super interesting turn of events, which only makes me more excited for Aislyn and Cailean (plus Axel) to uncover the truth!

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    1. Hooray, let’s! You’re right about Mr. Phillips being shady. Bits of his story don’t add up, and Cailean’s gonna piece that together fairly quickly. As for what really went down, I won’t be frustrating this time and will say you are on the right track about a few things ☺️ Tom’s a complicated guy. Interesting your line of thought went there. I shall leave that particular development to time. Who knows, he may surprise you. Dang, I really want to say some things regarding your ending suspicions there, but I shall hold off. Instead, I shall simply say that I really, really enjoyed reading everything you said, hehe 😆
      Drew is definitely a pure one, no worries there indeed. Ahh, to be young and in love~ Or at least, in the early stages, lol. Why indeed? You are not wrong about that… Something’s happening there 😇
      Bingo! That was indeed Rey’s doing. Yay, I’m glad that sensation came through. If I thought steaminess was my weakness, turns out action is too, lol 💀 This time, they were lucky. Can’t say the same for future escapades…
      Lmaoo, yeah he’s a totally new dude. Good guess though. Fun fact: that black haired young man is someone we’ve seen briefly ages ago, but I don’t expect anyone to remember him so I’ll have a flashback when the time comes, hehe.
      Thanks so much! I appreciate you reading and commenting 😊💕 It’s going to take a while, but they’ll all get there eventually.

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  2. Amy – I loved this chapter! ❤️ I totally can’t compete with Lila’s comment so I’ll just say ditto! I also think that something is going on and Mr. Phillips is lying through his teeth. Cailean will no doubt figure it out. And I loved that Mr. Marseilles is tipping him off. He doesn’t like his employer it seems. And Tom, deflecting why he was there … doesn’t add up.

    Aislyn and Axel? I always wondered if he actually had romantic feelings for her and just buried them. Or maybe it’s just the situation and danger that is making them closer. His last words worried me. I don’t think he expected that.

    Still, I like her with Cailean better. But she needs to open up to him more or that’s gonna be a thing of the past soon. 😢

    Always happy to see an update from you! ❤️

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    1. Aww thanks Audrey, I’m glad! ☺️❤️ Haha, she did make some excellent speculations. Mr. Phillips is definitely hiding something. Cailean’s not going to give up on finding out the truth easily. Mr. Marseille is not the happiest of campers at the moment, hehe. Tom’s a bit more of a mystery for now.
      Both of those things are true 😉 Axel is used to snooping, but he was caught off guard this time around.
      Aislyn and Cailean will be hitting the rocks at some point. If Aislyn doesn’t start communicating, it’ll be sooner rather than later…
      Thank you! And thanks for reading 💕

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  3. Finally I’m here! Sorry I’m so late to this, Amy. 😅
    So I second Mr. Phillips being shady and yeah I’m thinking he for some reason had something to do with what happened. He doesn’t seem like he really cares about his wife. And his saying that Cailean reminded him of someone… did he mean Cailean’s dad? Because there’s the whole thing with him being dead and now I’m getting rather suspicious! Could there be a connection?
    Can’t believe you might be setting up Aislyn with Axel. 😲 Amy, what are you doing to our poor hearts?! We rooted for Caislyn! I don’t know what to think about Aislyn/Axel (Axlyn? Shit. That’s a cute ship name imho). The chemistry is definitely there. I’d feel bad for poor Cailean, though… ARGH. Mean!!!!! I should have known after you were done endlessly teasing you’d do something else to be really super mean to us!
    Ha, ha, I enjoyed this – nice with a bit of action and mystery! 😁

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    1. Welcome~ and do not apologize! ☺️💕
      Mr. Phillips certainly has some secrets. And as for whether he’s just an emotionless guy or in a loveless marriage… guess we’ll see 👀 Interesting theory there, I’m afraid you won’t find out who he’s referring to until wayyy later (like everything else lol)
      What can I say? I’m evil. I agree, Axlyn is a cute ship name, lol. Cailean won’t be needing anyone’s pity just yet 😇 Axel’s starting to feel some things though… Haha, me showing them have a semi-decent relationship for two seconds should’ve been a red flag 😂
      Yay! Thanks for reading ❤️

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  4. I’m finally here! ^_^ I’m so sorry that it took me sooo long!
    That Mr Phillips guy looked very suspicious – I will agree with Lila there. And the paper that Mr Marseille gave Cailean at the end just enforced that suspicion. I mean, it looks like will be serious info written in there and by bet is on dirt on Mr Phillips? I really can’t guess any details though!
    Mr Marseille giving dating tips to Cailean was hilarious! XD I was thinking that Cailean doesn’t really need all this, and then the last scene happened lol (but I’ll delve into that later)!
    Makenzie and Drew’s relationship is too sweet, I just can’t! I get her fears, especially if we count the fact that he hasn’t even confessed any sort of romantic feelings towards her (but I believe they exist). I wonder what he’s about to ask her at that party, hmmm… I bet it’s something good 😉 ❤
    Now onto that last scene: I have to say, I loved it! It was full of suspense and I think my heart raced a bit more along with Axel and Aislyn's, hehe! I have to confess that I already ship those two toether, lol! Don't get me wrong, I adore Cailean; but Axel has a little something that I really like. Maybe it's because he's still so mysterious and I love those kind of characters 🙂 Plus, I have to say that his chemistry with Aislyn is already insane – and we've only had one scene with them!
    I had a million thoughts while reading this chapter, but *I think* that summons it quite a bit! 😀
    Great chapter! ❤ ❤

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    1. Hey! So sorry for my late response. Happy to see you here❤️
      Mr. Phillips is a complicated and mysterious fellow. You’ll see exactly what was on the paper next chapter. It was Tom who was giving the romantic advice, hehe. Since he’s known Cailean for so long, he feels the need to tell him things like that from time to time.
      Mackenzie and Drew are quite wholesome. Mackenzie is not the most social of people so she’s trying to be cautious, but she can’t help her feelings. Hmm, perhaps you’re right 😏
      Ooh I’m surprised to hear that, I didn’t think Axel would grow on anyone just yet. He is still very much a mystery. Regarding him and Aislyn, there may be something happening there. 😇
      Aww I’m glad to hear that. Thank you much for reading and commenting! 😄💓

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      1. Woa, you’re right of course – I don’t know why I thought Tom and Mr Marseille were the same person, lol! But it was hilarious either way (Tom, have you actually *seen* Cailean? Lol)
        Axel is already ❤ ❤ for me, don't judge haha XD

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  5. And now both Aislyn and Cailean are working on this case! And of course, she isn’t going to tell him. Classic Aislyn. Wow, so much going on in the warehouse. I wonder what was on that old computer that Axel took pics of… It was funny when Aislyn’s phone rang and it was Cailean xD

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    1. Yup! The case is going to be a very important part of the story going forward. Haha, to no surprise, Aislyn isn’t going to say anything. But part of the reason why this time is that she suspects Cailean isn’t allowed to share much, so she doesn’t want to bother him.
      It was a necessary tense scene – there hasn’t been any action in a minute, hehe. There’ll be some progress in those documents a little later on ☺️ His timing couldn’t have been worse, lol. Thanks for reading ❤️

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