Sight Chapter 47: Forgiveness

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1:49 p.m. | Oldmerrow Police Precinct
“Just a moment, Mr. DeCarlo.” “Okay.” Cailean nods. A female officer, he believes her badge read Ramirez, exits, and he takes a seat at the steel table of the interrogation room she led him to. Cailean was only familiar with a handful of the department that worked under his mother. It was in instances like this in which he needed to get to the bottom of an incident that their work overlapped.

After staying at Mai and Chad’s until late into the evening, Cailean went home with enough time to get a solid two hours of sleep before waking up for work. He’d read the initial statement gathered by the O.P.D. for the prime suspect in the Phillips case: their housekeeper Ensley Bates, but after the new piece of information Mai had brought to him, he figured speaking to her in person would help shed some light on the incident that seems to have made little to no progress forward. Who exactly was Michael Bates, and what was his connection to Ensley, if any?…

A few moments later, the door opens and Officer Ramirez leads a woman in. Cailean glances at whom he assumes is Ms. Bates and notices she doesn’t appear as nervous as most of the people he speaks to tend to be. She walks in with her back straight and chin tilted upwards indicating to him she was either a prideful or confident person, maybe both. “Thank you.” Cailean says in acknowledgement to Officer Ramirez. She nods in return. “You have an hour.” She says before taking her leave. 

“Well, well, you sound just about as cute as you look.” Ms. Bates says as she sits across from him at the table. Cailean is surprised to hear she has a heavy southern drawl. “Ms. Bates-” “Ensley’s fine, swateheart.” She interrupts. “Ensley…” Cailean continues. She perks up at the mention of her name. “Mmm-hmm.” She says as she leans forward. “I’m assuming you know why you’re here.” “That officer lady mentioned you were a prosecutor or somethin.” “That’s right.” Cailean says, “I’m in charge of the Phillips case, and I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.” “You can ask me anythang you’d like.” 

He figures he shouldn’t waste time having Ensley retell the night of the incident from her perspective, as she’d likely repeat what’s already been said. Instead, Cailean decides to try and divulge something new, perhaps something unrelated to the incident that he could use to paint a bigger picture. “Do you enjoy working for the Phillips?” He begins.

“Yes, they’re very good tew me.” 

“And do you have a family, Ensley?” She appears to be caught off guard by the trajectory of his questioning. Good. The smile on her face falters for a moment before returning. “Doesn’t everyone?” She asks. “That’s not what I asked.” Cailean presses.

“Yes, I do.”

“Does the name Michael hold any meaning to you? Within your family, perhaps.”

“Can’t say it does.” As Ensley answers, her eyes shift from Cailean’s to the spot on the wall behind him before returning. One of the more obvious tell-tale signs that someone was being dishonest. He had a feeling uncovering the truth wouldn’t be that easy. 

Cailean was fairly certain that Mr. Marseille handed him that sheet of paper with Michael Bates’s name because it was relevant to the case and Ensley. And if that were true, she wouldn’t be forthcoming about any significant pieces of information. He’d arrived at the precinct knowing that, and so, here was where Cailean figured he was going to have to bluff. He wasn’t the best liar, but so long as his mother wasn’t on the other side of that one-way mirror watching, Cailean was confident he’d be able to fool Ensley and whichever officers were tuning in.

“What if I told you that I already have the answers to the questions I’m asking you, and I just want to see if your story matches up with the one I heard?” Ensley does her best to remain expressionless, but some of the color draining from her face betrays her. Keep pushing. He thinks to himself.

“It’s not in your best interest to lie to me.” Cailean says as he leans forward. Ensley shifts back in her seat. “I’m not lying.” She says, and Cailean can tell the sweetness in her voice is quite forced. “Oh really?” He says while rising. The next words Cailean utters would either let him get one step closer to the truth or make everything fall apart if Ensley was able to pick up that he was bluffing. “What if I said I had a little chat with someone named Michael Bates, and what he told me contradicts what you just said.” Cailean’s pulse quickens as the words escape his lips. To his immense satisfaction Ensley makes no attempt to hide the horror on her face. “That’s… that’s not possible.” “Oh?” Cailean presses on. Just a little more and she’ll crack. He thinks.

“And why is that?” He crosses his arms and takes a step closer, doing his best to keep his face and his voice calm, as though he had all the answers and wasn’t desperately fishing for some. “Because Wal-” The door behind Cailean slams open and cuts Ensley off. Her expression immediately morphs into one of relief. Cailean whips around, furious, and lays eyes on Tom. “We are in the middle of something here.” Cailean says doing his best to keep his irritation out of his voice. “Ensley Bates.” Tom speaks as though he didn’t hear Cailean. “You’re free to go.” “Excuse me?” Cailean says, his tone ice cold. “The Phillips don’t wish to press charges.” Tom says in explanation.

“For them to do that, they’d have to know who the perpetrator was.” Cailean states in annoyance. He was so close to getting somewhere, finally. “They do.” Tom continues. “Ensley Bates confessed this morning.” “She what?” Cailean turns back to her in time to see a brief expression of confusion turn into a smile on her face. “Is that true?” Cailean asks. “Sure is.” She says as she hops up. “T’was nice talkin’ to ya Mr. Prosecutor fellah.” Cailean remains frozen in place as she walks past him with a smug expression and joins Tom at the door. Cailean opens his mouth to protest but no words come out and he watches them leave. Surely this was some kind of mistake. 

He shakes his head and makes his way to the door. As he turns into the hallway he nearly bumps into his mother. “What the hell is going on, mo- Commissioner?” He nearly forgets himself in his frustration. “Relax.” She says in response. Though his mother wore that calm expression she always did, her eyes were glowing the way Cailean suspected his own were: with anger. She must’ve been as blindsided by Tom’s announcement as he was.

“If Ensley already confessed, why didn’t your officer mention that when I’d requested to speak with her?” He says incredulously. “I’m still in the process of figuring out all the details, but for the time being, you need to leave.” “My prime suspect is about to walk out those doors a free woman before I managed to get the answers I needed out of her. We aren’t finished.” Cailean is about to continue down the hall but his mother presses a palm to his shoulder to keep him in place.

“If the Phillips have decided to drop all charges, then you don’t exactly have a case or a suspect anymore, do you?”

“If you want to get technical, yes. But-” “We no longer have the authority to keep her here. So before you rush after them and I have to charge you with unlawful detention-”

“Unlawful detention?” Cailean repeats incredulously, “She’s hardly a saint, she committed a crime. She-” “Did she steal anything?” His mother interrupts.

“Not that we know of-” “Did anyone die?”

“No, but-” “The victims themselves have recovered and want to move on, so we have no basis to keep her here.” His mother says. Always the voice of reason. “Something’s not right about all this.” Cailean says. “I know.” His mother lowers her hand. “I intend to get to the bottom of it, and when I do, you’ll be the first to know. You know you can trust me, right?” She gives him a slight smile and Cailean sighs in defeat.

“I know.” He returns the expression despite himself. From the corner of his eye Cailean notices an officer making his way over, most likely to speak with his mother. “I should get going.” He says. The softness in his mother’s gaze lingers for a moment before her cool mask returns. “Until later, then.” She says.

5:03 p.m. | Persefoni Home
Aislyn leans against the doorway of their nursery for a few moments, taking in the sight in front of her. Her father was fast asleep on one of the armchairs while Nicole appeared lost in thought, gazing at the crib she and her father had built together a few weeks ago. Whilst all the baby preparations filled them with joy, Aislyn could tell at times they were also nervous, something she could see on Nicole’s face now. She herself felt the same way from time to time, the realization that after her twenty-six years of living she was going to have a sibling would hit her randomly, and she would quickly shove those worries out of her mind to be dealt with only once he or she finally arrived.  

Aislyn knocks on the door lightly to make her presence known. “Let me guess, Dad said he was going to help with something but fell asleep immediately.” Nicole turns towards her and laughs heartily.

“How’d you know?”

“I know my father.” Aislyn shrugs and enters.

“Today’s project was supposed to be a high chair, but I think that’ll have to be shelved for another day.” Nicole says over her shoulder as she grabs a blanket from the dresser in the corner and walks over to drape it over her husband. “I could help you if you’d like.” Aislyn says. “Don’t worry about it, dear. I can tell your father lives for feeling like an alpha male with these building projects, so we shall leave him his fun.” Aislyn smiles. “Did you need us for something?” Nicole asks. “Oh, right.” Aislyn had nearly forgotten why she’d come in the first place. “A friend of mine called me yesterday…” Aislyn begins as she sits on the couch by the windows, and Nicole joins her.

“She has a party to go to coming up and is in dire need of something to wear.” Nicole’s expression perks up and Aislyn pauses to laugh. “I tried to help her out, but we were out of my element, so I was wondering if you’d be willing to provide your expertise-” “I’d love to!” Nicole interjects. “Great, I’ll let her know and we can set up a date and time.” “We have to go to Ravensburg.” Nicole claps her hand in excitement, “That is, if she wants to find something really good.” “I’ll see if she’s up for the drive.” Aislyn makes a mental note to text Mackenzie later. “Excellent.” Nicole says, and Aislyn can’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. “Ooh, we could grab a bite from this new place your father and I passed by on Valentine’s Day…”

Nicole begins to dish out a rough outline of their itinerary, but at the mention of Valentine’s Aislyn zones out. With a pang of guilt, Cailean comes to mind… When was the last time she spoke to him? Not since she came home from Oldmerrow after running into his father. After being shaken by talking to Daphne, filling Kim in, her outing with Axel, and conversation with J.D, she’d completely shoved him from her mind. It wasn’t like Cailean to be silent which meant either he was busy as well… or upset, and Aislyn supposes he has every right to be if the latter were true. “Alright, what’s wrong?” Nicole’s voice pulls Aislyn out of her thoughts. “Nothing.” She says hastily. Nicole raises an eyebrow in disbelief. Aislyn lets out a sigh knowing it wasn’t worth protesting.

“I just realized I’m probably the worst girlfriend ever.” “Did you have a fight with Cailean?” Nicole asks. “No, but I may or may not have been ignoring him for the past few days, and he may or may not be upset.” “Is that all?” Nicole smiles in amusement. “Young love.” She pauses to laugh, “That’s nothing a simple call can’t fix, dear.” “I know…” Aislyn says. “But?” Nicole asks when Aislyn trails off. Aislyn shrugs.

There were a million things crossing her mind and she didn’t know where to start. “Take your time, I know firsthand how much better you’ll feel if you let out the things that are bothering you.” Aislyn knew that as well, the problem was J.D. had since decided to cease being her ear and that’s what had her more bothered than usual. She figured this is exactly what he wanted her to do: try relying on others, and after a moment she speaks. “There are some… things… that I’ve been meaning to tell him, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.”

“Did something happen?” Nicole asks in concern. “No, no.” Aislyn says hastily, realizing how she sounds without context. “What’s stopping you from telling him?” Nicole asks softly. Aislyn remains silent. It was hard to convey that she was concerned about her boyfriend’s reaction to the fact that she recently met his father who’s been dead for well over a decade without using those exact words. Granted, Kim and Daphne knew about her ability and appeared to have taken it well, but the relationship she had with them and the one she had with Cailean was different. If there was a chance he looked at her even slightly differently, it would hurt so much more, and that was a place of vulnerability Aislyn wasn’t comfortable venturing to just yet.

Nicole places an arm on her shoulder. “You know, a little while ago I myself was struggling with telling the person I love something…” Aislyn feels heat creep into her face at the mention of the word love. It was so heavy and weighted. “You know the advice a lovely young woman gave me?” Nicole asks as she nudges Aislyn. Aislyn turns to look at her. “She told me that I would be hurting him by not telling him what was on my mind, because he loves me, and him not knowing I’m in pain or distress now would only make him feel worse if he finds out down the line.” “That sounds like some sound advice.” Aislyn says with a shaky laugh remembering how she thought she sounded hypocritical when she’d said that to Nicole.

“Isn’t it?”

“I guess I have someone to give a call to.”

“I guess you do.” Nicole beams. “Nicole…” Aislyn says as they begin to rise. “Yeah?” “Thank you.” Aislyn says. Nicole pulls her into an unexpected hug. “I’m always here if you need to talk. Don’t forget that.” Aislyn nods into her shoulder as she returns the embrace. “I won’t.”

7:47 p.m. | DeCarlo House
The torrential downpour that had begun shortly after Cailean had returned home slowly begins to turn into a light drizzle as he gazes out the window. With a sigh, he tears his eyes away from the table his father had built standing outside near the garage. At times like this when Cailean was conflicted, he found himself looking for any remnants of his father instinctively, as if some of his wisdom would arise and help Cailean overcome whatever was bothering him. Occasionally the tactic was successful… this didn’t appear to be one of those times.

Cailean diverts his attention to the coffee he was currently preparing, letting the shapes that form as he pours his steamed milk into the dark contents distract him from his busy thoughts. After his mother had sent him away from the precinct, he’d returned to his office and attempted to get in touch with the Phillips to hear for himself what had happened to no avail, as he had gone straight to voicemail. There was nothing for him to do now but wait until his mother returned with an explanation, and he figured there was still quite some time before that occurred.

The sound of his laptop ringing draws Cailean back to the present. Steaming mug in hand, he’s pleasantly surprised to see Aislyn’s name appear on the screen when he walks over to it. The case had done a great job of distracting him from the fact that she’d had been radio silent after having returned to Bayville. After taking a moment to clear his throat, he answers. “Hey.” Aislyn says, giving him a smile he returns. “Hey.” Cailean echoes. “Are you upset?” Cailean’s eyebrows draw up in surprise at the unexpected question. “Should I be?” He asks, amused. Aislyn looks as though she exhales a sigh of relief. She hangs her head for a moment, her hair spilling in front of her face as she does so, and Cailean’s hand twitches with the desire to brush it back. 

“I’ve been kind of… overwhelmed.” Aislyn says. “I know I said I’d do better at opening up, but…” She pauses to take in a breath, “I’m sorry.” “Aislyn.” Cailean says, waiting for her to return her eyes to him. “What did I say about apologizing?” At the question, she sighs. “That you don’t want me to.” “Exactly.” Cailean says as he leans back in his seat. “So, what’s on your mind?” “How about you share first.” Aislyn counters.

“What do you mean?” “There’s something bothering you, isn’t there?” Aislyn asks softly. Though phrased as a question, her words come across as more of a statement. “What makes you say that?” Cailean questions. Aislyn’s observation was on the mark, surprising Cailean. He’d successfully shoved all concerns regarding his case out of his mind once he answered Aislyn’s call, and thought he appeared his usual self.

“I can tell just by looking at you.” Aislyn appears to answer automatically and after taking a moment to process what she said, a blush begins to spread across her cheeks. One Cailean suspects mirrors his own as he feels some heat creep into his face. “I mean… if I’m wrong, then you can just pretend I didn’t say that.” Aislyn says as she crosses her arms, and Cailean laughs. “No, you’re right. There is something on my mind.” Cailean found himself moved that she was able to pick that up so quickly. “Is it your case?” Aislyn guesses and he nods. “I know you don’t like to discuss work much, but I’m all ears if you want to let off some steam.” “It’s not that I don’t like to…” Cailean begins. “It’s usually that I can’t.” He pauses to take a sip from his coffee that had begun to cool. “Right.” Aislyn nods, expecting him to continue.

“Remember how on Valentine’s I mentioned I was working on that Phillips case.”

“Yeah. The one about the attack on that rich couple. We’ve talked about it at The Sentinel as well.”

“That’s the one. Well, today the most insane thing happened and long story short, I think the case is going to get scrapped.”

“Insane how?” Aislyn asks, tilting her head as she does so. Cailean clenches his jaw. “If you can’t say-” “No, it’s fine.” Cailean interrupts, pausing to run a hand through his hair. “I trust you.” He says and for a second he thinks he sees Aislyn flinch, but he writes that off as her concern towards what he’s about to say.

“Just don’t go publishing this in your paper tomorrow morning.” He grins and Aislyn laughs. “Deal.” She says with a smile. “Someone confessed, and the Phillips are dropping the case.” “Woah.” Aislyn’s eyes widen in surprise. “Isn’t that a good thing? Less work for you.” She continues. Cailean shakes his head, “I feel like there’s something… off about the whole situation.”

“What did Mr. and Mrs. Phillips say?”

“Nothing yet. At least to me. They haven’t answered my calls. Neither has their assistant.”


“So, what?” He asks. “Are phones the only way to get a hold of people?” Cailean looks at Aislyn questioningly. “You know where they live don’t you?” She continues and Cailean’s eyebrows rise at yet another unexpected question from her. “Surely you’re not suggesting I go over there, unannounced.” “That’s exactly what I’m suggesting.” Aislyn says with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Okay… Tomorrow I’ll-” “No, no, no.” Aislyn interrupts, shaking her head. “You’ve got to go now.” “Now?” Cailean repeats in surprise. “Of course.” Aislyn says matter-of-factly. “Everything you mentioned happened recently, right?” “A few hours ago, yeah.” “If what you’re saying is true and the case just so happened to work out this splendidly, wouldn’t you be the first person they’d get in touch with?” Cailean nods, agreeing with Aislyn’s line of thought.

“Their silence means something…” Aislyn lowers her head and as she continues, appearing to be voicing her thoughts aloud. “If there is something else going on, then this is the time for them to be getting their story straight. If you wait any longer, I’ll guarantee you’ll probably receive a well rehearsed response.” She says. “You sound like you’re speaking from experience.” At his words Aislyn flinches, and this time it’s clearly visible. “At work…” Cailean clairfies. Aislyn’s expression had made him feel like he’d said something hurtful, and he couldn’t see how his statement was.

“Right. Anyway…” Aislyn says hastily, recomposing herself, “If you want answers, you should probably head over there.”

“I don’t think the Phillips would take kindly to me doing that.”

“That’s probably true, but you know how the saying goes: it’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

Cailean feels himself smile despite the bit of unease rising in his gut. “That doesn’t sound like very solid advice.” He says. “It’s worked for me so far. The key is to be confident.” Aislyn shrugs. “Is that so?” Cailean asks with a raised eyebrow.

Aislyn clears her throat. “Well, that’s what I’d do, if I were in your shoes. It could end up being a terrible idea-” “No…” Cailean interrupts, taking a moment to weigh his options and process his thoughts. “No, I think you’re right.” He concludes, “There’s more that can be gained than lost.” “Exactly.” Aislyn says. “Well then, guess I’m making a house call.” Cailean says. “Good luck!” Aislyn smiles. “Sorry, I didn’t let you tell me what you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by.” Cailean says. Aislyn shakes her head, “Don’t worry about it. It’s mostly work stuff. I feel a lot better just by having talked to you.” Cailean nods, but wonders in the back of his mind if that statement is entirely true.

“And I thought we don’t apologize to one another.” Aislyn says and Cailean smiles. “I’ll let you know how it goes.” “Please, do.” Aislyn says. They say their goodbyes and Cailean ends the call. He’d seen several sides of Aislyn he hadn’t before, and found himself torn between being in awe and concerned towards the way she thinks. But those concerns would have to be shelved for now. Showing up unannounced to the Phillips Residence was impolite either way, but Cailean supposed the less late it was, the better. He closes his laptop screen and reaches for a jacket hanging by the door as he exits the house into the chilly evening air.

8:38 p.m. | Phillips Residence
“There, there. Here you go, Joy.” Jo says as she hands a bottle to the giggling toddler to help her quiet down. With a sigh, she collapses on the floor. I don’t know how you do it, Jackie. Jo thinks. As if on cue, Jo’s sister enters the house and makes her way towards the living room. “How was your call?” Jo asks. “Longer than it needed to be.” Jackie says as she settles on the ground a few feet away.

“I was just admiring you. I’ve been looking after Joy for twenty minutes, and I feel as exhausted as I do after my hot yoga class. How you raise her and work full-time is incredible.” “Well, I have help at home, it’s not a one woman-show.” Jackie says with a shrug. Jo scoffs. “Of course you’d say that.” That was Jackie. Never without poise. Never one to complain no matter how difficult things got, or how tragic life turned.

It was in instances like these that Jo could feel the age gap between her and her sister. Ten years didn’t seem like much on paper, but in reality it was the difference between a college student like herself, still unsure if she picked the right major four years in, and a wife, mother, and – most recently – CEO, like her sister. “What are you staring at?” Jackie asks. “You.” Jo answers as she rests her head on her palm. “Not fair that you got all of dad’s brains and mom’s looks. You didn’t leave anything for me.” “Oh, stop.” Jackie says with an eye-roll, “You’re going to be way better looking than me when you’re my age, and if you’d actually pay attention in your classes instead of texting Bruce, you’d know you’re a lot smarter than you realize.”

Jo opens her mouth to dispute that, but the sound of footsteps on the stairs draws both of their attention away. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t my two favorite nieces.” “You always say that, Uncle, but we’re your only nieces.” Jo says as she and her sister rise off of the floor.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t be my favorites.” Their uncle chuckles. “We rushed over here as soon as we got your message. What do you mean you and Aunt Heidi are dropping the case?” Jackie asks angrily. Straight to the point as usual, sis. Jo thinks. Likely sensing her mother’s state, Joy begins to cry. “Why don’t we have a chat in the kitchen, ladies. Mr. Marseille can look after baby Joy.” Uncle Walter says. Jo hadn’t noticed, but her uncle’s assistant was standing not too far behind him quietly beneath the stairs. Jackie gives a nod of thanks to Mr. Marseille and heads towards the kitchen, Jo scurries behind her. 

“Well then. Explain yourselves, Uncle.” Jackie says. “Yeah, where’s Aunt Heidi?” Jo chimes in. “She’s still quite fatigued after the whole ordeal, and is in bed upstairs.” “Shouldn’t she be a part of this conversation?” Jackie asks, glowering as she places her hands on her hips, “We haven’t seen her since before the accident.” She continues. “You know how particular your aunt is about being presentable. She does not wish to be seen until she’s all healed up. And besides, she’s sleeping now, so it’d be rude to wake her.” Uncle Walter says, meeting Jackie’s glare with his own. These two never did get along. Jo thinks as she feels the awkwardness in the room begin to materialize.

“Besides, she explicitly told me that she wishes to be done with this whole thing, and that’s why we’ve decided to drop the charges after receiving Ensley’s confession.”

“Huh?” The sisters say simultaneously.

“I said we’re dropping the-” “No, not that part.” Jackie cuts their uncle off, “The last bit. Who confessed?”

“Ensley. Our housekeeper.”

“We know who she is.” Jackie grits her teeth, “How can this be?” She asks. Uncle Walter shrugs. “Let me tell you something my dear little brother never got around to teaching you two before he passed: looks can be deceiving, and people are capable of anything.” Uncle Walter hangs his head and begins to pace back and forth in front of them. “It’s scary how loving and kind someone could appear to be in one second, and evil and sickening in the next.” He continues. The girls take a moment to glance at one another, and their uncle pauses his steps to look at them once again.

“I liked Ms. Bates as much as I do everyone else that works in and around our home, but she said she did it, and for money no less!” Their uncle tuts in disapproval. “She was paid to hurt you?” Jo asks. “No, her goal was to incapacitate us as she cleared out our valuables, but she panicked upon seeing us bleed out and decided to get help.” “But-” Jackie attempts to speak, but their uncle continues, ignoring her. “Since we are so fortunate, we can’t hope to begin to understand the misfortunes of those who are needy.”

“Speak for yourself.” Jackie says under her breath, quiet enough for only Jo to hear. “So we decided to forgive her. It was her own desperation that led her to this madness and it’s better for us all that this doesn’t become a spectacle. Our company image has already taken enough of a hit.” Their uncle states, and from his tone it appeared he no longer wished to discuss the matter further.

Though his heart appeared to be in the right place, Jo feels their uncle could have phrased that better. It was one of the things that caused her sister and him to butt heads so often. Uncle Walter was never one to sugar coat his words, and he had a habit of speaking crassly. “Your mind appears made up, so I suppose there’s no point in us being here.” Jackie says as she cocks her eyebrow. “Yes, I do wish you would have called, could have saved you the long drive from Ravensburg. I’m afraid you came all this way for nothing. You’re more than welcome to spend the night.” “No, thank you. We’re leaving.” Jackie says angrily. She turns away from Uncle Walter and looks at Jo. “Carry Joy for me, I’ll grab her things.” “Okay.” Jo says. “Goodnight, Uncle.” Jackie says as she exists. “Night.” Jo mumbles as she follows her sister’s lead. “Safe travels, girls.” He says as he waves. 

Jo spots Mr. Marseille rocking Joy in his arms in the living room. “Thanks, Desmond.” She says as she reaches her arms out. “It was nothing.” Desmond says as he hands Joy over. She wasn’t surprised that Joy had quieted the minute Desmond had picked her up, he had always been a kind and good-natured guy. It was one of the reasons why she’d developed a huge crush on him back when he first began working for her uncle. Nothing ever came of it, as Desmond had made it very clear that he was only there to work in a professional capacity. And eventually she’d met Bruce and moved on.

Perhaps it was because she used to spend so much time sneaking glances at him, but upon taking a closer look at Desmond, Jo couldn’t help but notice with some alarm that he’d gotten much thinner than she remembered him being. “Are you okay?” She asks. “I’m fine, Josephine.” He responds, not bothering to ask her to elaborate. “For the millionth time, Jo is fine.” Desmond smiles but says nothing more. “Desmond. A word.” Uncle Walter’s voice calls from behind her. Jo notices Desmond’s expression darken for a moment as he glances over her shoulder towards her Uncle. “Drive safe.” He says quietly before giving her shoulder a pat and stepping away. The little bit of contact spreads a warmth to her face Jo is thankful Desmond doesn’t see. 


If you were worried about my ability to crank out overly long chapters, fear not – I don’t think I’m capable of disappointing. Hello friends! My apologies for the super long and unexpected hiatus. I had to deal with a bit of back to back tough real life news, including the passing of a relative, and afterwards it was tough to get back into the wonderful escape that is writing and reading. I’m doing okay now and hope everyone’s safe and healthy during these crazy times. I’m so happy to finally have this out. Sight’s anniversary is coming up yet again and I feel like the lack of chapters I’ve posted are criminal. I hope to be a tad more consistent from now on. 

As for the story itself, I believe I mentioned this case Cailean’s working on is kind of going to be playing a big role for a bit, but it shall be winding down several chapters down. Surprise – maybe not – Jo, whom you haven’t seen since like Chapter 24 two years ago when she helped Kim and Aislyn after their incident, has reappeared. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned in story that her full name is Josephine, hehe (that’s how long it’s been *cries*) But now you know XD. And Mrs. Jacqueline Durand, whom you’ve recently become acquainted with, aka Jackie, is her sister. They both shall also be popping up here and there for good reason~

Well, I’m off to continue doing some catch-up! 

Thanks for reading ❤️
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  1. It’s a good feeling to be reading your story again 😌

    Man… this whole case just reeks more and more of fishy… I have many thoughts. First, Tom was the suspicious cop who was at the Phillips residence last time, right? It’s clear that Ensley didn’t actually make a confession, but she’s just playing along with Tom’s lie for freedom. She seems to know that he’s secretly working with Walter, so now I’m wondering if she was simply framed or actually played a part in the attack on Heidi. Speaking of Walter, did he perhaps off this mysterious Micheal Bates (if that’s the case… Aislyn could help)? And I don’t believe at all what he’s saying about dropping charges due to forgiveness. It’s extremely suspicious that he keeps talking about Heidi recovering, but no one else has seen her, not even her nieces. It seems to me like she might not even be there at all, that Walter (and maybe Ensley) could have actually killed her, possibly for company/money reasons, or something to do with Micheal, maybe an affair. I’m not sure why the very stressed Desmond is keeping a lid on what he knows, how Jackie ties into this because she seemed fishy before but not so much now, how Jo does as well (I peeked at Chapter 24 and hm… what is up with her), and finally, how/why the supposed pretense of Heidi ‘recovering’ will continue to be kept up. I’m very eager to know what truly happened behind this complicated web of lies!

    That’s all my wild theorising spilled out, now for Aislyn! I can’t believe she told Cailean to follow her reckless way of investigating 😂 I have a feeling that might turn out to be dangerous, but she’s right, showing up unannounced would catch smooth-talker Walter off guard and possibly not give him enough time to hide suspicious things. I’m glad Nicole pushed her to calling Cailean, it was a sweet moment, them calmly sitting down and talking. I wish they weren’t so far away from each other, we’re missing out on all the cute cuddly scenes 😫 This makes me think of how they’re sort of this crime-fighting power couple (I say sort of because Aislyn does things… a tad illegally lmao) but their investigative work on the same case has ironically pushed them away from each other even more, thanks to long distance… *sob*

    Such an interesting chapter, and I hope the path to the next one will go smoothly! ❤

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    1. Aww I appreciate that ❤️❤️❤️
      Yup! Tom is Mrs. DeCarlo’s right hand and the one who was at the Phillips’s. A lot of your thoughts are once again on the right track, hehe. Ensley definitely went with the flow there and Michael’s whereabouts shall help to explain several things later on. Yeah… things don’t seem to be going good for Heidi. All shall be revealed in due time 😇 Desmond has a good reason why he’s being loyal to Walter, and I have a feeling you might be able to figure it out before it eventually gets explained. I’ve been hanging on to the sisters for ages so I’m just happy to have finally brought them into the story so the big picture finally starts to appear 😭 Hehe I can say things will begin to spiral after not too long. Hope you enjoy the ride ☺️

      I had fun reading all of your speculations! A lot of things probably won’t surprise you, but a handful might~ Yup XD She was lending some of her expertise. Of the list of things Aislyn’s done, suggesting a simple house visit is the most reasonable, hehe. And it shall allow Cailean to pick up on a few things. Yeah, this is one of those moments where the distance interferes. Because I’m evil, this’ll be the last cute moment between the two for a while 😌 Haha, they kind of are! Working towards justice, but with completely different interpretations of the law, lol. Thank you, and thanks for reading 💕 I hope so, too 🙌

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  2. This was an interesting chapter filled with blasts from the past and nice moments for Aislyn who is inching closer to being honest with Cailean with little pushes from Nicole. I‘m going to go back and read all the chapter summaries to wrap my head around how all of these characters are intertwined with each other! It’s a great story and I’m thrilled to see a new chapter!

    Ona personal note, I’m sorry for your loss and happy to hear you are doing better. ❤️

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    1. Thanks 😊 I was glad to finally bring Jo back since she is supposed to be around a bit moving forward. Aislyn can only make progress relationship-wise due to the advice from those around her, frustrating, I know. I feel terrible at the amount of time that’s passed, but I hope the recaps help to refresh on the main takeaways before thing finally start being revealed ☺️ That means a lot! 💕

      Thank you ❤️

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  3. Hi Amy! 😀 I am so sorry for my super lateness to comment! Truth is, I’ve been completely exhausted for the last couple of months, but I think I’ve finally gotten my energy back! 😉
    Man, that Phillips family sure sounds very suspicious… I wonder what is happening! I think Lila made a lot of good guesses, and I had the exact same thought about Heidi while I was reading…. maybe she’s not even alive anymore! :O But if that’s the case, how on earth are they going to cover this up, and most importantly, for how long? I believe it will be a matter of time until her nieces demand to speak to her in person..! And I’m sure Desmond knows a lot more than he lets on… plus, I think he’ll be the first one to crack, in case someone does crack eventually… Well, I can’t say I have any more solid theories for now, but I’ll be waiting here *patiently* until everything is solved 😉
    Onto our lovely couple now: Ah, Aislyn…! XD Why am I not surprised that she shifted the conversation towards Cailean one again?! *smh* I get her concerns that he might look at her differently if he finds out her secret, and she’s probably right, but stalling isn’t going to solve anything… the secrets will probably poison heir relationship anyway, so won’t it be better if she just takes a chance with him? Anyway… Cailean’s concerns about her way of thinking when she suggested he’d go at the Phillips residence right away, had me both chuckling and worrying. I bet there will be some serious discussion in the future (you know, apart from all the ghost stuff – *if* Aislyn decides to get her head out of her behind)!
    I hope Cailean will stay safe during his house call… I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my sweet cinnamon roll! ❤
    This was such a great chapter! I am on pins and needles about what's coming next! 😀 ❤ ❤

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    1. Eek, I’m the one who should be sorry for my superrrr late reply! I haven’t hopped onto WordPress in a month 😅 I can relate to feeling exhausted, glad to hear you’re doing better!
      Hehe, there’s a lot to unpack with the Phillips. You’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold 😇 You may or may not be surprised as to what they are capable of…
      Haha, if someone does crack, Desmond is a logical choice. You’ll learn a bit more about him and why he is the way he is. I hope you the revelations deliver ☺️
      Aislyn is the queen of deflection, hehe. You’re right in that stalling definitely won’t help things in any way whatsoever. That’s the thing about fear – it makes you make bad decisions. Cailean’s definitely noticed some red flags about Aislyn and her behavior, and that will continue. Whether or not he chooses to bring it up remains to be seen. He’s not as reckless as Aislyn (even though he’s taking her advice XD) so he should be good… for now.
      Thanks so much, dear ❤️ I’m looking forward to showing what’s to come 😄

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  4. Oh boy, I am so, so, so sorry that it’s taken me so long to read and comment. It seems Sims is becoming a weekend thing for me and not a whole week thing, so… yes, that’s my excuse.
    I have no idea what’s going on with that Phillips thing, but it is very weird and I, too, am wondering if Mrs. Phillips is even alive. But yeah – no clue what’s going on so I’m excited to figure out what’ll happen. 🙂
    Oh man, one of these days, Aislyn really needs to tell Cailean already. Seriously, the longer she takes to tell him, the more angry he’ll get. But maybe you’ll just kill him off and he won’t find out until he’s walking around as a ghost. 🙃
    Great chapter, Amy. 😀

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    1. Don’t apologize! I’m not one to talk considering I haven’t even opened WP in a month *cries* Sorry for the belated reply!
      I’m glad things don’t appear to be super obvious yet ☺️ I shall enjoy dropping hints here and there before everything comes to light.
      Yeah, I feel guilty about how long Aislyn’s dilemma is dragging out, and I’m afraid she will only continue to frustrate everyone XD She’ll eventually reach a point where things will hit rock bottom if she doesn’t come clean. Looool, I could never do such a thing… or could I 😇 It’s crazy that you say that because I at one point considered reintroducing Aislyn’s ex Tristan as a ghost (death via tragic accident) and that’s how he’d learn about her ability. But I got too attached to him and couldn’t do it so he’ll be popping up in a very casual manner later on, hehe 😂 Thank you! And thanks for reading 💕

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  5. Wow, I wonder what’s up with Ensley confessing and then them dropping charges. Too suspicious. Was she going to say something about Mr. Philips? I believe she began saying his name…
    I’m glad Aislyn finally talked to Cailean. And yet, she still focused solely on him and didn’t say anything that was bothering her. Can’t say I’m surprised.
    Oh, Jo has reappeared! I wonder what’s her role in this apart from being the niece.
    And now I’m caught up, yay! 😀

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    1. That was definitely too convenient, and Cailean doesn’t plan on letting it slide. Hmm… interesting theory there, I shall let you see 😇
      Aislyn made one step of progress forward and then two back by reverting to her usual deflection, lol XD I guess by now, everyone’s used to her ways, haha.
      Yup! After a million years, she’s back in the story 😭 I swear she has a purpose and everything shall start to make some sense! Just need a bit more time~
      Aww, thanks so much for reading and commenting! I’ve missed seeing you around here! I hope to catch up too ☺️ I really enjoyed reading your thoughts throughout the day – they made my day ❤️

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      1. Your and Louise’s stories are the only ones I caught up on as of now and currently I don’t know when/if I’ll be getting to everyone. It’s so good to be taking to you again ❤️

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