four year blogiversary

Oy Vey, another lengthy hiatus from yours truly~ 

Hey everyone! Long time no see, sorry for the lack of updates on my end… Can you believe it’s been five months since I’ve posted? I swear it was Christmas yesterday *cries* And I barely recognize WP’s editor, I want the old version back </3

Well, to no one’s surprise I’ve not written or read much these past few months, same goes for my sporadic Tumblr posting which has been kept on a lifeline thanks to Lila’s tags (I appreciate you ✊). Since my last blogiversary, I’ve posted a measly 3 chapters which is borderline criminal. At this point, even I’m beginning to forget what I’ve shared – *cough* not much – and what’s to come. (I’ve made a handy dandy outline, but I forget to add little details on there sometimes, hehe). 

I’m working on the next chapter and its title is still the same as was shared on my last blogiversary post, lol: ‘Chapter 49 pt. 1: Things You Already Know.’ I had hoped to get it out before April 30th which is my official blogiversary date, but that was a clear failure. These screenshots have been sitting around for close to two years now and I can’t wait to be rid of them 💀 I do hope it won’t take me more than a few days to finish it, at long last! 

Per usual, the recaps pages are up to date, and as always, thanks for your patience if you’re still coming along on this frustrating and lengthy ride ❤️  I’ve missed interacting with everybody~

Take care,
xoxo Amy

21 thoughts on “four year blogiversary

  1. Congratulations! Whoop whoop for four years 🎉✨ It’s super exciting to hear that there’s another chapter in the works and that we might see it in a few days! Can’t wait to read 💕 Man, two year old screenshots?! The next chapter has the long-awaited party scene right?
    I’m forever sad about your hiatuses, but also feels. It’s been 3 months since I posted my last chapter and I can’t see the next one coming out for another 2 months 😭 I miss storytelling a lot!
    The new Gutenberg editor is ughh, why did they have to mess around with all the interfaces and combine Reader, it was fine before 😫 The site keeps on trying to give me the new look but I refuse to accept it and keep on switching back 😆

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    1. Wait I didnt even know we COULD opt into the old editor? Is that where there’s no goddamn “blocks”? Idek whats old and whats new, I just get annoyed at everything lol

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      1. Uhhh I bookmarked the old page for Posts, so that gives me a Classic Editor option under each post name, but I think the new format doesn’t have that option. The blocks are so goddamn annoying lmao. Try [your website address]/wp-admin/edit.php because the new editor has an entirely different address

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      2. Oh-em-geee you lifesaver, you! That worked for me – the option for using the classic editor popped up 🙏 Thanks a bunch! Now working on the next chapter wont be hellish, hehe.

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      3. The block editor is a menace, lmao. I want structure back 😤 If this update was optional, I blew past the chance to keep things the way they were. I’m going to give Lila’s link a try, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll dig around a bit to see if there are other options for switching back.

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      4. I think a year or so ago they added the editor as an optional “try this out!”, but slowlyyy have been transforming the old into new, so I feel like I’ve been beating it back with a broom this entire time lmfao. Go away I don’t want your annoying “blocks” 😤

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    2. Thank you! 😄 ❤️ It feels good to finally be getting back to it~

      I knowww – with the exception of three that I just took because my writing is getting lengthy, the majority of the pics are from 2019 😭 I sprinkled a few of them on my tumblr when I first made it so they will probably look familiar, lol. The party chapter is actually still a bit further down too, there’s a bit of confrontation and development that needs to go on before we get there, lol, so as of now it’s set at Chapter 50 and the end of this part of the story.

      I can’t wait to catch up! Time flies by so quick, I swearrr. On paper five months looks bad, but it feels like less XD

      This editor is trashhh, I tried re-adding the classic editor via plug-in but it says you need an upgraded account and considering how scarcely I’m here, that’s not a wise expenditure on my part, lol. If there’s another way to switch back, I’ll do it immediately, haha.

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  2. Happy Blogiversary!! I so miss you being around tumblr, but hell I havent been much better than you on the storytelling front, and am slooooowly trying to make my great return to WP fulltime, which will also probably take a disastrous amount of months xD So dont feel bad! I think you, me and Lila are all in the bin right now lmfao

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    1. Thanks, Jade! I miss it too </3 I keep saying 'okay now I'll catch-up' and then I blink and it has been months lmao 😭 I was browsing through the reader just now and was soooo surprised to see your name pop-up! Haven't had a chance to creep yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been posting! I'm glad we all seem to be in it for the long haul, hehe~

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    1. That’s very true, I find that I’m usually not alone in having to step back or take big breaks when it comes to posting things which makes me feel less stress/guilt.
      Thanks for the kind words 😊


  3. I just get happy every time I see somebody dropping back in to say they’re not entirely gone. 😊 I’m not super active myself (who’d have thought full time work would be… well, so much work? 😂). I’ll definitely be hanging around waiting for the next chapter, though. 😁

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    1. Aww I know the feeling! I’m glad to see that despite lengthy gaps here and there, WP is still alive and well 😄 As of now, the plan is to stick around. Lol, the title is accurate XD Hope it’s going well! I appreciate it ❤️ I still haven’t caught up on Heartwood, or anything for that matter, *cries* but I’m excited to!

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  4. It’s good to see you and I’m looking forward to reading the already posted new chapter ❤️ I mean, I have just done my sporadic WP lurking and turns out my 5th blogiversary was 2 days ago. Yup, I remember now…

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