Hello~ I’m Amy: foodie, lover of comics, film, landscapes and outer space.

Been a simmer for 10 years; used to write a lot of stories and then left for quite some time, but excited to be getting back into it.

I try my best to make my protagonists in my stories different from one another, both physically and personality wise, but they all do tend to have some underlying similarities; that may or may not stem from bits of my own personality that bleed into them through courses of actions they may take or snarky remarks they make.

I love to write, I hope whatever professional career I may take in the future involves a lot of it. Likewise I love to read stories; so feel free to share yours and give your thoughts on mine!

I appreciate you stopping by~ Feel free to ask me anything or leave any comments or critiques.

In honor of the six month anniversary of this blog, I made a special post with a lot of background info about my writing and previous stories, feel free to press the photo below to check it out:


And in honor of the one year anniversary of this blog, I built on the last blogiversary and further elaborated on my previous stories’ original publication and plotlines while also detailing the future plans for my current story – you can also press the photo below to check that out as well if you’d like:


Take care, and happy simming!
xoxo Amy

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