Elite Guide

This is a guide designated for keeping all of the Elite members, from my story The Elite sorted. If you are new and haven’t started the story yet, feel free to begin here: Intro

If you are a current reader, first of all: thanks! Below is a list of the Elite members, in order of region, similar to how Irene read them from the newspaper in Chapter 5, but with more detail as to what each region specializes in. You’ll also find a photo attached because a list of names isn’t particularly helpful without a face, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

Note: I’ve designated a separate page for this instead of my usual post so it is easy to find and doesn’t get lost – hope this helps! *

~ The Elite ~

Region 1 (Militialand)
Simon Clause; Age: 29; Emblem Color: Green1F2
specialties: strategic planning, combat

Region 2 (Aristoland)
Name: Skyler Austin; Age: 24; Emblem Color: Pale Coral2F2
specialties: modeling, fashion & design

Region 3 (Portland)
Name: Ivan Kore; Age: 25; Emblem Color: Navy
specialties: trading, sailing, navigation

Region 4 (Illustraland)
Samuel Tyler; Age: 25; Emblem Color: Baby Blue
specialties: art, painting, sculpting

Region 5 (Alimenland)
Name: Nigel Parkinson; Age: 22; Emblem Color: White
specialties: cooking, baking, food

Region 6 (Techland) 
Name: Irene Charles; Age: 22; Emblem Color: Mint
specialties: inventions, designing, technology

Region 7 (Lilyland)
Kala Toure; Age: 23; Emblem Color: Lilac
specialties: landscaping, gardening, plants

Region 8 (Lightland)
Name: Darryl James; Age: 28; Emblem Color: Yellow
specialties: circuits, electricity, physics

Region 9 (Masonland)
Kori Lane; Age: 26; Emblem Color: Gray
specialties: architecture, engineering

Region 10 (Agriland)
Name: Kyle Rodson; Age: 21; Emblem Color: Brown
specialties: cultivation

Region 11 (Sciland)
Ricky Tyler; Age: 27; Emblem Color: Orange
specialties: experiments & hypotheses, medicine

Region 12 (Micellaland)
Name: Emily Johnson; Age: 24; Emblem Color: Violet
specialties: literature, organization, data

✯ – indicates our protagonist

xoxo Amy