Sight Recap | Part One

PART ONE | SEPT. 30 2017 – APR. 08 2018
Chapter One || Chapter Twenty-five
A summary of the important events of each chapter in the first part of Sight.
Spoilers are a given.
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1: Oldmerrow’s Loose Screw1.jpg
Friends Cailean, Gus, and Chad swing by Ranny’s diner to pick up Chad’s girlfriend, Mai, so they can meet up with another friend, Kimberly, to go see a film downtown. Whilst waiting for Kimberly to arrive, they see one of Mai’s co-workers, a girl by the name of Aislyn, leaving, and break out into a brief discussion about her after she gives a less than pleasant greeting. Kimberly informs them that she’s known amongst the people of Oldmerrow as ‘Loose-screw Lyn’ because of the fact she’s often seen talking to herself and frequently visits graveyards. Meanwhile, Aislyn is followed by a woman who requests she pass along a message to a tavern owner downtown.

2: Moving “Onwards”
The woman who bestows the request to Aislyn is revealed to be Lacy Thompson, a woman who is no longer living and is capable of communicating with Aislyn because of her unique ability to see ghosts. The tavern owner, Martha, whom is revealed to be Lacy’s sister, doesn’t take too well to the message Aislyn is tasked with passing on, and leaves in a rage after slapping her. Gus, and his friends, see this as they enter the pub, and he makes his way to Aislyn to introduce himself and flirt, much to the disapproval of the others, particularly Kimberly.

3: “John Doe”3
Aislyn collapses into bed after seeing Lacy ‘move onwards’ once she’s completed her request, and her slumber interrupted by another ghost, J.D. His real name is unknown and he’s been residing with Aislyn for the past year and a half after turning up at her doorstep with no recollection of his prior life unlike other ghosts. Aislyn feels guilty at her decrease in efforts to help him find closure because she’s grown to enjoy his company in her isolated life. She follows J.D. to a farm where he says there is a child ghost that needs help getting closure; they roam the city for hours, searching for the boy ghost’s family, deducing they were in some sort of accident, before eventually finding his mother. They then watch both of them move on in peace, with Aislyn noting J.D’s expression of both pity and jealousy.

4: It’s A Date4
After reporting the fallen van from the mother-son ghost accident at the police station, Aislyn falls asleep on a park bench instead of heading home. She is found by Gus and his friends, Cailean and Otto, just as he was making plans to contact her later and ask her to accompany him to a party downtown. Aislyn agrees; partially to get Gus and his friends to leave quicker and partially to experience a semblance of normalcy for a change. J.D. eases her worries at hanging out with others after so long and she meets up with Gus and his friends outside the club. After arriving, Aislyn hesitates before joining them in.

5: Unfinished Business5.jpg
Surprised that she’s enjoying the party and Gus’ company, Aislyn takes a moment to step outside and regroup after becoming slightly overwhelmed. She is joined by Cailean and they have a pleasant conversation before a ghost named Trey appears asking her for a life or death favor which turns out to be a lie. Angered, Aislyn returns home after a brief encounter with Ollie and Dee, acquaintances of Trey who are unaware of his death, and recounts her evening for J.D. who is able to tell that Aislyn is lying about not being bothered by her run in with Trey’s friends. Aislyn wakes up the next morning and prepares for her day shift at the library.

6: Who Were You?6.jpg
Having learned where Aislyn works part-time during their evening the night before, Gus drags Cailean and Chad along with him to ask Aislyn on another date. Chad notices Cailean’s opposition to Gus’s persistence and figures it’s because he’s interested in Aislyn, which Cailean denies strongly. Gus manages to get Aislyn to agree to a dinner and they go out later that day. Aislyn indulges in a little too much to drink during the night and gives mixed signals to Gus: inviting him inside where they have a heated makeout session, before realizing they aren’t alone and kicking him out. Trey, from the previous night’s encounter, has come to insist Aislyn do as he asks; when Aislyn begins to decline, Ollie and Dee who have broken in, overhear her, and threaten her, demanding she bring something to them that Aislyn is oblivious to. They tell her she has twenty-four hours before she’s either killed, or has her home burned to the ground.

7: Flirting With Danger7.jpg
Aislyn and J.D. hear all about Trey and his past, learning that he, Ollie and Dee were a part of a recent art gallery robbery, and the cash from their heist is what they believe is in Aislyn’s current possession. Aislyn hastily comes up with a plan to ensure that she remains unharmed and the intruders are caught. Everything almost goes according to plan except for the sudden appearance of Trey who tries to attack Aislyn, drawing the attention of Ollie and Dee who attempt to keep Aislyn quiet when the police arrive. Aislyn manages to escape and prepares to go down to the station and give her narrative of what all went down.

8: A Tweaked Version of Events8
At the Oldmerrow Police Department, Aislyn recounts her evening to the police commissioner, Daphne DeCarlo, with a lot of omitted and altered information. She is surprised that the commissioner states that her tale matches that of Ollie and Dee’s and wonders why they didn’t contradict her. Upon realizing Aislyn has no friends or immediate family in the area to spend the night with whilst the police inspect her home, the commissioner offers her own for the night, and dismisses Aislyn to take a call from her son whom she volunteers to take Aislyn. Once she’s alone, Aislyn sneaks into the holding area, her curiosity at finding out how Ollie and Dee managed to break in overpowering her desire to ignore it. After having her questions answered, the criminal couple asks some of their own, and Aislyn lets her run in with Trey’s ghost slip. Upon returning to the waiting area, Aislyn sees a ghost who pays no mind to her and instead focuses on the commissioner and her son, whom Aislyn is surprised to find out is Cailean, and accompanies him to their home, relieved that everything worked out.

9: Shouldering Everything Alone9
After a night at the DeCarlo household, Cailean drops Aislyn off at home, where they meet up with the commissioner and are joined by Gus whom Aislyn invites inside to fill in on all that’s transpired. Gus, who originally wanted to give Aislyn a half-assed apology, instead asks her if she wants to give their relationship another go, but seriously this time, after being touched at the attention she pays him. Aislyn ponders his question for a moment before agreeing; wanting to be with someone flesh and blood for a change after being around cold and spirits. The next morning, she fills J.D. in on her evening at the police station before heading out and running into a ghost that insists there is something worrisome occurring nearby. For the first time, Aislyn ignores the ghost, deciding it’s time to stop worrying about attempting to salvage the lives of people who no longer have any, and begin focusing on her own.

10: Changing For The Better10
After going to a girls’ night at Mai’s apartment, and having laughed and talked for hours, Aislyn feels herself changing. In the coming weeks, she begins building her relationship with Mai, going on dates with Gus, and researching anything she can regarding J.D’s past after he is able to recall a fraction of a memory: the initials J➳J inscribed on his ring which he now believes is a wedding band. During one of her searches at an early library shift, Aislyn runs into Cailean and they get lost in discussion when she notices he’s reading her favorite novel. Cailean asks if Aislyn is interested in attending a book signing of the author they discover they’re both huge fans of, and Aislyn hesitates once she finds out the signing will be held in Bayville. Cailean tells her to let him know if she changes her mind about going before the week’s end. When Aislyn returns home, J.D. questions her hesitation, wondering if there is something in Aislyn’s past holding her back from saying yes, to which Aislyn confesses there is.

11: PART ONE | Who I Used To Be11
As J.D. continues to hassle Aislyn for refusing to go the book signing, she takes him on a walk outside to fill him in on why she’s reluctant to revisit Bayville, her hometown. She tells him all about her childhood; how she was her school’s Queen Bee, dated the star quarterback, and was captain of the cheerleading squad while also being the top of her academics and involved in even more extracurricular activities. She relays how this all ended when she was in a terrible accident that put her into a coma for two months; the aftermath being her waking up with her ability to see those who’ve passed.

11: PART TWO | Who I Have Become12
Continuing her tale, Aislyn tells J.D. how life for her was drastically different after returning home, and to school. After being seen talking to her new ghost friend Maddie, by someone she believed was her friend, word of her spiraling sanity quickly spread throughout the school, and outside of it. Her parents’ marriage had begun to strain because of their differences in the actions to take going forward for Aislyn and ended in a bitter divorce. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Tristan, also ended not long afterwards with Aislyn having learned how easy it is to come crashing down from the top.

12: Facing Demons13
J.D. convinces Aislyn she’s running from a non-existent problem, and gets her to call Cailean to tell him she’d like to join him on his trip to Bayville for the book signing. Aislyn is surprised at how flustered she gets while speaking with Cailean, and figures it’s just nerves at the prospect of returning home, while Cailean worries he’s angered Gus by not mentioning that he’s extended the invitation for the signing to Aislyn. The next morning, Aislyn and Cailean set off along the highway to Bayville, and Aislyn is surprised to find herself feeling excited to be returning home.

13: A Stolen Moment14
Having arrived in Bayville much earlier than expected, Aislyn offers to give Cailean a tour of the city to kill time. They spend the day going to beaches, parks and cafés with Cailean snapping photos along the way, hesitating to show them to Aislyn when she asks because of the fact he had been taking quite a few of her while she was unaware. They eventually arrive at the book signing where Aislyn runs into an old classmate, Daisy, who asks if they can have a quick bite and catch up. The unexpected addition to their evening causes Cailean’s car to get towed, resulting in them having to spend the night in Bayville. Aislyn reluctantly calls her father and as they wait for him to arrive at a bus stop, Aislyn falls asleep on Cailean’s shoulder. The simple gesture causes him to reflect on the day and realize that, despite his protests at the mention of it, he does indeed have feelings for Aislyn. Having no desire to betray Gus’s trust, Cailean plans on putting some space between himself and Aislyn when they return home, but until then, he decides to savor a single stolen moment, and rests his head atop hers.

14: Saying Sorry and Thank You15
Having become slightly estranged with her father, after causing a scene years ago at her college graduation where he’d tried to introduce his new girlfriend, Aislyn is unsure of how to make things right. Her father, Marco, picks her and Cailean up, and takes them to his new home where he resides with his new wife, Nicole. After the awkwardness becomes suffocating, Aislyn can’t take it anymore and asks to speak with her father outside where she apologizes and opens up to him about her feelings at the time. Her father also caves in and confesses it was hard for him to put up a cold front, and that he was waiting for Aislyn to come around, but as they are both too stubborn for their own good, their silence dragged on for longer than it should’ve. Feeling elated at finally patching things up, Aislyn returns inside to find Cailean, who she had forgotten all about, asleep on the couch and decides she’ll make an effort to repay his kindness the following day.

15: A Simple Misunderstanding126 (1)
Feeling guilty at forgetting about Cailean while dealing with her emotional baggage, Aislyn attempts to give him a silent thank you, via a kiss on the cheek, only to have Cailean stir and accidentally give her a real one full on the mouth. When Aislyn doesn’t return home, J.D. comes to Bayville and meets M, who offers to help him find her in return for an unknown favor. Marco goes with Cailean to collect his car, and makes him feel guilty when he gives him praises for being kind to Aislyn, since Cailean plans on putting some distance between them the moment they return home. Meanwhile, Aislyn is able to patch things up with Nicole; spending the day chatting, painting nails, and shopping with her. Realizing by the end of the day that Nicole and her father both think she’s in a relationship with Cailean, Aislyn is eager to go home and make sure there are no misunderstandings with Gus.

16: Silver Spoon16
Aislyn shows up at Gus’s house unannounced and despite being slightly angry initially, Gus is quick to come around the more he and Aislyn talk. They are in the midst of clearing things up when his mother shows up and requests Aislyn leave. Gus argues with Mrs. Allan, and Aislyn overhears, sparking a curiosity as to the kind of person Gus is. Even more so when he shows up drunk at her house and things begin to get heated before he passes out. The next day Aislyn decides she’ll ask those closest to Gus more about him to garner the kind of person he is. After Mai suggests she speaks to Cailean, Aislyn is reluctant initially, feeling as though she’s taken advantage of his kindness enough already, but eventually decides to visit him as she still possesses his book from the book signing.

17: Something We Can Fix?17
After attempting to learn more about Gus from Cailean, Aislyn ends up storming out of his room hurt, as Cailean comes off quite rude. Unbeknownst to her, it is because of his own feelings of guilt, at becoming so interested in Aislyn, that he ended up channeling onto her. Gus realizes that those closest to him have been trying to give him the attention he thought he’d only be able to receive from Aislyn for years, but he’d been turning them down, and begins opening up to Kimberly. The week drags on and Aislyn eventually receives a call from Gus; having grown lonely during the week with J.D. being gone often, she asks if she can go over to his place and Gus agrees. He asks her if she’d like to go upstairs when she arrives, to which Aislyn says yes. While undressing one another, Aislyn realizes that sleeping together wouldn’t dissipate whatever wall they have between them, and she and Gus have a brief chat in bed, trying to discern what is missing in their relationship. Aislyn eventually decides to leave; on her way out, she runs into Cailean.

18: Why I Care So Much18
Cailean attempts to leave Gus’s house in a hurry after seeing Aislyn coming out of his room with her clothes in hand, having drawn his own conclusion as to what transpired between them. Aislyn chases after him and clarifies that nothing happened, making her wonder why she cares so much what Cailean thinks of her. She finds out J.D’s absence recently is due to him spending time with Maddie, the ghost from her past, whose favor was to help her find Aislyn. They catch up on what Aislyn has been doing these past few years and Maddie finally tells her what her unfinished business is, and Aislyn agrees to complete it for her after the holidays. The following day, whilst on her way to complete her Christmas shopping, Aislyn is stopped by Cailean who finally gets the opportunity to apologize. Aislyn begins to develop an uneasy feeling in the back of her mind the longer she converses with Cailiean, that she likes him, which is confirmed the moment she reaches out to hug him when he suggests they end their conversation, and she feels her heart hammering in her chest; a sensation she didn’t experience when with Gus. Aislyn is completely unaware that Cailean is struggling with concealing his feelings for her as well, which he nearly reveals during their talk.

19: PART ONE | Necessary Conversations19
Mai and Chad, who’ve been busy with their own studies and work, take a moment to share the observations they’ve made regarding their friends as of late. Mai, who feels there’s an unaddressed tension, suggests they do an intimate activity prior to throwing the holiday party they have planned, so she and Chad decide to send messages inviting everyone to a skate date. Meanwhile, Aislyn struggles with her realization of her feeling for Cailean, holding off on her break-up with Gus, fearful her reasons for doing so will be misinterpreted. J.D, who was already well aware of her feelings, puts Aislyn at ease and suggests she use the outing planned for the following evening as the place to finally put her relationship with Gus to bed.

19: PART TWO | Blood On Your Hands19.2
The skating party all arrive at a soon to be closed outdoor rink, per Mai and Chad’s plan. Aislyn and Gus both appear to be leaning towards the same amicable split, and plan to have a conversation later that evening to end things. The group heads to Martha’s Pub, a venue Aislyn does not wish to enter, having shared a history with Martha after attempting to complete the unfinished business of Lacy Thompson way back when. Gus offers to take her home so they can have that planned discussion, but first, leans in to give Aislyn a kiss to make sure that there is no spark between them. Kimberly observes this, and storms out of the restaurant to the confusion of her friends. Aislyn runs into her outside but Kimberly comes off as hostile and Aislyn follows her out in an attempt to understand what has caused her sudden change in behavior. When Kimberly continues to push her away, Aislyn gives up and turns to head back to the pub and runs into the ghost she had ignored months prior, who angrily accuses her of being responsible for what’s transpired during the time she’s ignored his warnings. He informs her that Kimberly is headed towards the location where those worrisome things were occurring, and Aislyn hastily tries to call Kim back to no luck before eventfully catching up to the her, only for both of them to be captured by masked men lurking in the area.

20: Life Is Too Short20
After noticing neither Aislyn nor Kim can be found outside, or contacted via phone, Gus alerts the others to their absence and the group begins searching for the girls, before going to Cailean’s mother at the police station in worry. The commissioner dispatches her officers and sends the group to the DeCarlo household while they search for the girls who are now declared missing. After several hours of agonizing waiting, while Cailean is on the phone attempting to get updates for the group, Gus stumbles on a folder with photos from Cailean and Aislyn’s Bayville trip and notices the excessive photos of Aislyn, making him curious as to whether Cailean likes her. Gus confronts Cailean who, due to the grim circumstances decides it’s best to be honest and comes clean regarding the feelings he’s been harboring for Aislyn.

21: Secret’s Out21
Bound at an unknown location, Aislyn and Kim wake up and find they’ve been kidnapped by two anonymous criminals that the ghost Aislyn had ignored tried to warn her of earlier. She learns his name is Jacob and sends him to fetch J.D. to increase her chances of getting herself and Kimberly out unscathed. While waiting for the ghosts to return, Kim confesses the reason for her behavior is jealously, because of her long-held feelings for Gus, and not because of any issues she has with Aislyn personally. Aislyn reveals her ability to Kim, so that when the time comes to escape, she’s aware of what’s going on, signifying the first time a living person has become aware of her well-kept secret.

22: As Good As Dead22
While the girls’ whereabouts are unknown, Commissioner DeCarlo reels in the parents of both girls to fill them in on what’s transpired. Cailean becomes increasingly aware of just how much he’s come to care for Aislyn in her absence. Meanwhile Aislyn and Kim begin their escape attempt. They are able to make it out successfully, but only after taking a plunge into the icy waters of the Oldmerrow river to ensure they are not found by their assailants who’d have no trouble finding them had they attempted to have walked to the city on foot.

23: A Familiar Face23
Aislyn, unable to tolerate the cold, passes out and is dragged from the river by Kimberly who gets help from passersby Dr. Bruce Renolds and his friend Danny. Aislyn is treated for hypothermia while Kim fills the helpers in on their urgent predicament, only to find out that due to the harsh weather conditions they’ll need to wait before they can alert the others to their whereabouts. J.D. harbors some dark thoughts about his uselessness at helping to keep Aislyn safe and how his prolonged presence will do more harm in the long run as Aislyn will have technically lost a friend she’s never had in the first place. Aislyn wakes and is relieved Kim is alright, and notices that amongst their saviors is a girl named Jo, whom she had met months prior. She recalls Jo approaching her during one of her library shifts, and inexplicably asking for a tour of Oldmerrow before disappearing. Once the weather clears, the girls and their new friends head to the station where Aislyn and Kim briefly speak with the commissioner before rushing out to embrace their parents.

24: Feeling Without Thoughts24
Kimberly, who catches onto Aislyn’s desire to keep her ability a secret, helps Aislyn recount their experience to the police commissioner. Afterwards, Commissioner DeCarlo, partially doubtful of the girls’ tale, informs them of their friends’ worrying. The girls re-tell their experience once more at the DeCarlo household where they meet up with their friends, relieved after remaining awake for many hours in distress. As everyone prepares to leave, Aislyn takes a moment to finally have the conversation she had planned to with Gus, and they break up officially; thanking one another for the changes they both experienced in their time together. Aislyn returns inside and walks up to a conflicted Cailean who wanted nothing more than to embrace Aislyn during her absence, but is holding back out of fear of inadvertently pushing her away by coming on too soon. Once their eyes meet, he is unable to restrain himself and he approaches Aislyn; wrapping her in a wordless embrace she returns.

25: Goodbye For Now25
Aislyn ponders what her moment in the kitchen with Cailean could mean, before accompanying her father and Nicole to their hotel; avoiding her home as the assailants are still at large. That evening, her father and his wife ask Aislyn if she’d consider leaving Oldmerrow to live with them and not just out of concern for her safety; saying there is much more to offer her there. Aislyn agrees after reflecting on the fact that she’d come to Oldmerrow as an escape and now, no longer had anything to escape from, having dealt with all the demons of her past. She packs up all of her belongings, with the help of her father and Nicole, and prepares for her stay in Bayville for an undetermined amount of time. Feeling liberated internally, Aislyn decides to take a symbolic haircut to show how changed she feels within. She decides to end the night by contacting Cailean, surprised at how much she just wanted to hear his voice regardless of what feelings he may or may not have for her. Cailean who has also been wondering what Aislyn had been thinking after the abrupt end to their embrace, answers his phone with a smile, and both parties plan on talking for as long as they can without so many thoughts for a change.Obsidian_Page_Seperator2 (1)