Sight Recap | Part Two

IIPART TWO |  JUN. 09 2018 – SEPT. 26 2018; MAY 27 2019 –
Chapter Twenty-six || Chapter Fifty pt.1
A summary of the important events of each chapter in the second part of Sight.
Spoilers are a given.
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26: Suffocating
Kimberly struggles to adjust to normal life after the ordeal she and Aislyn go through. The constant police presence begins to irk both girls and they decide to meet and talk, which Kim suggests they do at the mall. Aislyn informs Kim of her intention to leave Oldmerrow to reside with her father and step-mother, but only after the assailants are caught. They spend the day shopping in preparation of the upcoming holiday party Mai and Chad have planned, and Kim visibly relaxes. Aislyn’s thoughts drift to Cailean and their unspoken moment in the kitchen, wondering what he currently thinks of her. Later in the evening, she, Marco, and Nicole head to a restaurant located in the outskirts of town. The eerily familiar voice of their server causes Aislyn to break out in a cold sweat. She is fairly certain that standing before her is one of the men that had taken her and Kimberly.

27: PART ONE | Guilty Conscience
Gus decides to pay Kim a visit due to her radio silence to his texts and calls. Kim, who would normally be thrilled at the attention of her friend for whom she has feelings for, is unable to enjoy the moment because of her current state. Despite Gus’ efforts to get Kim to open up, she maintains her façade and brushes him off, rather rudely, as she has no intentions of cracking after all of her efforts to numb herself to all the distress she’s feeling. Gus refuses to leave however, and succeeds in getting Kim to share just how much anguish she’s in, eventually managing to fall asleep in his arms after a spell of sleepless nights. Meanwhile, Aislyn, still reeling from her encounter with the man she was certain was one of her assailants, runs into the ghosts of his prior victims. She hastily comes up with a plan to ensure the men are locked away, and asks the deceased ladies to round up any others like them and meet her in her hotel room later that night.

27: PART TWO | Too Easy
The ghosts of all the previous victims of Aislyn and Kim’s kidnappers turn up in her room as promised by the two Aislyn had encountered earlier. During the shift change of the officer posted outside her hotel room, Aislyn slips away to the business center with the ghosts in tow. Her plan entails her forging a confession on behalf of the criminal brothers, whom she learns are known as Jet and Blade Perelli. She does her best to listen and document every detail from the female ghosts, despite beginning to feel sick and guilty that each girl could have been alive if she’d just listened to the warning she’d heard months back. After sending the letter to the Oldmerrow Police Department, Aislyn slips back into her room and waits. Commissioner DeCarlo dispatches the officers that aren’t guarding Aislyn and Kim to the various locations written in the confession, and after a confrontation involving several shots of gunfire, the brothers are arrested and brought in. Despite the day’s success the Commissioner can’t help but feel the whole situation was too easy, and requests a trace on the origin of the letter.

28: Caught Up In The Moment
The Oldmerrow P.D. shares the results of their investigations with the public now that the criminals have been caught, and news outlets play the story of the tragic murders on loop for several days. Aislyn does her best to tune it out and considers skipping the holiday party Chad and Mai have planned, but decides to go as it will be her last opportunity to hang out with her group of friends before returning to Bayville. She arrives early, and retreats upstairs to have a moment to herself, where she is joined by Cailean whom she was looking forward to seeing. He gifts her a bracelet, and Aislyn seizes the opportunity to gauge his feelings by stepping under some mistletoe. Before their lips meet, their moment is interrupted by Kimberly who enters with Aislyn’s shoes in hand to inform her she needn’t remove them in the cabin. Aislyn is unable to read Cailean’s face, but is aware of the disappointment clearly expressed on her own. Cailean wishes Aislyn a Merry Christmas and kisses her on the forehead before making a hasty exit.

29: Tying Loose Ends
The party continues with Aislyn noticing Gus being uncharacteristically quiet and distant from Kim who appears to be in good spirits. After making a toast to the New Year and eating the feast Mai has prepared, Aislyn finds a moment in which Cailean is alone to ask if their almost-kiss was initiated by genuine feelings or just the holiday spirit. Fearing his answer, she decides to retreat and the night ends with Aislyn largely ignoring Cailean’s subtle attempts to get her attention. The following day Aislyn goes around Oldmerrow wrapping up her work affairs before beginning to deliver her holiday presents to her friends; the first of which is Kim whose mother makes no effort to hide her dislike of Aislyn.

30: Being Honest
Aislyn fills Kim in on her recent involvement in the arrests of their assailants. They chat a bit about her abilities and Kim manages to ease some of the guilt Aislyn has been harboring. When Aislyn’s upcoming departure to reside with her parents comes up, Kim fills her in on her step-mother’s fame, with Aislyn expressing her desire to work on forming a relationship with her. Both girls part ways after sharing their woes on their similar family troubles and giving each other relationship advice. Aislyn continues her string of goodbyes, receiving a more professional haircut from Chad after her symbolic self-cut attempt. Her evening ends at Gus’ home; they exchange gifts and have a heartfelt talk with Aislyn feeling relieved that their relationship has not become strained by their break-up, and grateful for all the recent changes in her life that can be traced back to Gus’ initial pursuit of her.

31: Regrets
Cailean begins his day reliving the night of the party, coming up with various scenarios in which things between him and Aislyn ended much better than the events that actually transpired. He is unsure of her feelings and regrets not kissing her, but decides not to take any action until the holidays are over and everything is back to normal. Back at the hotel from her rounds of goodbyes, Aislyn hesitates in going to Cailean’s out of fear of being rejected, but decides to ultimately pay him a visit after a push from J.D. She’s greeted by Commissioner DeCarlo who lets Aislyn in and informs her Cailean will be returning late. Once home, Cailean is pleasantly surprised to find Aislyn waiting in his room where she finally shares her feelings for him before giving him a kiss, a gesture he enthusiastically returns.

32: Bella Notte
Aislyn and Cailean decide to have a makeshift first date in his home due to her less than ideal confession timing. Aislyn, who’s enjoying seeing a relaxed and skilled Cailean in the kitchen, seizes the opportunity to ask him some things about him she’s been curious about. She learns Cailean is part Italian, and that his ability to cook and speak the language came from his father who passed away whilst he was in high school. The duo takes their dinner date outside where Aislyn fleetingly senses something she doesn’t see. She and Cailean continue to get to know one another, with Aislyn tip-toeing around the subject of her mother, but opening up about her previously strained relationship with her father. They chat well into the morning, until a call from a worried Nicole brings their date to an end. Cailean offers to drive Aislyn back, and they agree to begin their relationship then and there, knowing it’ll entail starting off long-distance.

33: Purpose
J.D. finds Maddie on the Bayville Pier, having decided to embrace and act on his feelings for her despite knowing she will be moving onwards soon. He notices Maddie’s mention of her former life and family has decreased after he shares his inability to recall his past, which irks him. Not wanting to spend their limited time fighting, they voice their concerns which ebbs his frustration away. Upon arriving in Bayville, Marco and Nicole go to work, leaving Aislyn home alone. Prior to helping Maddie with her unfinished business, she meets up with her old friend Daisy at a cafe to ask her for a favor, having come to a decision on what she wishes to do going forward: investigative journalism.  

34: Crushing Realizations
Aislyn arrives at Maddie’s sister, Mackenzie’s, high school earlier than scheduled and decides to look for her on her own. Her instinct is to search the library and on the way there she bumps into a boy, Drew, and his friend who seem dumbstruck at the sight of her, but point her in the way of the library nonetheless. There, she finds Mackenzie who is apprehensive of her sudden appearance. After using some of the private things Maddie tells her to win Mackenzie over, Aislyn takes her to the bank to retrieve items left behind for her in a safety deposit box. Aislyn then drops Mackenize off at her foster home in the rougher part of town and offers to keep in touch should the teen ever need her. Having finally helped Maddie with her unfinished business, Aislyn, along with J.D, go to the cemetery to say their goodbyes. After seeing Maddie disappear into the familiar light, knowing she won’t ever return, Aislyn’s thoughts drift to J.D. and it dawns on her that he will one day have to do the same. The realization hits Aislyn hard, causing her to shed some tears she hopes he won’t be able to discern amongst the pouring rain.

35: Nostalgia
After giving their somber goodbyes to Maddie, Aislyn returns home with J.D. and is surprised to find a box in her room that Nicole tells her is full of her childhood belongings, courtesy of her father. As she rummages through the aged contents inside, Aislyn stumbles onto a framed photograph of her old sweetheart, Tristan, serving as a reminder of their ungraceful parting. While her thoughts drift back to her first love, and what he’s up to in the present day, J.D. draws Aislyn out of her reverie to alert her to the incoming call from Cailean. They chat and catch up on the day’s happenings, with Aislyn surprised at how much she misses him as hardly any time has passed since their parting. Upon ending the call, she notices J.D. is nowhere to be seen, and ventures to the Bayville Cemetery suspecting she’ll find him there. Her suspicions are correct, and she spots J.D. at Maddie’s grave; determined to reciprocate his constant support during her lows, she joins him. Unbeknownst to the duo, a stranger watches them in the graveyard from a distance. Meanwhile, Commissioner DeCarlo learns the Perelli brothers’ confession originated from the Merrow Rose Hotel, the location that Aislyn and her family happened to be residing in at the time. Not a believer in coincidence, the commissioner employs a hacking group to uncover who exactly penned the letter, and decides she’ll worry about what to do with the answer she’s seeking once she receives it. 

36: Changes
Before heading off to work, Cailean notices his mother is visibly distressed about something, but gives up his efforts to uncover exactly what upon seeing her moment of vulnerability quickly disappear, and her usual guardedness return. In Bayville, Aislyn goes to the city’s mass media corporation, The Sentinel, for an unconventional job interview, and manages to succeed in attaining a position as a journalist. Her new boss, Mr. Silva, instructs another member of his investigative team, Minah, to begin acquainting Aislyn with the job immediately. Minah finds something to be familiar about Aislyn, but is unable to recall exactly what. As the girls comb through the library to get materials for Aislyn, another of Silva’s team members, Axel, enters and is convinced Aislyn is someone he knows named Tris. After clearing the misunderstanding, the awkward atmosphere between Aislyn and Axel remains. Before heading home, Cailean’s boss calls him into his office to think over a potential job promotion which would entail relocating to Ravensburg in the near future. 

37: At Arm’s Length
Upon Minah’s suggestion, Aislyn tags along on an assignment with Axel in Ravensburg, hoping the outing will help familiarize her with her new job as well as eliminate the awkwardness between them. She notices despite Axel’s casual chatter, he’s reluctant to look into her eyes or in her direction in general. By their excursions end, Aislyn is unsure whether or not the situation between them has improved. To her surprise, Axel offers to give her a ride back to Bayville, but upon receiving a text from her father asking to meet at an unspecified location, she declines, but expresses her gratitude. Aislyn meets her father on the steps of a house that’s for sale; he explains that he and Nicole are thinking of moving in order to raise a child, one they plan to adopt. Aislyn is caught off guard at the sudden announcement, but is genuinely happy for them. Back in Oldmerrow, Cailean is dragged out for a night of drinking by Kimberly who is curious as to the state of he and Aislyn’s relationship. He figures deflecting will be pointless and informs her of their new relationship, also expressing his concern that Aislyn is holding him at arm’s length. 

38: Things Worth Mentioning
A month goes by and Aislyn, who’s been preoccupied with her new job, has plans to finally meet up with Cailean later in the day. She grabs lunch with Daisy with whom she’s rekindled her friendship, and expresses her concern at Axel’s tendency to avoid her as well as the changed nature of her relationship with Cailean. On the other side of the city, Drew Dempsey returns home to seek the council of his sister Dakota on how to best approach a girl in his class he’s developed a crush on: Mackenzie Davis. Dakota suggests he invite her to their family’s upcoming fundraising party, an idea Drew agrees is a good move. Back in Oldmerrow, Gus calls Aislyn to remind her of the present he had gotten her for Christmas that will soon expire, and to inquire about Kim with whom he’s grown distant from in the past weeks. Figuring asking his ex for relationship advice wouldn’t be a good move, he decides to not do the latter. While on his date with Aislyn, Cailean grows quiet upon learning how many things she’s refrained from telling him. Aislyn senses she’s done something wrong and convinces Cailean to enlighten her even though he does not want to spend their limited time fighting. He expresses his discontent at her tendency to withhold things from him and Aislyn promises to change.

39: PART ONE | Enigma
In the aftermath of their date and discussion, Aislyn begins avoiding Cailean; not ready to change her behavior despite agreeing with his concerns, as that would entail opening up about her past in one way or another – something she is not ready to do. She heads to work and is accompanied by her co-worker Randall who grew curious to her working style due to her efficiency and the level of detail in her stories, a product of her having her ability to aid her. Over at Bayside Academy, Drew musters up the courage to invite Mackenzie to his family’s upcoming party as planned, and she accepts. Aislyn returns home and decides to open up to Cailean, beginning to feel guilty due to his continued patience and understanding. She then comforts Nicole who is feeling frantic at the prospect of becoming a mother this late in life; reassuring her by telling her she’s been more of a mother to Aislyn than her own ever has. The following day she takes Mackenzie out shopping to look for an outfit for her upcoming date, but the pair are unable to find anything that stands out. After dropping Mackenzie off at home, promising to take her out until they are successful, she runs into Axel. He offers to let her take shelter at his place during the incoming storm, and despite her gut telling her to decline, Aislyn accepts.  

39: PART TWO | Old Pain
Aislyn follows Axel back to his place with the goal of getting some kind of explanation for his continuously odd behavior around her, or at the very least, a better understanding of him. His casual demeanor and kind actions frustrate her due to the coldness she had experienced up until that point, and Aislyn decides to confront him. Axel comes clean, delving into his childhood and sharing the fact that Aislyn has an eerie resemblance to a friend of his that had disappeared. Despite his vulnerability, Aislyn is unconvinced that is the entire story, and her curiosity compels her to look around. Whilst in Axel’s room, a particular image stirs a déjà vu so intense, she experiences an intense headache that disappears once Axel comes to her side. After the odd occurrence, Axel appears to be more relaxed around her, his usual tension nowhere to be found. As she waits for Axel to change so that he may drop her off at home, Aislyn notices some sketchbooks sprawled around and reaches for one; she is stopped by Axel who pulls her back expressing that they are private. She apologies, not wanting to mar the progress they’ve made in their relationship, and Axel drops her off at home. Aislyn recounts her day to J.D. who also feels that Axel’s story doesn’t add up. Their chat is interrupted by her father who enters to thank Aislyn for what she’d said to Nicole. The two have a brief heart to heart, with Aislyn expressing that she is genuinely happy with the state of things in her life.

40: Actions Over Words
Kim’s work life begins to take a hit due to her emotions leading her into a creative rut. Despite spending ample amounts of time with her friends, she still feels lonely, particularly due to her distance from Gus whom she fears may have returned to his old playboy ways. Aislyn returns home to Oldmerrow for the first time since Christmas to plan a surprise for Cailean to jointly celebrate his recent birthday and Valentine’s. Cailean is given a case from his boss regarding the home invasion and attack of a wealthy couple, and fears he will have to cancel his plans with Aislyn due to his new heavy workload. Aislyn swings by Gus’ place to have a heart-to-heart, sharing the news of her relationship with Cailean. She returns his Christmas gift, tickets to a limited-time only, exclusive, art exhibition and encourages he take Kim, which Gus agrees to do. Aislyn finishes her preparations at home and invites Cailean over; knowing she still has a ways to go in being completely honest with him, she hopes her actions will be able to speak louder than her words.   

41: Fear Of The Unknown
After exchanging gifts with one another, Aislyn and Cailean plan to spend their evening watching a film. Aislyn notices Cailean’s haste in changing the news report that appears on TV, and questions him; he explains that he isn’t particularly fond of the newscaster, Valerie Jamieson, as she had done a piece in the past based on unfounded rumors that had marred his mother’s reputation in town. Sensing Cailean’s discomfort, Aislyn refrains from pressing the topic further. Her exhaustion at the day’s preparations puts Aislyn to sleep early, giving Cailean time to reflect on the evening and their relationship; he notes there still appeared to be a distance between he and Aislyn, but appreciates that she was making an effort to bridge it. The following morning Aislyn receives a message from Commissioner DeCarlo whom she fears has figured out her secret, and makes plans to meet her in the Oldmerrow Graveyard that afternoon. Regardless of what the commissioner has or hasn’t uncovered regarding her past lies, Aislyn decides to come clean and plead with Daphne to keep what she shares from Cailean.

42: Growing Closer
As Valentine’s day arrives, Oldmerrow’s residents spend their day meeting up with loved ones. Lexi, who’d seen Commissioner DeCarlo speaking to Aislyn, asks Otto if he knows the nature of she and Cailean’s relationship, to which he says he doesn’t. As Lexi describes the tense atmosphere between the two ladies, Otto advises her against getting involved, and she agrees for the time being. Thanks to Aislyn’s push, Gus successfully asks Kim out for the evening, hoping spending some time together can eliminate the awkwardness that had developed between them and repair their friendship. The plan works, and the two quickly make-up. Cailean introduces Aislyn to a place he and his father used to frequent, and despite being tense initially due to her chat with Daphne, Aislyn eventually relaxes and the two have a pleasant time taking photos and chatting. As the night draws to an end, Aislyn struggles with being honest with Cailean, knowing she needs to, but unable to bring herself to follow through. After parting ways and preparing to head home, Aislyn detects a ghostly presence, one she suspects was nearby during she and Cailean’s date and is stunned when she pieces together his identity as Cailean’s deceased father, Neil, vowing to help him with his unfinished business. 

43: Something Amiss
Upon realizing a friendship is no longer what he desires, Gus decides to tell Kim how he truly feels about her, and brings her to his house after their evening gallery date. Kim is shocked upon hearing Gus say the words she never expected him to, and after making their feelings for one another clear, the two sleep together. Kim is woken up afterwards by a call from a frantic Aislyn, at a loss on what to do after coming clean to Daphne, and then meeting Neil. Kim senses Aislyn’s vulnerability and takes the opportunity to have her finally open up regarding everything that’s happened in her past. Aislyn, feeling better, decides she’ll figure out a way to handle what to do moving forward on her own, and ends her call with Kim who is insistent on helping. At work the following day, Silva’s team is assigned with investigating the Phillips Construction Company (PCC), and Aislyn and Axel are paired to interview interim CEO Jacqueline Durand whom they suspect is withholding information about the company’s rise to power.

44: Cut Corners
Cailean begins working towards piecing together what truly happened regarding the new case he’s been assigned at work: the home invasion and attack of the Phillips Construction Company’s CEO and wife, Walter and Heidi Phillips, whose niece, Jacqueline, is in charge while they recover. Surprised to find Walter looking unscathed, Cailean listens to his retelling of the evening’s events, and finds something about Walter off-putting, but doesn’t get any closer towards pinpointing a suspect. Prior to leaving the family’s residence, Cailean receives something from the Phillips’s secretary, Mr. Marseille, that he hopes will help him make progress in the case. In Bayville, Mackenzie is torn between being excited and afraid of her growing crush for Drew Dempsey because of their drastically different backgrounds. He reminds her of his family’s evening party in two weeks’ time and Mackenzie makes a mental note to call Aislyn so she has something to wear. Meanwhile, Aislyn follows Axel’s lead and trespasses on an abandoned warehouse they’re directed to after reading what appears to be a blackmail letter they find at Mrs. Durand’s office. Aislyn is surprised at Axel’s similarity to herself in his willingness to bend the rules to get answers. Mistakenly believing the place is deserted, the two quickly escape after taking a brief look around, leaving with more questions than answers.

45: Dependence
Cailean is surprised upon receiving a text from Chad asking him to cover for him if Mai asks where he’s been. When she shows up to his house unexpectedly to provide him with some details on the case he’s working on, Mai quickly detects that Cailean’s lying to her on Chad’s behalf, and leaves upset. In Bayville, upon returning home, Aislyn is surprised to find Kim waiting in her room declaring she’s there to help. They spend time catching up with one another, with Kim advising Aislyn to close the distance that exists between her and Cailean by starting to open up to him. Aislyn concedes that she’s in the wrong for not being truthful, but believes that’s something easier said than done. Meanwhile, Axel reluctantly agrees to allowing his roommate Rey, who operates as a hacker under the name CR3YZ, to help with he and his team’s investigation into the PCC upon suspecting there’s something shady going on. J.D, who’s been missing in action, finally returns home and Aislyn is eager to fill him in and seek advice only to be met with silence. He tells her that she’s gotten too dependent on him, and that it’s time for her to begin relying on those around her. Stating that some space between them would do her some good, J.D. disappears, leaving Aislyn frustrated and sad.

46: Next Steps
Aislyn struggles to keep her mood in check as she reports to work after J.D’s sudden departure. Thankfully, Minah whisks her away to pursue leads on their team’s investigation, providing her with a much needed distraction. Aislyn’s thoughts are then diverted to Axel instead, whom Minah shares has been drawing a muse that looks an awful lot like Aislyn. She suspects it’s his friend that had disappeared, Tris, and not herself, but feels uneasy when recalling his extreme reluctance to show her his sketches. Kim expresses her concerns over Aislyn’s wellbeing with Gus, with whom she tasks to check in on Cailean in an attempt to help he and Aislyn overcome the current hurdle in their relationship. Cailean, who’s been on the receiving end of silence from his friends and Aislyn, receives a message from Mai, having asked for her help in uncovering anything on the name scrawled on Mr. Marseille’s note, as he made no progress himself. After sharing her findings with him, Mai leaves Cailean alone with Chad who confesses he needed his help for an alibi because he was out buying an engagement ring with the intent of proposing to Mai.

47: Forgiveness
Cailean’s attempt to uncover some answers when speaking with the Phillips’s housekeeper, Ensley Bates, comes to an abrupt end by an officer informing him that Ensley has confessed and the charges are being dropped. Furious, Cailean attempts to receive an explanation, but is halted by his mother who shares his sentiment, but advises him to leave until she gets to the bottom of what’s going on. In Bayville, Aislyn seeks some advice from Nicole, fearing that Cailean may be upset with her as they haven’t spoken in a while. Nicole encourages her to give him a call and share what’s on her mind, and Aislyn follows through. She is relieved to find out that Cailean’s been bothered by something at work and not herself. She advises him to make a house call to get to the bottom of the recent developments in his case. Though a part of him feels uneasy at the thought of showing up unannounced, Cailean figures he has more to gain than lose, and makes his way over to the Phillips Residence.

48: Under Scrutiny
48After paying the Philips a surprise visit upon Aislyn’s suggestion, Cailean leaves with more questions than answers as neither husband nor wife offers any information. The following day, Aislyn takes Mackenzie on the shopping trip she promised in Ravensburg with Nicole. After successfully finding a dress for Mackenzie’s upcoming party, the three grab lunch and run into Valerie Jamieson, who attempts to interview Nicole for her evening show. After saying something hurtful to Mackenzie, however, Valerie is berated by Nicole and leaves in a hurry to Aislyn’s pleasure. In Oldmerrow, Gus asks Cailean to meetup at the gym for the first time in a while to catch up, and they are able to dissipate the awkwardness that had formed between them during their time apart. Their session is interrupted by Lexi who informs Cailean of his mother’s meetup with Aislyn on Valentine’s. Furious, Cailean heads home to confront Daphne whose dismissiveness of the conversation only serves to anger him more.

49: PART ONE | Things You Already Know
49-IAxel is confronted by Rey who quickly realizes he’s been intentionally avoiding her. He confesses he’s worried for her safety in bringing her aboard his team’s investigation, which upsets Rey due to him going back on his word to let her help. At the Persefoni home, Aislyn, Marco, and Nicole gather in the living room to recount their days and order dinner. On TV, Valerie, the spurned newscaster, does a segment on Nicole to Aislyn’s annoyance and Nicole’s indifference. J.D, who had left to allow Aislyn the chance to rely on others for a change, returns, much to her surprise. Cailean pays his father’s grave a visit; its cleanliness serves as an affirmation that his mother and Aislyn did in fact meet there to talk unbeknownst to him. Tired of thinking in circles, he decides to give Aislyn a call in an attempt to get some answers. Aislyn, unaware of just how much Cailean has heard, and already shaken at the reappearance of J.D, panics and is unable to say much. Realizing that their conversation would be fruitless, Cailean decides to hang up before saying anything he’d regret in his anger. At work the following morning, a visibly distressed Aislyn upsets Axel, and is approached by Daisy who wishes to help put her at ease.

49: PART TWO |  Progress
49-IIIHaving her spirits lifted after a conversation with Daisy, Aislyn meets up with J.D. to apologize for her behavior the night prior. Kim, aware of her friends’ relationship woes, invites Mai and Cailean over to drink and unwind. Mai shares her fears that her relationship may be nearing its end, citing Chad’s distance as of late, unaware it’s due to his intent to propose. Aislyn prepares herself to fill Cailean in on a portion of the truth about her conversation with his mother that she’d neglected to tell him, and is unable to find Cailean despite the lengthy amount of time she spends searching through Oldmerrow. Thanks to a message from Kim, she joins the group at Kim’s house, to the slight surprise of a still upset Cailean. After a brief argument, the two are able to make up, with Aislyn feeling slightly guilty but also thankful at Cailean’s quickness to forgive her.

50: PART ONE | The Right Man50-I
Cailean reflects on the recent progress in he and Aislyn’s relationship, pleased that the wall around her seems to have begun to come down, while also acknowledging the fact there are things she’s yet to tell him. Their evening is cut short due to Aislyn having to return to Bayville to meet with her team for work the following morning. Having made things awkward with Axel, Aislyn manages to patch their relationship, apologizing for channeling her stress onto him and sharing some of her concerns. After some contemplation, Cailean decides to accept the new job offer that comes his way from the Ravensburg District Attorney, Diana Christenson upon her insistence that he’s the best fit for the position. His first order of business is to attend a fundraiser in Bayville to network, to which he asks Aislyn to accompany him as his date. Prior to departing for the function, Aislyn and Cailean convey their desires to take the next step in their relationship. 

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