The World Of Sight

Sight takes place in a fictional state in North America called Kardon; it’s not something that’s ever been mentioned in the story explicitly, but along with the city of Oldmerrow, it was one of the first things that came to be while crafting the story. The capital is Ravensburg; a city that has been mentioned a few times and will hold more significance later on. If you remember the flashback of the game Aislyn’s high school football team were playing on the night of her accident, the rival team was from the city of Ravensburg. I’ll also take this time to mention that like the U.S, there is a governor of the state and a mayor for each city, which again, shall come into play further down the line.

The map above is a fairly accurate depiction of what I envisioned for Kardon. As you can see, Bayville is along the coast and Oldmerrow sits along a river, to hold true with the way the cities appear in the story. Some of the other locations were crafted by me partially for the sake of the map not being empty, but most of them will be mentioned or seen at some point in the story.

Each city corresponds to an existing sim world, I just didn’t want to use their names because world building is so much more fun and immersive. Here is a relative guide:

Oldmerrow = Riverview
Bayville = Los Angeles
Ravensburg = TBD*
Clearview = Hidden Springs
Middlesbrough = Sunset Valley
Wellspring = Starlight Shores

*I have an idea for where Ravensburg shall be, but it’s contingent on whether I successfully re-install one of my old expansions *fingers crossed* so if I do, then I shall update the list~ I’m taking my time on it because it’ll be super important for the latter half of the second part of the story so I want it to work out the way I have it pictured in my mind.

As the story progresses and if more cities come into play, I shall update their corresponding sim world to the list above 🙂

FINAL1.jpgAislyn’s Ability:
Just to recap: Aislyn, who’s now twenty-six, has developed the ability to see the ‘ghosts’ of those who’ve died ten years prior, when during the fall of her senior year of high school, she was hit whilst crossing the street by a drunk taxi driver and was in a coma for two months. Not only can she see ghosts, but she can sense when they are near; the closer they are, the greater the degree of cold she experiences, with the exception of J.D. who gives her varying degrees of warmth depending on his proximity.

Ghosts are capable of interacting with solid objects, like sitting in chairs or lying on beds, but can also pass through them. They can’t interact with the living whatsoever, but are capable of touching – fighting, kissing, etc. – other ghosts.

  FINAL2Additional Character Info:
Something else that’s a bit of an unintended mystery in the story, is everyone’s ages and what exactly they are doing with their lives. With the exception of Aislyn, who is currently at a standstill regarding what she wants to do, the others lead fairly active lives. I’ll keep this section spoiler free, as a few of the characters and their jobs will come into play in propelling the story along at a later time. So for now, I’ll give you a brief bit of background, just so you are aware of what it is they do, as well as tell you their ages. A more extensive character page with photos and birthdays, etcetera is in the works, and will probably be up in a few weeks.

Aislyn | 26 – Part-timer
As you are well aware, Aislyn is currently at a crossroads when it comes to her passion in life. She majored in English in college, after being inspired by author Willem Grayham and having found solace in writing during the years of college in which she was unable to approach others. She wasn’t able to do much with that degree as you will see when the story returns; for now, she does various part time work like occasional tutoring and working at the diner and library to make ends meet.

Cailean | 28 – Prosecutor
Not much is known about Cailean’s past yet, but you should know that, unlike Gus, he is a prosecutor, not a lawyer. A bit lower on the pay grade compared to his friend, but why he does what he does will come into play later.

Gus | 28 – Lawyer
Chapter sixteen gave you everything you probably wanted and more when it came to Gus’s background. He comes from a family of lawyers, and his family owns their own law firm, so he didn’t really have much of a choice when it came to what he’d grow up to be. Since his family is fairly rich though, he’s not complaining.

Kimberly | 27 – Assistant Fashion Designer
Kim’s mother, Karina, whom you’ve only seen briefly, is a fashion editorial magazine editor. That inspired Kimberly, who prides herself on her own distinct style, into becoming an aspiring designer.

Mai | 28 – Nurse
At the start of the story, when Chad tagged along with Cailean to the library when Gus planned on asking Aislyn out on their first date, if you recall, he was checking out medical terminology books and Aislyn offered to give him a list. That was for his girl Mai, who as mentioned in chapter nineteen: part one, is in her final semester of nursing school. Her part time work at the diner is so she has an extra source of income; once she begins working full time, she’ll quit.

Chad | 29 – Hair Stylist
Chad working late on weekends and having a lot of clientele is something that’s also been mentioned here and there, with me realizing fairly recently I’ve never said why that was. His moodboard hinted at it, but he’s a stylist at an upscale hair salon; hence the constant pile of clients. This’ll be referenced again and seen in action during chapters twenty-eight and twenty-nine.

Lexi | 25 – Interior Designer
As seen in chapter seventeen, when Aislyn needed assistance decorating her house prior to Christmas Eve, Lexi came along to help as she is an interior designer.

Otto | 29 – Physical Therapist
Amber | 27 – Bartender

FINAL3Important Subtleties:
Something I’m not too sure if you guys have picked up on, is that Aislyn isn’t the best liar. Whenever she is not telling the truth, she has a habit of tucking her hair behind her ear. It’s been mentioned occasionally in such scenarios during the story, with the best examples being in chapter five, when Aislyn’s talking to J.D. about her run in with Ollie and Dee, and seventeen when she lies to Cailean about what Gus did. It wasn’t something she did as a kid, but developed as she got older and spoke to people a lot less. There are other instances of it occurring, but if you want to check out how it’s written/weaves its way into the story, I’ve linked those two chapters so you can see that. I’m mentioning it because I want y’all to catch the fact Aislyn’s lying even if another character doesn’t comment on it and the dialogue doesn’t explicitly say it; again, because it’ll be significant later on.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to introduce as well as brush you guys up on in terms of context for when the story returns. Thanks for reading through this! Feel free to share any questions or comments down below. There are a lot of other things that come into play in the world of Sight but as they contain spoilers and or are too premature for where the story is now, I shall leave it at this. Should I feel the need to add something, I’ll be sure to let you guys know 🙂

Take care,
xoxo Amy

10 thoughts on “The World Of Sight

    1. Yay, I’m glad you think so – I felt like I was just dumping a lot of info I didn’t get to share in the story 😂
      Yup, she shall 😉
      Yeah! Like Gus, both of Cailean’s parents have jobs that have to do with the law so he followed suit, though I’ll share more about that later ☺️ Thanks for reading! 💓

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate it! ❤️ There are so many things that come to mind when I’m writing the chapters and whatnot, I felt it best to share so I don’t occupy the world alone, haha ☺️ Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This was super interesting to read! I like how you have created a new state with the towns corresponding to worlds — I’m looking forward to what Ravensburg will be.
    For some reason Chad being a hair stylist makes me happy. He’s got such a cool vibe so it seems perfect for him!
    I’ll try remember the thing about the hair (Aislyn sure is a bad liar lol), I think Cherry does a similar thing with biting her lip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t about to make my own cities from scratch so I felt like renaming them was the next best thing, haha. The Ravensburg storyline is my favorite (assuming I’ll stick to what I’ve drafted so far) I can’t wait to share even though it’ll appear wayyyy down the line 😂
      I’m glad you think so! Doesn’t it suit him? For some reason I couldn’t envision him doing anything else 😄
      Yeah, it’s a dead giveaway especially once people catch on… Thanks for reading! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was awesome! I never expected Cailean to be a prosecutor, although I feel it suits him a lot!
    Hmmm, could he be found opposite of Gus in a courtroom someday? Now that would be something, lol! I’d love to see both of them have their professions come into play!
    I would bet on the fact that Otto is a personal trainer lol – I guess I would epically lose! 😂 Those abs..!
    I’ll definitely try to remember the fact about Aislyn’s hair – I love those little personality details!
    This was awesome to read, thanks for sharing it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 😄 Yeah, I showed him having to discuss work related things with Gus occasionally but never said it outright, haha. He justtt might… you’ll have to wait and see 😉 I do plan on showing everyone doing their jobs at some point because I realize I only ever show them when they are hanging out or about to 😂 Lool, you were, good guess! I have no regrets indulging on that shirtless chapter 😎
      Thank you! It shall be referenced quite a bit so I figured I’d emphasize it now 😊 Thanks for reading! 💓


  3. You’ve put a lot of work into this Amy 🙂 Its a great idea with the map and to change the names of the towns.

    I’ve always wondered where my sims town would be on the map and what state it would be in. but I used 3 town for the pictures for the story. mainly, Isla Paradiso, So maybe it would be Hawaii 🙂

    I did put a little more thought into Avonlea. It’s based on Shangri-La. even though it is no Utopia, as it has its problems Avonlea = Dragon Valley

    If I had the time I would do a map for this too. But Avonlea is in a secret location in the Himalayas and even I don’t know exactly where it is and a map and scale is very daunting to do

    As you see, of course, I love the idea of the map. You have a great imagination it’s very clever,
    All these kind of details really help to enhance the story and maps put things all into perspective.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Amy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Darren! World building is a large part of the fun in story writing for me 😊

      Hawaii sounds good! I haven’t played in Isla Paradiso at all, it looks so lovely. Maybe if I send my sims on a honeymoon or something I’ll use it.

      My map’s scale is slightly off; for me making things geographically accurate was more important than scaling but your right in that it was a tad time consuming 😅

      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to check it out 💕 I appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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