Update 03/02/22: And just like that, we’re well into the new year. Hope all is well for anyone who happens to stumble upon this sparsely updated page. I was grinding to get out the end of Sight part II in December and somehow now it’s already March. The good news is that the chapter should be out in a few days or so – at long last – and afterwards I’ll be doing some reflections on the story and its future. Hope you’ll continue to come along on this stressful journey with me ❤ Take care, xoxo Amy 

Update 9/01/21: Wow, it has been a minute. I’m once again not making much use of this page, but that’s probably unsurprising by now, hehe~ I am finally working on a new chapter *cries* I’ve been averaging one every 3 or so months, but it’s been a bit longer than that now. For any new peeps swinging my to read here and there, hello! Hope you enjoy~ And for those waiting for the new chapter, it’ll come soon! Take care, xoxo Amy

Update 12/06/20: Hello! I noticed in my stats that a few people have popped here, and that I’ve failed once again to use this page for its purpose XD I’m feeling quite guilty since I haven’t been able to get anything out for quite some time. I thought I’d end up having time during Thanksgiving to post a chapter, but I ended up busy the entire time. I am working now though and hope to have something up within a week or so. In the meantime, I did update the part two recaps page. Sorry for the wait! Take care, xoxo Amy

Update 07/07/20: My first update on this page is after the year is well past half over. My goodness time flies~ Per my last announcement post earlier this year, Sight will be continuing and will extend past 50 chapters. I did have a bit of a rough time with a stressful workload followed by a death in the family, so I had to step away from everything for a bit. I’m doing much better and appreciate those who reached out and checked in, and apologize if I made anyone worry. I should have a new chapter up in a week or so. The world has changed a lot in the past few months. Hope everyone is well, and staying safe~ Thanks as always for your patience. Take care, xoxo Amy

Update 12/16/19: My plan to finish Sight before the year’s end has gone out the window. My apologies for the mini hiatus once again. Life had gotten a bit hectic, but with the holidays around the corner I’ll hopefully have time to be active on here again. I’m currently working on an update for the recap page and plan to put out a post sometime this week explaining what’s going on with the story before publishing the next chapter. Thanks for your patience, take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 09/07/19: I’ve recently made a tumblr, and considering how sparsely I update this page, it may be best to pop on over there to see what I’m up to if you’re interested. It’s: https://amys-snapshots.tumblr.com/ Thanks and take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 05/27/19: Hey everyone. After ten months of zero story progression, I’m finally back to posting Sight. I can’t thank you enough for your constant support and continuous patience. I won’t have a posting schedule, but shall strive to keep the Table of Contents and the newer recap page (old one: here) continuously updated. I’m hoping to work until the story is completed~ I hope you enjoy 🙂 Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 04/23/19: My apologies for another long, unintended hiatus. I’ll be posting an official update post finally later today *fingers crossed* 🙂 Thanks for being patient as always~ Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 12/22/18: Hey everyone… Expect a post soon ❤ Sorry for still being off the grid. Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 10/15/18: I’ve been meaning to post a new chapter as well as another official update but it’s taking longer than I’d hoped. Upon checking my stats, I see some people have been frequently checking this page (which I haven’t been utilizing despite creating it for such messages as this) hence this little update now. Sorry for disappearing again. Until later~ xoxo Amy

Update 08/20/18: Hey y’all~ Sorry this gap in between chapters is taking extra long. I really have no time on my hands :/ I didn’t want to make another post like this update I posted last week because it would pretty much be me repeating more or less the same thing… so I’m just making this quick note to say the new chapter is a work in progress. Thanks for being patient 🙂 ❤ Have a great week and take care! xoxo Amy

Update 06/19/18: Whoops, I kind of disappeared during the weekend~ It was unintended, but I’ve provided an explanation here with a little extra content and new character introductions to make up for it 🙂 Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 06/10/18: Hey everybody~ I’ve had a rather eventful week; my hiatus is officially over! Thanks for being so patient. I dropped an update, a recap, as well as some extra info regarding the world of Sight that you can check out if you missed it. I’ve also tweaked my site background and profile a bit, as well as revamped the Table of Contents! I’m super excited to be getting back into writing 🙂 My first chapter of the second part can be found here. *Fingers crossed* I hope I manage to post weekly until I finally finish this story~ Thanks for being here ❤ Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 05/03/18: Hey guys~ I’ve already been on my break for a few weeks now, so thanks for being so patient! I’ve pretty much finished planning out the rest of Sight, which I’m really excited for, so I ask that you bear with me a little longer. On April 30th I also celebrated the one year anniversary of this blog that I mentioned in my last update! I can’t thank you guys enough for stopping by to read, like or leave a comment ❤ I’m hoping to take this break to get myself together and come back and complete the story, as I hate to leave you guys hanging. I’ve also been nominated for the sunshine blogger award again and in addition to answering the new questions I created a fun genderbend challenge that you can check out here~ Well, that shall be all from me for now. Until next time~ Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 04/06/18: Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve made an update, so I have several things to share here~ First off, it was recently my birthday 😀 It was around this time last year I was inspired to revive/utilize this blog so I wanted to make a special post as a thank you and a little bonus. Secondly, since my last update, I was also nominated for the versatile and sunshine blogger awards which you can check out if you want to know more about me :3 Lastly, I also reached my 100th post! Haha, those are quite a lot of non-story related bonuses, and I hope you enjoy! I won’t be sharing much else for a while (which my birthday post explains) so hopefully these past few weeks’ extra content, along with the upcoming chapter will make up for that~ I’ll also have a blogiversary post once I reach the one year mark, which shall be on the 30th, and then after that, there won’t be that much from me in terms of story postings for an indefinite amount of time. I promise not to leave you hanging on the story this time, I’ve just run out of steam at the moment and need to take a step back and recharge XD I’ll still be active in the community in other ways though~ Thanks for understanding and thanks for being here ❤ Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 02/22/18: Hey everybody! It is with great joy that I can finally say with confidence and immense pleasure that *drumroll* I’ve FINALLY GOTTEN PAST CHAPTER 19! The cursed number, haha. I’ve yet to publish it, as I was overambitious with the story and whatnot, which is why it has taken so long… So, I’ve decided I shall split it into two parts to compensate for its super delay, since it’ll kind of make it feel like I’ve posted two chapters to make up for missing last week. Also, it really is too long, so that’s also to spare y’all from that word count overkill XD In the meantime, I’ve also partaken in a cool Moodboard Tag going around that you can check out if you’ve missed it. I’m off to place the finishing touches on the chapter(s). Thank you to all of you who have been reading ❤ And thank you for being patient ❤ ❤ ❤ Part one shall be called: Necessary Conversations and Part two shall be called: Blood On Your Hands. I hope you enjoy both of them~ The Table Of Contents is updated with their release dates. Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 02/18/18: Hey guys, if you follow me and check out the reader, you’ve probably seen that I’ve posted several non story posts these past few weeks, such as the Sunshine Blogger Award and Original Character Tag as well as a part 2 for it. I just thought I’d share them again here along with my message that I was swamped this weekend, so Chapter 19 shall be bumped to tomorrow. I really want it to be special as it’ll be the curse-breaker, so I’m doing a bit more than I need to, lol. So bear with me a bit longer, and I’ll see you guys then ❤ Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 01/20/18: Hello, hello~ A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be interviewed by RosemaryMarie of Noble Doubt, you can find out all about it here. Take care! xoxo Amy

Update 01/16/18: Hey everybody~ Wow, barely two weeks into the new year and I’ve already messed up my posting schedule for the second time since I’ve started Sight XD (Which for me is a fairly amazing record so far considering I started the story back in September of last year) So regarding that last update in which I’ve said I would like to change the publication day to Friday, you can scratch that, haha. In my defense, I’ve recently said ‘yes’ to helping out with a lot of things that will probably be eating my time for the coming weeks, so now, I shall still try to get chapters out every week or so – with the exception of last week – but the gap between postings may be slightly longer or shorter depending on my free time. I wanted to work ahead, but that seems kind of impossible now so sorry about that. Thanks for sticking around as always, and take care. xoxo Amy

Update 01/02/18: Happy New Year! I had planned to get a special post out yesterday, but I had slept most of the day after staying up extremely late on New Year’s Eve, haha. I have completed it now though, and you can find it here. I’d also like to mention that I shall be changing Sight’s publication day from Sunday back to Friday because posting it late on Sundays wasn’t really the best idea in hindsight XD Here’s to what will hopefully be a great year! ❤ xoxo Amy

Update 12/11/17: So after over two months of successfully posting Sight on time (more or less XD) each week, this is the first weekend that I have been unable to finish the chapter in time. I had managed to work ahead up until chapter eight and then I ran out of steam. As the holidays are approaching I plan to try and do that again, but until then I’m sorry to say I’ve become slightly overwhelmed. The direction I’ve taken the story in has also caused several complications gameplay wise, but I shall touch on that later. The good news is that to make up for this I shall release two chapters this upcoming Friday 12/15 and Saturday 12/16 before returning to a normal weekly posting schedule of Sundays since I’ve been posting so late on Saturday anyways I might as well push it, haha. Sorry about that, I hope you can bear with me for a bit as I attempt to collect myself. Thanks for stopping by. ❤ xoxo Amy

Update 10/30/17: As it is the official 6 month anniversary of this blog (quite the milestone for one such as myself who can’t commit to things XD) I’ve decided to make a special blogiversary post here to share some interesting facts about myself and my stories, as well as a thank you to all of you who stop by to follow, read, like, and comment. It’ll be interesting to see where we all are in another six months time. Thanks for sticking around ❤ xoxo Amy

Update 09/30/17: This shall be a condensed version of the lengthy post to indicate the end of my hiatus here. I’ll be beginning a new story called Sight. After experiencing a failure to re-access my previous saved sims/game files I’ve decided that since I love writing and playing too much to leave this site vacant I’ve begun a new venture to fill the void in the meantime. I hate to leave yet another story unfinished, but as the situation was out of my hands, what can you do? I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have whilst working on it – it’s quite different from anything else I’ve done so far. As always, let me know what you think and take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 09/17/17: As promised, that better and more lengthy explanation: here. xoxo Amy

Update 09/10/17: Well yesterday was supposed to be the grand return of the Elite – but as evident by the lack of a new chapter I’m sorry to say that this hiatus has been bumped up to an indefinite one – I promise to post a better explanation at a later time. Thanks to those of you who have been coming by to read a post or comment while I’ve been gone. Hope to return here soon. xoxo Amy

Update 08/19/17: Unfortunately, I must take a hiatus until September 9th… Sorry for the sudden disappearance, you can read more about it here. Take care~ And see you when I return. xoxo Amy

Update 08/18/17: First off, I was recently nominated for my first blogger awards, which you can read more about here. So thanks again to those who nominated me and of course to those of you who continue to read, comment, and like my stories 🙂  Though I’ve done a good job of posting every week, I’ve been posting at around midnight (or slightly later) on Fridays, so I figured I might as well change the official posting day to Saturday to avoid confusion, starting with a new chapter for tomorrow. Until then, take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 07/28/17: Greetings~ There are quite a few new readers here to which I’d like to send a thanks and welcome to. It’s always exciting to meet more and more fellow simmers & writers. I was recently doing my best to catch up on other stories and sites, but I’ve also recently picked up a certain workload that’ll keep me busy for the next month. The first consequence of such is that my writing and playing time is cut short, so I’ll only be able to pump out one chapter a week instead of the two I’ve been doing thus far. In my attempts to remain somewhat consistent, I’ve designated this day to be Friday. The second consequence of this is that my reading time will also be cut short, so I’ll have to put off some of my attempts to get up to speed with your wonderful sites, but fear not, I still plan to do so! I’ll just need a tad more time. I appreciate all of you being here ❤ Take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 07/04/17: Hello all! After continuously posting for nearly two months now. I took a brief hiatus a little over a week and a half to catch up on my other workloads & then just took a little break after that for myself. Thanks to all of you who have been reading and leaving comments, I love hearing from you guys as this is one of the things I love to do most. I should have two chapters up consecutively for The Elite (chapters 8 and 9) to make up for the break in my posts.

Also, just a little housekeeping note, I noticed some chapters were incorrectly linked in the ‘Table of Contents’ page so I went back and patched those up. However, if you notice any discrepancies still, feel free to let me know. I also noticed that some of my more hastier posted chapters had a few grammar mistakes here and there, so I went back and tweaked those up so it isn’t annoying for any new readers or any of you who wish to go back an reread anything 🙂 Thanks again for checking out my work. Take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 06/06/17: I had initially begun working on new chapters of Standing On My Own; however, my game crashed halfway through and I couldn’t get anything to work for the life of me. I had to uninstall my games and expansions, and long story short, I no longer have access to my previous saved games </3 Since I was feeling inspired after reading my old pieces, I figured why not start a new story in the meantime. At the moment, I’m calling it The Elite. I’m nervous and excited to be writing again, I hope you enjoy! I will be continuously working on restoring my old files as well. Take care~ xoxo Amy

Update 06/01/2017: Well, it has officially been a little over one month since I’ve started this blog. Thanks to those of you who have followed, liked a post, or even briefly stopped by to read a chapter or two. I’ve slowly re-discovered my passion for writing, having re-read my stories while posting them. As of today, I have officially posted all the chapters completed for my primary three stories. There are a few smaller, also incomplete stories, that I’m currently debating putting up. I’m not on a hiatus, but at the moment there is nothing else to post aside from those short stories, so I’m currently at a standstill. I’ve also started working on another story, having been inspired, but I promise to complete the ones I’ve posted, as I recall exactly where I had intended to go with them. It just may take some time. xoxo Amy

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