The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 11

1I wasn’t sure what Sebastian had in mind for how to spend our day. I didn’t even pay attention to where he was taking us… I was solely fixated on his hand in mine, and I was surprised at how that little bit of contact made me feel so good.

2“Where is this place exactly?” I asked as we approached a cabin on the outskirts of town. “This place belongs to a friend of mine. I thought we could just spend the day together, talking and whatnot.” He said. “Unless you’d rather do something else?” He asked.

3“That sounds perfect.” I replied.

4Sebastian led me around to the back after picking up a key from a loose floorboard on the stairs. “Do you play?” He asks as he sits across from me at the chess table. “A little.” I reply.

5“But you should know, I’m quite competitive.” I say. “I hate losing.” I add. “Well there is something we have in common.” Sebastian says with a smirk. “After you.”

6We begin playing, chatting as the game drags on… about our families, about our country, about anything really…

7It was extremely peaceful being surrounded by magnificent lakes, isolated from others; it felt as if we were the only two people on earth. We took a walk on the waterfront after our game and occasionally Sebastian would stop and get lost in thought as he stared at the view. I’d take those moments to watch him closely. He tended to flex his fingers when something was on his mind… I was pleased at how well I was getting to know him the longer we spent time together.

8Eventually we returned to the cabin after it got a bit too chilly outdoors… “My friend Lee isn’t one for interior design.” He says as he leads me inside. “You’ll find most of the pieces of furniture and décor are mismatched in here.”

9Sebastian took a seat on the couch and I glanced around before joining him. “My mother is the same way, I find this to be rather homey.” I say as I sit beside him.

10“I’m glad.” He says as he turns to me. I try to send out a silent signal: I’d like to do more than hold hands now… I hope you feel the same. Our sudden proximity was a tad overwhelming and I turn away from his gaze.

11Sebastian’s eyes, however, never leave me. After a few moments – in which he flexes his fingers, indicating he has something on his mind – he speaks. “Irene…” he begins. “Yes?” I ask, still avoiding his eyes. “May I kiss you?” His question caught me off guard – granted, it’s what I wanted, but who in this day and age asks? Just go for it…

12I lean in closer to him and tell him as such, “You know… most people just do it without the formalities.” At least I know we are currently feeling the same way.

13He reciprocates my movements and brings us even closer. “You’ll find I’m not like most people.” He says with a grin.

14At this point I didn’t think I’d be able to push my desire back any longer. “No, Sebastian, you most certainly are not.”

15I tilt my chin up and he gently rests his hand between my shoulders to push me closer onto his lips.

16My entire body felt warm. For a brief moment, we kissed, in a delicate way – just pressing our lips together.

17When he pulled back he said, “How was that?” It was wonderful, but I was far from ready to stop. It’s been ages since I kissed someone last and the feeling was intoxicating. “I think we can do better.” I say.

18“Is that so?” Sebastian asks while cocking an eyebrow and pulling me closer.

19His hand wraps around my shoulder and he pulls me into another kiss, just as delicate as before. I wasn’t in the mood for delicate however, and I reach up to his hand to pull him closer. We both begin to pick up the pace and force in our kisses and in my excitement I accidentally bite his lower lip.

20“Sorry.” I mumble, pulling back. “Irene, you are most certainly not like other girls…” he says with a chuckle before leaning back in…


21After some time of mostly not talking, we fall asleep on the couch. It wasn’t large, but Sebastian pressed me close to him and we fit there quite snugly. I woke up after some time, and gently rose – doing my best not to wake him.

22I hadn’t eaten all day, but I was surprisingly not hungry. I decided to make a hot drink so I’d at least have something in my system. I heard Sebastian stir on the couch and figured I’d make one for him too.

23“Irene?” he mumbled as he woke. “In the kitchen.” I call back as I pick up my drink. “I was afraid you’d run off on me again.” He says as he saunters over. “The night is young, I may decide to flee yet.” I tease as I walk over to sit down.

24“Very amusing.” He says as he picks up his drink and joins me.

25As he takes a sip across from me, I take a moment to admire his features. I hadn’t quite mentioned yet that I would be on lockdown in a day’s time. I figured I’d take my time memorizing the lines of his face, the build of his arms, the scent emanating off his body… since who knows when I’d see him again.

26“What’s wrong?” he asks. “And don’t say nothing.” He adds hastily as I open my mouth to say just that. I sigh, it appears he was learning things about me as well in our time together.

27“Look… I haven’t been quite honest with you about something.” I began. “Oh?” he says. “With regards to what, might I ask?” He adds. “Part of the reason why I was seeking you out was because that job I mentioned I came here for, when we first met, is going to get pretty overwhelming in a day’s time, and I wanted to spend my free time with you, at least to tell you how I felt so I wouldn’t regret it.” I said. “It will be extremely hard, if not impossible for me to see you face to face for a while.” I realized I was speaking a bit fast, which I tend to do when I’m nervous. I wasn’t sure how he would take my words. Would he think I was someone just trying to have a fling and then book it… I hope not.

28“I understand.” He says. “You do?” I reply incredulously. “As it so happens, I have my own personal matters to attend to this week as well, and I know once I handle them, I wont have any idle time on my hands either.” He says. “You sure you aren’t just saying that to make me feel less jerk-ish?” I question. “I assure you, it is a convenient coincidence.” He says with a smile.

29“Very well.” I say. “The question is… what happens now?”

30“We can discuss that while I walk you back home.” He says. “It’s getting late.” “Fine.” I say. “Let’s go.”

31We clean up our dishes and turn off the lights. Sebastian places the spare key back under the floorboard he got it from when we came in. He then offers me his arm, and I link mine through it.

32“This is nice.” He says. “It sure is.” I reply.

33I let Sebastian walk me to the entrance of the path that will lead to the palace with an additional 15-minute walk. Since this spot is still close enough to other residential areas and parks, I figure he won’t question where exactly I’m residing. I still didn’t want to mention the Elite thing, since it technically hasn’t started yet, why give him unnecessary details.

34“So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He asks while stroking my cheek. On the walk back we’d agreed to spend my last day of freedom together. He told me to meet him at the cabin whenever I was ready tomorrow morning, using the spare key to get in. Despite planning all of that, I still didn’t want to part ways…

35“What?” he asks as I turn away.

36What is wrong with me? I find myself asking that a lot these days… I know he’ll be here tomorrow, and yet I still don’t feel… satisfied.

37Without intending to, or maybe it was intentional… I don’t know… I press my lips to his quickly.

38“If what you desired was a kiss.” He says. “You need only let me know.”

39He pulls me in close again and I lose myself in his embrace. This is what liking someone feels like… it’s been so long I nearly forgot how…


40“Well someone appears to be in a good mood.” Riley says as I enter.

41“What gives you that impression?” I ask as I approach him.

42“Well for starters…” he says. “I can see your blush from here.”

43I giggle as I come to a stop in front of him. “Let’s just say it was a good day.”

44“I’m glad to hear it.” He says with a smile of his own. “Have a nice night, Irene.” “You too, Riley.” I say before making my way to my room.

45Kala is already sleeping by the time I enter. I change as silently as possible and head to bed, I feel a bit too giddy and excited for tomorrow – just one date and I’d gone back to the girl I was in high school. I don’t care though, it’s just a day of guilty pleasure before I have to direct all my focus on something else indefinitely…


Thanks for reading, I had meant for this to be a short romance chapter for Irene and Sebastian but it somehow became one of my most wordy XD Don’t know how that happened. Hope you like how their relationship is progressing 🙂 Feel free to let me know what you thought! Take care~
xoxo Amy

10 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 11

  1. Oh that was lovely! ❤ Sebastian is very formal but I think that's what makes the whole situation oh so romantic!
    I wonder why he'll be occupied too these days though… Is he a part of the royal family? Maybe the royal couple's son? Is he planning a riot against the family? (I guess not the last one lol!) 🤔
    I have a feeling tommorow their date will be even hotter and I can't wait to read all about it 😉
    But something tells me Riley will soon start to get jealous (if he's not already – I take him to be very good at hiding his feelings)!
    Very nice chapter! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! ☺️ Hehe several things you touch on may or may not come into play, so I won’t comment for now and instead you shall see in the chapter after next 😉 I will say you are spot on about Riley though, he may be joking now but he is feeling something and he’s good at hiding it~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love reading romances. They finally kissed ❤ Yes, Sebastian definitely is really formal, I like that bit about him, makes him feel somewhat more original and different from others. I hope he's not afraid to take the relationship a step further maybe, becuase it seems like Irene would want it that way 😉 We still don't know much about him, though…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay glad you liked it – this was definitely the most lovey-dovey chapter ☺️ Haha Irene is definitely hungry for more lol… and you shall find out more about him soon 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww that was such a sweet chapter ❤ Falling asleep on the couch together… *sighs* The fact that Seb coincidentally has the same 'busy' schedule just makes me more suspicious about his connection to the royal family. I agree with the other two about Seb (lol I'm sorry I keep on calling that, not sure if I'm supposed to) that his formality makes him unique and even more romantic!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I get that feeling. I once took an entire day off, just playing video games and eating junk food before I took the next four months to study for GREs. Taking the time to relax before putting yourself through stress and intense focus is generally a good thing. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow four straight months is quite the commitment~ I wish I had that kind of focus. And yup, a good break is always healthy, especially if it is before something you plan on spending most of your energy and focus on like you said 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. They’re such a sweet couple! It was very romantic haha 🙂
    The fact that Sebastian is occupied during the same time as Irene makes me suspicious. Maybe he will play a part in the competition? Or maybe, it’s just a coincidence. Can’t wait to find out!
    A great chapter ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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