Sight Chapter 5: Unfinished Business

*** author’s note: There’s a special notice at the end ***

10:42 p.m. | The Warehouse
The party was in full swing and despite not being used to the lively atmosphere, Aislyn was having a rather enjoyable time. About an hour after their arrival, Gus offered to get them some drinks. A glance at the line by the bar told her Gus would probably be gone for a while so she took this chance to step outside and get some air.

She found a bench near the exit and took a seat. Gus seemed nice enough – Aislyn had questioned his intentions for asking her out, but while they danced he kept an appropriate distance away and left the conversations they could have when the music wasn’t blasting very casual.

“Too lively in there?” Cailean asks while approaching. “Yeah, it’s kind of overwhelming.” Aislyn replies after pondering whether she should be honest or not. She decides to stick with the truth.

“Agreed.” He says while sitting beside her, “That said, you aren’t planning to take a nap out here, are you?” He teases; at this Aislyn laughs.

“No, I’m not; though you should know these city benches are quite comfortable.” Surprisingly, Aislyn’s snooze at the garden this morning didn’t leave her as sore as she imagined she would be.

“I’m sure a bed would be infinitely more comfortable.” Cailean says. “Well, between the two, the latter would be the preferred option, but I was too exhausted to walk home after stopping by the police station.” Aislyn says. At this Cailean raises an eyebrow, suddenly a cold, familiar, chill sweeps over Aislyn and causes her to instinctively turn to see the source. “Why were you at…” Cailean begins to ask but stops when he sees Aislyn’s head snap to the right.

Sure enough, a ghost she’s never seen before appears before her. “Hey there; I’ve been searching for you. I kind of have a life or death situation I need your help with.” He says. At this Aislyn sighs and gives a minuscule nod; she should’ve pretended to not see him, as she’s occasionally done, but force of habit made her meet his gaze and there was no way she could play it off as if she hadn’t seen him. “You’re as kind as they say, doll. I’ll lead the way.”

“Aislyn? Is something wrong?” Cailean asks while straining his eyes to see what caught her attention.

There are no signs of any disturbances in close proximity or far off in the distance, and yet there Aislyn sits, with her gaze seemingly fixated on something that he was apparently oblivious to. She didn’t appear to have heard him so he gently reaches for her shoulder. “Aislyn.” He says again, giving her a small shake.

At this she seems to snap back from whatever she was looking at or thinking of. “Sorry.” She says. “Look… I just remembered I have something important to take care of. Could you apologize to Gus for me when you see him.” “You’re planning on leaving? Just like that?” Cailean asks. Aislyn rises and looks at him over her shoulder. “I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t important.” She says. “I’m sorry.”

And on that note she walks off around the club and out of sight without another word. “Bye…” Cailean says long after she disappears.

A few moments later Gus emerges from the bustling club with a glass in his hand. “Have you seen Aislyn? I got her a drink.” He says.

“About that, she says she’s sorry but something important came up that she had to attend to.” “Ok then.” Gus says while taking the seat Aislyn was in moments ago. He begins drinking the beverage he’d gotten her without another word. This reaction surprised Cailean, he was expecting Gus to curse or complain, as he often does, but he was taking the fact Aislyn left surprisingly well. Isn’t that because he isn’t being serious about her… Cailean thinks.

“I’ll just go and see her at her workplace tomorrow.” Gus says after downing half the drink. Cailean lets out a small sigh; he didn’t want to come off sounding lecture-y but Aislyn seemed like a nice girl, unlike the usual type Gus tended to throw himself at, he’d feel guilty later if she ended up hurt and he didn’t say anything now. “Look… I know you mentioned you asked Aislyn out just because you didn’t want to show up alone.” He begins. “But she seems like a nice girl, and if you aren’t going to be serious about her – just leave her alone…” and hang out with the girls you usually do. Cailean refrains from says the latter part aloud.

“Alright, mom.” Gus says sarcastically. “I know what I’m doing – you can stay out of it.” Cailean didn’t want to strain his relationship with Gus over a girl he hardly knows so he clenches his jaw to prevent himself from saying something he’d regret later…

11:03 p.m. | Behind Rick’s Tech Emporium
“So what’s this important life or death scenario you mentioned earlier?” Aislyn asks.

“About that.” The man says. “I may have exaggerated a bit.” “You what?” Aislyn says angrily. Of course she’s been lied to by ghosts before, but she figured if this man was going out of his way to drag her from her rather pleasant time, he’d have to at least be telling the truth about whatever he needed being urgent.

“You see, I’m known for being crafty when I need to, and I’d figured you wouldn’t leave your boyfriend if I didn’t embellish the details a little.” He says. Unable to hide her bitterness Aislyn’s next words come out a bit harsher than intended. “First of all, that guy wasn’t my boyfriend. Second of all, if you’re so crafty – what do you need me for? Surely someone with skills as great as yours can handle this unfinished business yourself. Oh, wait. You’re dead. So lastly, you aren’t known for being crafty, you were. ”

“Ouch, doll. You have a temper don’t you?” The ghost says. “I don’t appreciate being lied to.” “Alright, alright, that was wrong of me. Sorry. Happy?” He says unconvincingly. “I’m done.” Aislyn says turning to walk away. “Look my name is Trey and I need you to tell something to my friends. I was supposed to meet them… Hey! STOP!

Aislyn ignores him and keeps walking. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. She chides herself as she turns the corner.

Suddenly Trey reappears before her and his proximity makes her feel like she’s standing in front of an AC on full blast. “Look Mr. Trey.” She says through gritted teeth. “Whatever it is you need, I’m not getting involved.” “Ahh, you see, doll. It’s too late for that. You’re already involved.” He says with a slight laugh.

Aislyn was about to ask what he meant, but she hears the sound of approaching footsteps. She peers over Trey’s shoulder to see a man and woman walking over.

“Hey there.” The man says. “You wouldn’t happen to know where our friend Trey is, would you?” “Sorry, I don’t know anyone by that name.” Aislyn says.

The man lets out a throaty chuckle that makes Aislyn feel uneasy. The woman takes a step closer and gives a smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes. “Look girlie, we don’t want any trouble, I’m Dee and this is Ollie. We were supposed to meet our friend at this spot hours ago and he hasn’t shown up.” He must’ve died fairly recently then. Aislyn thinks. “And here you are, close to where we were supposed to meet him, mumbling something that sounded an awful lot like his name.” Damn it. They heard me. Aislyn thinks with a twinge of panic.

“I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.” She says in a small voice.

123 (1)
A chill creeps behind her; she turns and sees Trey smiling confidently. “The jig is up, doll. Just pass on what I tell you and they’ll leave you alone.” He says. Aislyn freezes; she was getting a bad vibe from this group and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. “You know what.” The man says after a painfully long silence. “I guess we were mistaken. You can be on your way, miss.”

Aislyn gives a stiff nod and takes off in a fast walk back towards the direction she came from. She was expecting a fight or argument, but somehow neither occurred. Trey appeared shocked by his friend’s declaration as well since he decided to remain beside the pair of them and not follow her as she hurries away.

“What are you doing, Ollie? It’s obvious she knows something.”

“Yeah but it’s clear she’s playing coy for a reason. Trey hasn’t contacted us since yesterday; I say we keep an eye on her and we’ll get all the answers we need in due time.”

1:32 a.m. | Aislyn’s House
Not sure if she was paranoid after her recent encounter with Trey and his friends, but Aislyn had the weirdest feeling she was being watched or followed. Of course whenever she turned around she didn’t see anyone – but just to play it safe she took the most circuitous route to get home. “My, my. I didn’t expect you to get in so late on your first night out.” J.D. says as she enters.

“Don’t get me started…”

2:00 a.m.
After filling J.D. in on her evening, and the events afterwards, Aislyn pulls back the sleeve of her sweater to check the time on her watch. “Oh, no. It’s two already, I have to be up in four hours to get ready for work.”

“Don’t you think you are taking this entire situation too lightly?” J.D. asks, rather angrily. “Those people could’ve been criminals for all you know – ghost dude included. How could you be so trusting and follow him like that?”

“Relax.” She says. “I took an extra precaution coming home in case they followed. Everything’s fine.” Aislyn turns to look at J.D. in the dark pits where his eyes should be. “I’m going to get ready for bed. It’s not a big deal. I don’t think they are anything to be worried about.” She says, tucking some loose strands of hair behind her ear. “It’s your lack of worry that worries me, not them.” At this Aislyn let’s out a small laugh.

“Goodnight, J.”


3:31 a.m.

Long after Aislyn goes to bed J.D. remains at the table, spinning the ring on his finger that he couldn’t remember if he wore as an accessory or as a wedding band while he was alive. He knew Aislyn was playing down the incident after she left the party, partly because as she was describing it she was tucking her hair behind her ear, a tendency she had, J.D. learned, that only appeared when she lied. Meaning she was frightened by her encounter and downplayed it… for his sake, or for her own, he couldn’t tell.

After getting lost in his own thoughts for a while, he decides to go check on her. Despite suffering from shivers often, she had fallen asleep atop her sheets again.

J.D. found himself grinning. What am I going to do with you? He thinks.

The sight of something moving outside wipes the smile off of his face.

“Aren’t you a little old to be a peeping Tom?” He asks after he appears outside. The man chuckles; “You here to ask the chick for a favor, too?” “Don’t compare me to the likes of you.” J.D. replies. “Ahh, a boyfriend then, but how would that work?” He asks with a dark laugh.

“What do you want?”

“What’s the big deal? It’s not like I can touch her.”

“She may not be able to touch you, but I can. So I suggest you get lost.”

6:03 a.m.
J.D. was nowhere to be seen when Aislyn got up. It was a Sunday, but she had a long shift at the library starting at seven.

As she ate breakfast she felt neither warm nor cold, letting her know J.D. wasn’t anywhere nearby, but no other ghosts were either.

6:32 a.m.
After a rather silent morning, Aislyn was putting on the finishing touches of her makeup. She quite liked how she had done it for the party yesterday and decided to incorporate the style into her everyday look.

“There you are.” She says as she catches sight of J.D. while she makes her way towards the door. “Where’d you go?”

“I had some things to take care of.”

“Mind turning the TV on for me before you go? I’d hate to be stuck here all day without it.” J.D. asks with a grin. Aislyn turns and grabs the remote from its place on the couch beside him and turns it on to the sports channel – his favorite.

“Thanks, Sunshine.”

“A thank you? You’re being uncharacteristically kind this morning.” Aislyn says. To this J.D. doesn’t respond but let’s out a small chuckle. “Don’t you have work to be getting to?”

“Right. Bye.” Aislyn says as she turns towards the door.


11:49 a.m. | Liberty Square
“I don’t get why he’s being so tenacious.” Cailean says in a low voice as he Chad and Gus make their way to the city library before grabbing a late breakfast. Gus – true to his word from last night – planned on asking Aislyn out again, and felt the need to drag Cailean and Chad along with him. Chad was indifferent, but Cailean was slightly annoyed at his friend’s behavior. “It’s Gus; when is he not overly persistent?” Chad says with a shrug.

“What are you two whispering about back there?” Gus asks. “Nothing.” Cailean and Chad say simultaneously; they both grin. “Right.” Gus says with a smirk.

“I mean, he could’ve done this on his own time.” Cailean says. “Seems to me that it’s not Gus’s actions you’re annoyed so much as the fact that it’s Aislyn he’s performing them towards.” Chad says. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Cailean says. At this Chad shrugs again and rolls his eyes. “You’re right, I’m clearly over analyzing the situation.”


Thanks for reading! I’ve finally introduced some important characters for these next few chapters in propelling the story. I’m trying to take the screenshots ahead of time for the first time ever, lol, and I’ve taken up to chapter seven at the moment – I can tell you that that it is my favorite chapter so far 🙂 I’ve noticed my stories tend to be screenshot heavy (because I like to capture and show different facial expressions during conversations) and I’ve been trying to cut them down, but since there are still quite a bit, and I’ve been getting relatively heavy on the writing as well – the chapters may seem quite long. Now that I’ve gotten a pretty stable grip on the writing style, my next tackling point of this story is the pacing; bear with me a tad more~

Oh yes, before I forget, the special notice I mentioned at the start of this chapter is in regards to a post I plan on doing on Monday the 30th in honor of my 6th month anniversary of this blog! Woo-hoo! Time has really flown by~ I had some pictures and tidbits I wanted to share in this special post as well as a thank you to all of you who stop by and read, like, and comment, so if you have any requests/comments/questions for me (or in regards to this story or any of the others I’ve written) that you’d like me to include in that post, feel free to mention them below~

See you Monday! Take care
xoxo Amy

24 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 5: Unfinished Business

  1. Wow, I have a suspicion that it may not be dealt with Trey’s friends and that we may see them again. Aislyn’s talent seems more like a curse at times, providing her from enjoying herself. If she ever wants to maintain a stable relationship, she will eventually need to tell her significant other why she talks to no one and why she so often has things that need to be taken care of. Looking forward to see how it unfolds.

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    1. Your suspicions are definitely correct 😉 And you are right about her needing to open up to people she plans on being serious with… the problem is it’s been so long since she’s done that and there is something in her past that makes her hesitant on doing so that you’ll find out about at a later time 🙂 thanks for reading~

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  2. Oh no, these people look definitely dangerous! I wonder what’s the story behind this new ghost… he seems pretty mean though!
    Cailean seems nice, and do I sense some feelings developing towards Aislyn? 😀 Gus on the other hand… ugh, he sure is persistent! Does he really have no alternative at this point, or did Aislyn really caught his eye – more than he’d like to admit? JD is still my favorite though 😍
    I don’t mind the pacing, I like having tiny glimpses of each character! I’m sure everything will pay off with something big! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After a string of relatively nice ghosts, there was bound to be a bad one eventually 😉 Cailean’s feelings are complicated at the moment – that’s all I shall say about that, hehe. Gus on the other hand is as shallow as a kiddy pool XD thanks for reading ❤

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    1. Haha, yup. She is already relatively antisocial and when she does make an effort to go out, it gets in the way. As for the later portion of you comment, hmm, you shall have to wait and see~ Thank you! ❤

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  3. Oops, sorry this is a bit late, suddenly got really busy lol.

    The gift definitely does seem like a curse. Aislyn’s just trying to have a good time and then this stupid ghost comes around and lands her in a dodgy situation. It’s great that JD could potentially beat that punk Trey up. He can protect her against other ghosts! I like that he cares a lot about her. But as Trey said, how would a ghost boyfriend work haha.

    Those two people are super shifty. And Ollie, wtf? He was standing outside her house o.o

    Oooh Cailean *wiggles eyebrows* Are you starting to like her?! I wonder why Gus is so eager to ask her out again. Aislyn doesn’t seem to have welcoming vibes, but I guess she’s really pretty.

    Nice chapter! I’m excited for the special post, and being able to resume reading Broken again in a couple days~

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    1. No worries! Yup, whilst Aislyn can only feel them via their ‘presences’ when the temp changes, the ghosts are capable of touching one another. Haha, I was hoping someone would catch Ollie outside the window, good eye 😉 Gus is quite shallow, and he has some demons of his own – it’s particularly because she’s saying no that he’s so persistent, but you’ll find out more about that later 🙂 Thanks for reading 💕

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  4. Sorry for the really late comment! I’ve been super busy recently with school *groans*
    I wonder who those people are… They are definitely suspicious! And Cailean is already starting to enjoy her company, hmmm… where will this relationship lead?
    I’m glad JD is protecting her from other ghosts, especially with that curse or gift of hers. And Ollie! Jeez, turn down the creepiness, man. Don’t stalk her!
    I can’t wait to see where this will lead! Great chapter ❤️

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  5. JD’s smile is so cute! He brings me joy. I love that he looks out for Aislyn when he could be doing his own thing. I have some questions about the ghosts. So they can’t interact with the living, like go through them and things like that? Are they able to possess the living? And other people can’t sense their presence, it’s just Aislyn?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So in a nutshell the ghosts are just people who died with unfinished business and haven’t really ‘moved on’ yet. They are unable to interact with the living – can’t possess them, move objects, etc… Aislyn is the only one with the ability to see them, hear them, and interact with them but she too can’t touch them; she is able to ‘sense’ their presences, basically meaning she feels a chill or cold when they are nearby (with the exception of JD whom she feels warm around) and that’s about it (you’ll kind of get a better idea of how she feels around them later on 🙂 )

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  6. Okay first of all I love JD. He’s a funny, caring guy. Ghost guy. Whatever 😛
    And Aislyn is super interesting! I really like her, I don’t think I’ve read a story quite like this before. How do I pronounce her name, btw?
    Trey’s friends are scary :/ I’m super worried about Aislyn, but maybe Gus and co will get closer to her and look out for her! Hmm. I’m excited to find out how this story develops, so expect occasional comments from me every few chapters or so as I do that ^.^ I’m looking to get more involved with the WP community and I’m really excited to be finding new stories to lose myself in!

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    1. Welcome! JD is quite the jokester 😊 Aislyn’s name is pronounced EYES-LIN. Yay, glad you like her 😄 As for your therory… Hmm, I guess you’ll have to wait and see :3 I appreciate you reading and commenting ❤️ I’m also attempting to do the same and expand my circle whenever I have some free time on my hands 🙂 Hope you enjoy~

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  7. Cailean saying what I’m thinking! Which isn’t okay because I know he’s going to try and get between my blossoming love for Aislyn and J.D. but I won’t be shaken! My fanclub banners are flying high! Back up Cai! On the other hand, what is up with this Trey guy and his shady cronies? They all seem like a bunch of do-bad-ers. Hmmm, was the news cast about them maybe? And J.D. better have that ring as a fashion statement! Oh no! 500 more fan theories bubbling in my head… Did he have a wife? Did she pass too? Is that why he can’t remember? Too painful?! AH! So many possibilities!

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    1. Haha well, Cailean shall definitely be playing a larger role in the story moving forward 😇 As for Trey and co. yeah… you’ll be seeing their story in the subsequent chapter – shady indeed. Ooh, the answer to your ring question shall be answered fairly soon, I’ll refrain from spoilers~ Thanks for reading! 😄


  8. Aislyn is brave, isn’t she? maybe a little too much. and unless JD has a few tricks up his sleeves to deal with this Dee and Ollie. they look like a big problem in the making

    But somehow i think this crafty trey will deal with them? one thing for sure, he didn’t count on JD being around, did he?

    It looks like she is going to have confided in one of her new friends pretty fast now

    because of the situation, Aislyn has fond her shelf in now

    the header gives it away a little…

    that Cailean wins her heart. but the question is…

    how is this Gus going to take it? just by how he’s acting in this chapter, I am going to have to say “probably not very well”

    It looks like I’m a little late even for your 2nd anniversary…

    but congratulations Amy 🙂

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    1. Aislyn is quite fearless, a product of her ability making her somewhat desensitized to death. She tends to behave quite recklessly at times, and you’ll see a lot more of that later 😆

      Ollie and Dee are quite a problem indeed, so is Trey. J.D. will try and help where/when he can, but Aislyn will be a little in over her head. She doesn’t like to rely on others for her problems though, so she’ll try to work it all out herself.

      The header (and my profiles/story covers/photo shoots) are spoilers, haha. Without giving anything away, you shall see Gus is quite the layered character and he will change a lot over time, so will Aislyn in a way. As for how their relationship unfolds, I’ll let you wait and see 😇

      Thank you so much Darren, I appreciate it! 😊💕

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