Sight Chapter 6: Who Were You?

12:00 p.m. | Liberty Library

Gus had gone off to find Aislyn whom he had learned works part-time at the library in addition to the diner during their date last night. As this was Oldmerrow’s largest library, he had quite a lot of ground to cover, leaving Cailean and Chad alone to wait for him.

Chad had begun reading a medical terminology textbook and ten minutes after Gus’s departure Cailean had begun tapping his foot impatiently. “Will you knock it off, I’m trying to read.” Chad says. “What? Oh. Sorry.” Cailean says upon realization that he was falling into his habit.

Chad attempts to get back to assessing the text but a few minutes later Cailean was back at it again. He slams the book impatiently and gets up.

“You know what. I think I’m going to put this back.” Chad says. “Oh, do you want me to come with…” Cailean begins asking. “No. I’ve got it; you and your little one-man percussion band can stay here. I’ll be back.” Chad says, cutting him off.

He heads back to the medical section of the library he had swung by earlier to return the book where he’d picked it up from. “I know I grabbed it from somewhere around here…” He says silently to himself.

“It goes over there.” A voice says to his right. “Thanks.” He replies finding the proper place and slipping the book back. He turns and sees it’s Aislyn.

“That’s nice of you to put the book back on the shelf. Most people leave them lying around.” She says. “You’re Chad, right?” “Yeah, I am. Well I hate disorganized things so it’d be hypocritical of me to make a mess while I’m here.”

“Medical books? Are you in the health profession by any chance?” Aislyn asks, catching a glimpse of the book he was placing back on the shelf. “Oh, no, it’s for my girlfriend.” “Mai?” She asks. “Yeah.” Chad replies with a grin. “She’s currently studying to become a nurse and I thought these textbooks could help.”

“That’s sweet, I could give you a list of the books here people tend to check out the most if that’ll help.” Aislyn suggests. “That’d be great, thanks.” Chad replies. He takes this chance to get a good look at Aislyn in the light. She was pretty, he supposed; since he started dating Mai he stopped paying attention to those sort of things. He could see why Gus had decided to pursue her, and he could see why Cailean felt the need to deter Gus’s efforts.

“If you wait here I can grab it for you.” Aislyn says. Just as she’s about to turn to leave, Cailean appears around the corner. “What’s taking you so long? I thought you said you were just returning the book… Oh.” He says, stopping at the sight of Aislyn. “Hi.” Cailean says. Chad grins to himself, perhaps Cailean was just concerned that Aislyn would end up like Gus’s other flings, after all, she seems more innocent than his usual catch; however, if Chad knows Cailean as well as he thinks he does, something else was stemming from this protectiveness.

“Did everything work out last night? You left in quite a rush.” Cailean says. “Oh, um yeah. Sorry about that.” Interested in seeing how this conversation would go, Chad pretends to be absorbed in the bookshelf, hoping they’ll forget he’s there so he can observe.

“I tend to get myself into situations that are a bit more than I can handle.” Aislyn says with a bit of nervous laughter. A quick glance at Cailean’s face as Aislyn drops her head gives Chad all the confirmation he needs to know that his friend is definitely interested in this girl.

“So, what brings you here? Are you looking for something in particular?” Aislyn asks. This will be awkward. Chad thinks.

“About that…” Cailean says, seemingly unsure how to answer. “We were actually going to grab a late breakfast, but Gus wanted to swing by here. You haven’t seen him yet? He was looking for you.”

“Can’t say I have. Do you know why?” Aislyn replies with a slight flush. “Oh… um.” Cailean mumbles. Chad was feeling slightly guilty at the joy he was experiencing at his friend’s discomfort.

As if on cue, Gus appears around the corner. Saved by the bell. Chad thinks. “There you are.” Gus says as he lays eyes on the group.

“I was looking all over for you.” “Well, here I am.” Aislyn says. “Can we talk?” Gus asks.

“Sure, but I have a load of books I need to be re-stacking, so if you don’t mind walking and talking I’m all ears.” She replies. Ah, an interesting development. Chad thinks. Aislyn didn’t seem preoccupied with her books in the slightest when she was speaking with Cailean, was this a show of disinterest towards Gus? Despite being extremely curious as to how this’d play out, a look at Cailean who appeared to be very eager to be away from here told Chad it was time to throw him a lifeline.

“I’ll have to get a rain check on that list Aislyn. Cailean and I will be outside; it was nice seeing you.” Cailean’s face settled into one of slight relief. I guess I was right about him wanting to avoid this conversation. Chad thinks. “Oh, alright. Bye.” Aislyn says. She gives a slight smile and walks over to a table with a tall stack of books with Gus right on her tail.

Once outside, Chad and Cailean take a seat on a bench a few minutes’ walk away. “Still want to tell me I’m wrong?” Chad asks with a grin. “What?” Cailean says defensively.

“You definitely weren’t your calm, eloquent self back there.” Chad says, cocking an eyebrow. “I just didn’t know what to say, alright?” Cailean says. “If you say so.” Chad had a feeling things were going to get interesting around here.

12:22 p.m.
“A date?” Aislyn says incredulously while browsing the shelf for misplaced books. When she had told Gus that she was working at the library last night, she assumed they were just having small talk that would be forgotten after they went their separate ways. She certainly didn’t expect him to remember, let alone show up to ask her on another date.

Finding a romance novel out of place in the mystery section, she reaches out to grab it while pondering Gus’s invitation. She supposed she had a pleasant enough time last night, and she did feel guilty for leaving without a proper goodbye… but she’d figured Gus was only probing to see if she was as odd as others said she was, surely he had his answer by now… or were his intentions something else, then? Could he actually be interested in getting to know her… it’s been so long since that’s happened. “Why?” She asks. “Why not?” He replies with a grin. “You don’t know anything about me.” If you did, you’d head for the hills. Aislyn thinks.

She was about to walk past Gus when he reaches out to block her path. “Isn’t that why people go out on dates? To learn these things?” He says quite seriously.

Aislyn pauses to think about this for a moment. Why not? If she’s learnt anything from last night, it was that she was still capable of enjoying herself with other people when she didn’t let her ability interfere. Gus didn’t appear to be the type of guy she’d typically approach, but he was right, she wouldn’t really know the kind of person he was until she’s had the chance to speak with him properly.

“Ok.” She says after her internal debate. “Great, can I pick you up then?” He asks. “Sure, but I don’t get off until three.” “That’s fine, I had dinner in mind anyways. Is seven alright?” Gus asks with a smile that makes Aislyn’s heart skip a beat. “Yeah… seven is perfect.”

4:07 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
Picking up the paper on the way in, Aislyn was in a relatively bright mood. She was eager to fill J.D. in on her unexpected plans for the evening when an uneasy feeling swept over her.

She was sure she left the TV on for J.D. before leaving, and despite the remote being exactly where she left it, the screen was blank. She could sense J.D. wasn’t home. The front door was locked and the rest of the house seemed undisturbed, but a voice in the back of her mind was telling her to check around anyway.

After a sweep of her bedroom, bathroom, garage, and laundry room, she concluded there must be some explanation for what occurred. Since she needed to start getting ready for her date, she decided to not let her thoughts linger on this any longer.

6:47 p.m.
“Wow, look at you, getting all dolled up for a night out without me.” J.D. teases as he reappears in the house. Aislyn had finished getting ready, and was making a cup of coffee to help her stay awake for her date; she usually would be taking a nap by now.

“Yeah… listen… when you left, was the TV on?”

“Mmhmm, why do you ask?”

“Well it was off when I came back.”

“Don’t TVs automatically shut down when they are left running and no one touches the remote for a while?” J.D. asks dismissively. “I guess…” Aislyn says, reassured at his calmness.

“What are your plans for the evening?” She asks. “I spent most of the day doing some research.” “About your past?” She exclaims in surprise. “Sort of… Anyways, have fun on your date, you look great by the way; I was just swinging by to see how you were doing. I’ll be heading out again soon.” J.D. says. “Alright.” Aislyn replies, curious as to what he was up to.

“See ya, sunshine.”

“See ya.”

After downing her coffee, Aislyn hears the doorbell ring. A glance at the clock tells her it’s 7:01. He’s quite punctual… That’s nice. Aislyn thinks. She takes a breath and opens the door.

7:12 p.m.
The restaurant they were heading to appeared to be downtown. Slightly taken aback by the luxury car Gus showed up in, Aislyn took breaks in between bouts of small talk to glance at him.

Gus was handsome – an observation she noted every time she looked at him – and he appeared to be well off.

I guess this dinner will be a good opportunity to learn more about him.
Aislyn thinks. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” Gus says with a grin, catching Aislyn staring at him. She turns away quickly and directs her gaze out the window with a slight flush. “Ha. Ha…”


7:47 p.m. | Old Flavor Grill
“Not sure if you’ve been here yet, but the food is really good.” Gus says while walking in. “I haven’t.” Aislyn replies, following closely behind him. Suddenly a chill creeps over her that makes her shiver. She pauses to look around, but sees no ghosts in sight. What has me so paranoid today? She thinks.

“Aislyn?” Gus says, holding the door open. “Sorry; coming.” She says, taking one more glance around before following him inside.

9:02 p.m.

Dinner went fairly smoothly, though Aislyn wasn’t sure if that was thanks to the wine she had drank with their meal or not. Gus, had opted out since he needed to drive them home, but Aislyn had accepted and was starting to regret it as her senses were beginning to dull.

As they are walking out an officer heading in stops to speak to them, “Be careful getting home.” He says. “We’re still searching for a suspect that fled a robbery yesterday. He could be anywhere.”

“We’ll keep an eye out.” Gus says. “Good; drive safe.” The officer says with a tilt of his head before walking in.

The cop’s words sounded familiar. Did someone mention this at work today? Aislyn thinks. Unfortunately the alcohol had already begun to make her feel less coordinated and jumble her thoughts. It’s been so long since she last drank, she had forgotten her limit.

As she attempts to take a step forward she stumbles and Gus is there by her side to steady her. “You are a bit of a lightweight, aren’t ya?” He says with a chuckle. Aislyn lets out an uncharacteristic giggle and nods. “Come on, let me take you home.” Gus says. Aislyn leans on him as he leads them to the car.

The drive home consisted of silence… or singing… maybe talking? At this point Aislyn was fading in and out of consciousness and wasn’t aware of what was happening until Gus pulled into her driveway.

10:15 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
“Thanks.” She mumbles at the door. “It was nothing.” Gus says with a grin. “I feel bad… I was the only one drinking.” Aislyn says rather sluggishly, pressing her fingers to her throbbing head.

“I wouldn’t be much of a date if I did something as irresponsible as driving drunk, wouldn’t you agree?” Gus says. Aislyn nods. “Would… you like to… come inside?” Aislyn asks…

A moment ago they were standing at the door, and now Aislyn suddenly finds herself underneath Gus who is kissing her rather passionately. The feeling wasn’t entirely pleasant, but it wasn’t off-putting either. It was her first kiss in nearly 10 years and she would’ve preferred it be under better conditions. She wanted to tell him to stop for a moment so she could collect herself, but her brain wasn’t working the way she wanted it to. Suddenly a chill creeps over her that makes her shiver.

From the corner of her eye she could see Trey smirking. Oh no… Aislyn thinks. The sight of him is quite sobering and Aislyn is able to snap to her senses. “Get… off” Aislyn says in between kisses. “Hmm?” Gus moans dropping his kisses to her neck. “GET OFF!” She is able to say a more forcefully, giving Gus a shove.

“Don’t stop on my account, doll.” Trey says with a dark chuckle. “What happened?” Gus asks, surprised at Aislyn’s outburst. “I think you should go.” “Was it– ” “Don’t.” Aislyn says, cutting him off. “Just go.”

Gus squints his eyes and Aislyn turns away. She was feeling embarrassed, at herself for getting so drunk and giving Gus mixed signals, and at how a ghost that she voluntarily got involved with was watching her for who knows how long. Gus walks out without another word and Aislyn waits until she hears him pull out of the driveway before walking over to Trey.

“Happy?” She says. “I recall telling you that whatever it is you need, I’m not getting involved Mr. Trey.”

“Still going to pretend you don’t know where our friend is then?” A voice says behind her.

I knew I left the TV on. I should’ve known there was no way it would shut off by itself… 
Aislyn thinks. Trey grins, “What did I tell you?… You’re already involved now, doll.”

Taking in a breath, Aislyn walks over to the figures she recognizes as Ollie and Dee.

“Normally, people enter through the front door.” She says through gritted teeth.

“My, my, aren’t we quite calm, cool, and collected.” Ollie says.

“We heard you say his name. Still going to play dumb?” Dee asks. “Regardless of what you heard or think, do you think you have any right to barge in here?–” Aislyn begins.

“WE’LL ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE.” Ollie yells, cutting her off, shaking a knife menacingly in his hand.

“Look, we’re busy people so let’s make this quick. If you try and call the cops after we leave, there’s no evidence tying us to this place. Clearly Trey told you where it is; we don’t know why he’s decided to tell you about it, or why he’s in hiding, and we don’t care. We’ve already searched the place so we know it’s not here – we’ll be back this time tomorrow to pick it up.”

Aislyn knew denying whatever they were saying now would only make them angrier, and despite appearing calm on the outside, she was panicking internally. “If you decide to flee and we don’t see you here when we return, we’ll just burn the place to the ground.” She adds with a menacing smile.

“Maybe we’ll pay your little boyfriend a visit, should you decide to make things difficult for us.” Ollie says over his shoulder as he and Dee head out. “Choose wisely.” He adds as he slams the door shut behind them.

Not fully sober from her wine from earlier, Aislyn takes a moment to process what just happened. What on earth were they talking about? She thinks. A chill over her shoulder lets her know Trey is behind her. “Ready to listen to me now? This wouldn’t have happened had you just done what I’d asked you to from the start.” He says. A warm breeze in front of her let’s her know J.D. has returned as well.

“What the hell just happened?” He asks.

“My thoughts exactly.” Aislyn says. “I may have a slight problem.” “You mean we do.” J.D. corrects. “You look like hell.” He adds, staring at her flushed cheeks and eyelids that were beginning to droop in exhaustion.

“I warned you to stay away from here.” J.D. says angrily, turning to Trey who only laughs in return. “That’s not important right now.” Aislyn says.

“What’s important is finding out what exactly your friends want. Spill it, Trey. Just who on earth are you? Or were you?”


Thanks for reading! This chapter was almost 3,000 words, eek! That was partially why it was uploaded a tad later than usual. I’ll try to cut down next time, haha, I hope you are enjoying the story thus far, as promised things are beginning to pick up. Feel free to let me know what you thought and take care~
xoxo Amy

18 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 6: Who Were You?

  1. Don’t worry about the length! It felt quite short to me, actually~
    *sings* Cailean is falling in loveeeee…
    I liked how Gus was punctual and polite throughout the date, but I didn’t like how he kinda took advantage of Aislyn when she was drunk. However, she really was giving him mixed signals. I do feel a bit bad for Gus, even if I don’t particularly like him yet. He actually seems to be trying hard while Aislyn is more like ‘meh… whatever’. I hope those stupid criminals don’t hurt Gus or his friends to try get what they want.
    Okay, so is Trey the robber the officer was talking about? And somehow he died, after hiding his loot or something? And his accomplices think Aislyn know where he hid it?
    Good chapter 🙂

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    1. Cool, the word count surprised me, but scrolling through the chapter again just now, it didn’t seem as bad as I thought it would be. Gus is a complicated guy, and you’ll get to see more of what he’s thinking next chapter, which may or may not change your impression of him… and Aislyn is just out of her element at the moment which is why she’s being so indifferent 🙂 Yup, you pretty much nailed the ending there XD Thanks!

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  2. Oh my gosh, what do these guys want??!! I have a feeling things are about to get pretty crazy soon..!
    About the date, at first I thought if maybe Gus spiked Aislyn’s drink or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case… I felt just a tad sorry for him, although he should be responsible and not try to sleep with a clearly very drunk girl!! He’d probably break Aislyn’s heart if they would sleep together, so he’d better back off already! I think Cailean is a better match for her and seems like he’s starting to fall for her! ❤
    Looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, the next chapter shall have quite a bit of craziness and drama for sure XD Gus is not the greatest of guys, but he isn’t so low that he’d do something that terrible… Aislyn would definitely regret it if she let things go too far. As for Cailean, he is definitely beginning to feel something… hehe~ thanks for reading

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  3. I like lengthier chapters when reading. It gives more detail (usually) when reading, but I say do whatever you feel is necessary to get your plot across in the story.
    Let me tell you, I was surprised that Aislyn let Gus into her house and even more surprised when they were making out! I really like Cailean. He seems like such a cool guy and based on the cover picture and your knack for writing convincing romance, I’d say that there’s a chance that Aislyn could end up with him, or even developing feelings for him, but then there is JD… Your character’s are too attractive and great for me to choose between who I like better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t tend to do time skips or jumps within the chapters so I’ve noticed that tends to drag them out. I’m glad you’re cool with that 🙂
      Yup, Aislyn was quite the different person in her younger days, so that action – seemingly out of character now – will make more sense down the line…
      lol, I was too lazy to make different cover photos per chapter like I did for all my other stories because boy they take some time – the down side to that is that it undermines Gus and Aislyn’s relationship which shall be around for a while XD
      Aww, thanks for the compliment ❤ And thanks for reading!

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  4. Yeah, I’ve been going through your chapters to see if I can find the one with Gus and Aislyn making out on the sofa XD No, I am not *that* weird, I was just wondering why I was not able to find the good making out on the sofa poses when I desperately need them. I don’t think you know where you got the pose?

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    1. Haha, that’s not weird at all XD I feel bad I don’t have a WCIF page because you keep yours so organized and up to date. (Maybe one day I’ll get around to getting that done…)
      But I actually do know where I got them from, the first two photos were normal sims-couch-makeout shots, but the last one was apart of this pose package:
      Hope that helped!

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      1. Haha, well, for some reason I remembered that particular shot and kept hoping I would find that one pose and for some reason I couldn’t. Oh yes, my CC list is my control freak trait in all its glory :’) It’s mostly for me, but it’s brilliant if anyone can make use of it, too. I’ve recently discovered you use LeahLilith’ s hair a lot.
        OMG, OMG, that’s stupid how excited I got about pixels. AGAIN. But yes, it did help a lot. Thank you so much! ❤️

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      2. I’m also slightly obsessive, but even I can’t manage the bulk of CC I’ve installed, haha. Props to ya for being able to!
        Yup! She’s one of my favorite artists along with NewSea 🙂 No problem ❤

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  5. Oh these two blokes are so annoying! I doubt they care that Trey is dead? I mean they probably just want whatever they’re after… hmm. Trey is a total creepo ghost! I probably would be, too LOL. Wonder how this will pan out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, they don’t exactly know that he is yet, but they aren’t the type to get overly emotional even if they did. Hahaha, he is. 😂 It’ll be slightly more action packed than the chapters so far have been. Thanks for reading!


  6. “so if you don’t mind walking and talking I’m all ears.” I love that expression “I’m all ears” it always makes me think of Mr Spock… haha!

    well, that was a little creepy having Ollie and Dee in the house like that. Im still thinking did this Trey rob a bank or something…

    Whatever it is, it really important to Ollie

    I’ve sure that I’ve done a chapter more than 3,000 words. but I don’t think I’ve done one with over 50 pictures

    it’s all very well done and I like the car screenshots, Amy 🙂

    sorry, I haven’t been around for a while, I’ve been trying to finish the third season of my story. but I’ve had a lot of major problems with my game. have it back under control now, but it’s not perfect.and have something that’s called 3D grass and I have no idea how to get rid of it

    anyway, I just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten you, and tell you that your story is going very well so far 🙂


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    1. Haha, an unintentional Star Trek reference I suppose 😆
      Yeah, that was definitely a frightening encounter. You aren’t far off from the truth with your guess there!
      Yikes, I had to scroll back up and see for myself. There were a lot of pictures here, haha. While my writing length is roughly the same, I use about half the number of photos nowadays than I did here 😂😭 Thank you 💕
      No worries, Darren! I’m guilty of having neglected my reader for a while too; I’ve also been having game troubles as well. Glad you hear everything is going well for you now, the grass aside!
      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, thanks ☺️

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