Broken Chapter 3

*** WARNING: This chapter features scenes of abuse. Please refrain from reading if you find this theme triggering or offensive.***

1I entered the surprisingly quiet house and found my father standing in front of me. My heart immediately began to beat crazily; this was never good.

2“Errr… um dad… what are you doing here?…” I mumbled. “Hello Kiara.” he said coldly. “Come here.”

3I moved closer automatically. Maybe if I just do what he says, he won’t do anything to me. “Turn around.” he said in the same sharp tone.

4I didn’t know what to expect, so I just obeyed once more. “Have you been saving money behind my back?” he asked. “We are a family, are we not? Anything earned should be shared equally.” Ha. Is he serious, this is my first time ever hearing him say the word family…. ever.

5“No.” I said as calm as possible. There is no way he could’ve figured out where I hid my stash of money from my part-time job. Absolutely impossible. “Oh really?…. Then where have you been getting some of the clothes in your drawer? They are clearly not your mother’s.” Was he searching through my stuff…?

6Suddenly there was a yank on my braid. I felt my father’s fingers dive into my scalp and yank my hair back with all his strength. It took all I had to keep from screaming.

7I nearly fell back from the force. “They are borrowed from Juliana and Mia!” I frantically shouted. Strands of my hair were beginning to snap right out of my head.

8“Alright.” he said. “I can believe that for now.” he stated while slowly releasing me. “But if it turns out you are doing something behind my back. And I find out. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” he growled. I nodded slowly, trying my hardest to keep my tears from pouring out of my eyes.

9“Don’t you have homework or something?” he uttered dismissively. “Yes sir.” I said, my voice cracking in the middle. Why bother mentioning the detail that it is Friday…

10The moment he reentered his room and the door closed. I quickly stormed into my room, changed, and ran out of the house.

11I didn’t hesitate for one second; if he went to my room and saw I was gone I could honestly care less at this point.

12I’m tired of this. Why do they treat me like I’m someone else’s child? Aren’t parents supposed to have an unconditional love for their children?

13As my feet pounded one after another on the pavement, my sadness and fear from my father turns into anger. What did I do to deserve this?

14I hop over the wooden fence and land in a forest. Without so much as a second thought I storm through the trees, our town was small… I’d eventually come out of it somewhere…

15After wandering aimlessly through countless trees I end up by a large structure.

16As I got closer it looked like a stadium… Exhausted, I decided it would be best if I rested my legs for a bit.

17There was no one in sight; I carefully walked across the field and went to the nearest bench.

18I decided now would be as good a time as ever to lose myself in my thoughts again.

19I slouched and rested my head against my palm. Oh how I would kill to be a normal girl, with a family that loved her, friends that knew every little thing about her with no secrets… maybe even a boyfriend that cared for her.

20But that is a distant dream that I have long since abandoned. I close my eyes and let the breeze blow against my face.

21“Why the long face?” a deep voice says. I hadn’t noticed that someone had come and sat beside me.

22I immediately straightened out in my seat and tucked some loose ends of my hair in place. This guy was so handsome… he had platinum blonde hair and deep blue eyes, almost navy. “You planning on sticking around here?” he asked.

23“No I actually have to meet up with my friends right about now…” I said; as I uttered the response automatically it struck me that I forgot I needed to go to Juliana’s house for the sleepover.

24“Alright.” he said. “That’s good. Because any minute now the guy’s football team is going to be coming out of practice, and it’s not a safe place for a pretty girl to be around here alone.” Is he trying to flirt with me? “Oh… right, thanks…” I said.

25“I actually should be going.” I said while getting up. “Don’t think I’m pushing you away.” he said. “I’m just mentioning it… You can stick around for a bit, if you’d like.” he added with a smile.

26“Haha thanks, that’s sweet, but I really should be going.” I said while walking away. I turned back to smile.

27“Will I see you here again?” he asked. “You just might.” I replied. I found this stranger to be quite interesting and extremely attractive… It’s too bad I’m in no mood to be with anyone right now… otherwise, I would’ve liked to get to know him.

28I should’ve asked for his name! Idiot. I mumble to myself.

29Why does it feel like I am constantly running?… Because I am. Both literally and figuratively.

30I just hope I’m not that late…

31…“You’re late.” Mia said as I waked into Juliana’s room. “Why” she asked. “Oh, I had to do some things for my family.” I lied smoothly.

32Mia had already played 16 rounds of chess and changed into her pajamas when I walked in… so she hardly pressed for the details of the answer to her question. Thank goodness.

33Juliana was tidying up her appearance. As I got closer she said, “Did you bring your clothes?”

34“Oh sorry, I forgot them! I rushed over after I finished the errands.” I said as innocently as possible. Ha. As if, the last thing I needed to do was let them see that the only pajamas I owned were the ones they bought me for my birthday last year.

35“Oh that’s fine! You can borrow mine.” Juliana said. “Thanks…” I replied with a half-hearted smile.

36I walked over to her dresser and looked at the stacks of folded fabric and linen…. I released a sigh and pulled out the pair on the very top.

37A few moments later I was changed and fixing my hair.

38I was pinning a few loose strands into place and then heard Juliana cough to get my attention.

39“Hey guys, I’m going to get some magazines from the other room.” Mia said while walking out. “Okay.” Juliana and I called out simultaneously.

40“You want to tell me the real reason why you were late?” Juliana said. Uh. Oh.


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5 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 3

  1. Okay, I think I was thinking a little bit dramatically in my last comment, LOL. But ugh, I wish it did happen, because I feel so sorry for Kiara. I can’t believe he pulled on her braid like that 0.0 Is she really their child??? Ooh and that new guy is interesting, he seems nice and I hope they meet again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At least it’s not a murder or dead people. But I kind of almost wish it was. (That’s horrible of me, I know.) I just can’t stand it when a person abuses someone that way. I feel so bad for Kiara. No one deserves that.

    That last line makes me so nervous.

    Liked by 2 people

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