Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 13

*** WARNING: This chapter features scenes of violence and attempted sexual assault. Please refrain from reading if you find these themes triggering or offensive.***

1I stormed out of the house as fast as I could after I placed my note in plain sight.

2I can’t believe that mere hours ago Jesse and I were…

3I was so lost in thought, I found myself at a beach on the outskirts of town.

4The water was so clear you could see the reflection of the morning sky.

6I hopped up onto one of the platforms and took a look around me; the place appeared to be deserted.

7I suddenly realized how overcome I was with exhaustion; Jesse had me up the whole night. I decided a quick nap couldn’t hurt…right?

8I slid gently onto one of the chairs and adjusted so that I was comfortable. I let my eyelids gently flutter closed in the cool bay breeze, and dozed off in a matter of minutes.

9When I woke up, the sky was the same shade but the position of the sun had completely changed. Was I here for hours?!! I think instead of sunrise the sun was getting ready to set! I hope Jesse and Jane aren’t super worried. From the corner of my eye I noticed a tall man standing at the shore, alone, with no intent to fish or swim.

10I decided now would be a good time to leave, so I hopped off the bench and immediately took off on the same road I came from. I began to have the odd feeling that I was being followed so I decided to take a detour on a dirt path.

11I found myself picking up my pace subconsciously; this could not be a good sign.

12I turned back to see that the man was indeed following me, and now that I got a closer look at him, he turned out to be much taller and muscular that I had thought. Now my fear reflexes were kicking in.

13I bolted for the nearest sign of cover, I mean for all I know the man could just be going for a walk… at the same time… and direction as me… okay when I thought about it, it did seem highly unlikely that this was a coincidence.

16After what felt like an eternity I stepped away from the tree and peered my head around. There was no one in sight. I hopped down from the hill and took a more thorough look around. The stranger was long gone…

18It could be that I had just incorrectly analyzed the whole situation. Better safe than sorry. I attempted to calm my nerves by walking further along the path in the opposite direction of the beach. I came to what appeared to be a graveyard.

19I looked ahead and saw a figure of a man… a young man; maybe he was the same age as Jesse if not older.

20I got closer and saw that he had floppy mahogany locks on his head. I wanted to get a closer look at what he was doing but I heard a rustle of leaves and I turned around to see what it was…

21But when I looked back he was gone.

22.5I drifted further down, but this time into the city. It appears as though my luck was bringing me to the most deserted parts of town, by now the sun had set and the streetlights had begun to turn on. I heard what sounded like footsteps behind me and quickened my pace; I then made a swift turn into an alley.

22.6I kept strolling down, hoping that it would lead to the other side of the building. “Where are you going sweetheart?” I heard a man’s voice say. It was booming and loud.

22.7I turned around and saw the man from before. I turned my gaze over my shoulder and realized that it was a dead end. My heartbeat began to spike.

22.8I pretended to act cool and collected. Maybe if I didn’t show signs of fear he’d be more tempted to leave me alone. “What do you want?” I said. My voice broke in the middle, I just gave myself away.

22He smirked and came close to me. “Got a name, angel?” he said. I brushed my hair out of my face. I needed a good look at this guy’s face if I was going to make a run for it later.

23“That outfit of yours looks nice on you, but you know… it would look a lot better on the floor back at my place… if you catch my drift.” he said with an evil grin.

24I took a step back and raised my arms in reflex. “Come on baby don’t be shy you know you want to…”

25“No!” I screamed finally finding my voice. I shoved him this time and he did not take a liking to it. “Oh you shouldn’t have done that sweetie.” he said, his eyes filing with anger. I noticed in the corner, another man stood – dressed the same as the stranger in front of me. That’s not a good sign.

30.2He pulled out a knife and raised it high above his head. His other arm curled, probably to grab onto me. I was so petrified, my vision was beginning to go dark.

31“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” A much younger voice said. My vision was blocked by my attacker so I had no clue who it was. Just as I began to tilt my head to see, the stranger grabbed onto my shoulder and slashed his blade across my chest. The blow knocked the wind straight out of me.

32.4“Hey!” The young man said. “What did you just do?!” The blade fell to the ground and the new visitor just realized what happened. He grabbed the attacker by the collar and raised his other hand to punch him. I was just looking straight through them as blood trickled out of the gash on my chest.

33The attacker’s friend pulled the would-be hero and slammed him into the wall. By now I had already begun to fall to the ground with no control over my body.

34.5The attacker began to unzip his pants and I realized what he was planning to do. This was it. I was about to die. He would use me… use my body and then flee with my corpse here where no one would find it unless they so happened to stroll into the alleyway.

34.6Just as my eyes began to close, I noticed the young man rise from the ground, after taking down the other man, and begin to run towards us.

35.3By this time the attacker knew he would not get his chance to do what he wished with my body unless he managed to take out the young man. With me lying there helpless, he yanked my hair back with his right hand. Curled his left hand into a fist and then there was a sharp blow against my chest… Everything went dark.

Thanks for reading! Well things escalated quickly, eh? Feel free to let me know what you thought~ Take care.
xoxo Amy

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