Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 16

1I could feel my senses slowly coming back to me…

3As I woke from my slumber yet again, I felt slightly different this time… “Comfy?” Blake’s voice asked me. “Mmhmm.” I moaned still partially asleep.

5Then my eyes suddenly fluttered open, I realized what I was sleeping on… Blake’s legs. “What are you doing?” I asked him in shock. “I believe I should be asking you that.” he said with a grin, he then added. “Since you’re the one that wouldn’t let me go.” I had a hard time believing that.

7He got up and walked away from the bed, while I hopelessly flopped around due to being so flustered. “Hungry?” he asked. “Surprisingly, yeah. Didn’t we just eat though?” I asked. “Hahah, that was yesterday silly, you’ve been out for quite some time. On the bright side, the storm is gone…” “What?!” I said. “That’s crazy…” “No, it’s not, I warned you about that painkiller.” he said matter-of-factly. “Let me cook then, I need to move around.” I said. “Sure.” he agreed.

8Again, I should be concerned about Jesse and Jane, and yet here I am, at ease. I went over to the kitchen and opened the fridge. “Are you allergic to anything?” I asked.

9“No.” he replied with a giggle. “What’s so funny?” I asked while pulling out the ingredients for some waffles.

10“If I was allergic to something… why would I buy it?” he said with a laugh. “Oh. Guess I didn’t think that one through.” I said, beginning to laugh myself.

11As I put the ingredients down he and I had a moment of eye contact where we both just said nothing and stared.

14I then began to cook, I felt a bit guilty making this for Blake when it was something I had made for Jesse as well… It’s not like there is any meaning behind these though… so I guess it’s alright.

13I noticed Blake was staring at me as I came back from the conversation in my head. “What is it?” I asked. “Oh, nothing. You just turned really red, so I was wondering what you could’ve been thinking.” he said. “It’s cute.” he added. I nearly dropped the milk I had in my hand.

15“If you say so.” I said. I added nothing more; hopefully he wouldn’t pry for more info from me either. Thankfully he didn’t.

16As I finished off the meal I caught him looking at me again, and smirked at him. Maybe he enjoyed looking at me as much as I did looking at him. I doubt it though; I’m not much to look at. Him on the other hand… a different story. Again my guilt began to creep back.

19I then went over to the oven to put it in the dough; I could feel his gaze on my back.

17I started to feel self-conscious. I quickly shoved out all thoughts before I could turn any more red.

20I stood by the oven waiting for it to finish partially because I liked the feeling of the heat on my legs, and partially because I didn’t want to go back to Blake and have him see my face this scarlet.

22Soon the oven’s bell went off and I began to pull out the food. “Smells amazing!” he said. “I know.” I stated with a grin. “Bon Appetit!” I exclaimed while setting the food in front of him, and on that note we ate.

While I cleaned our breakfast leftovers, I noticed Blake was now showered and dressed to go somewhere.

25I noticed the shower door was still open and the steam was still hovering in the air… Yup, I am definitely the pervert… “Hey, aren’t you going to ask where I’m going?” he said, interrupting my wild thoughts.

26“Oh yeah, where are you going?” I said turning to him. “I’m going to get you some clothes. I think it’s high time you stop free-loading in my house.” he said jokingly. “Just kidding, but seriously I need to get you something since your other outfit became a biohazard and I threw them out.” I hope Jane wasn’t too attached to that outfit. “Once I’m back, you can go… or stay… if you want.” he said slyly. What was he getting at…

28I tried not to think about that for the moment and instead smiled brightly at him. “Really? Please don’t spend too much, just keep it simple.” “Whatever you say.” he said with a grin.

29Suddenly there it was again, that sharp pain in my abdomen. When will this end? I mean I know I was stabbed but still… As I cringed in pain, Blake took a step closer to me.

31He took my hands in his and gently slid them off my stomach.

32“Applying pressure to the wound will only make it hurt more. For now just relax, and try to ignore it.” he said with a warm tone. My heart began to pound in my chest; his grip was so firm and comforting.

33“Make yourself at home.” he said as he began to leave. “As if you haven’t already…” he added with a laugh. I laughed too and said goodbye.

34I went over to the couch and finally let the guilt I was pushing back take over.

36I began to think about Jesse….

37Where are you?

38“Where is she?” Jesse stated angrily.

39“Relax Jess, she’ll turn up.” Jane said reassuringly. “You aren’t the least bit worried about her? I mean it’s not like she’s been gone for a couple of hours… it’s been days!” he questioned.

40“Yeah… but she is a smart girl. She’s probably fine, resting somewhere because of the storm.” Jane stated calmly.

41As she spoke those words, Jesse angrily turned and stormed to Jane. “Do you hear yourself? Resting somewhere? She could’ve called! She knows your number… she knows MINE!”

42“Jesse you think I’m not worried too!” Jane snapped. “I’m trying to be calm for both of our sakes. Panicking or thinking the worst won’t help anyone right now. The best thing we can do is search for her and wait without making a big deal first.”

44What are those two bickering about? Blake thought. “She will be alright, ok… so calm down.” Jane says.

45Hmm something simple she says, as if… Blake was thinking while smirking to himself.

46“If we don’t find Arianna within the next 24 hours, we will file a missing persons report. Deal?” Jane said, attempting to reason with Jesse. At the mention of Arianna’s name, Blake turned cold and froze in his tracks. These people were friends of Arianna?

47“12.” Jesse contradicted. “Fine.” Jane replied. “Let’s go, these are the most common places people who have been blindsided by the storm tend to stay in until it clears. After this, we will check the library.” “Alright, alright.” Jesse said, “Let’s go.” And with on that note they began to walk into the storm shelter.

48I could’ve said something… Why didn’t I? It’s because maybe… maybe… I don’t want to give her up yet. Is it wrong for me to feel that way? Blake shook his head. He turned his back towards the silhouettes of Jesse and Jane…

49And headed into the clothing store…

Thanks for reading! Do you think Blake should have told Jesse and Jane about Arianna? Hehehe, guess you have to wait until the next chapter to see what he does. Take care~
xoxo Amy

3 thoughts on “Standing On My Own Chapter 16

  1. Arianna, get yourself to hospital already!
    I’m disliking Blake more and more. I didn’t think I could for her hero and love interest but the way he just walked away annoyed me. Jesse and Jane are clearly super worried about her and Jesse decides to ignore them because he’s being selfish. He could see her again even if he told them her whereabouts!

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